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Best free AdBlock extensions to protect your browser from weird ads

# Best free AdBlock extensions to protect your browser from weird ads :
let agree before starting our tour of the best ad blocker extension, which will help you prevent unwanted ads from appearing on your browser with this very important piece of information.

Of course, the extensions that we will show you in this article, or all the extensions that you find on the Internet, whose task is to block pop-up ads, will do their job perfectly, but if we estimate them with numbers, they will block about 80% of these ads.

Yes, the number did not reach 100% of the block the ads, and the reason is that the owners of these ads are developing new ways to display their ads, so these extensions are not kept up with most of these updates, But these estimates are good.
Best free AdBlock extensions to protect your browser from weird ads
Many of us like to open many windows on our own browser, and each window is for a site from which you need information or hear your favorite music from, or it could be a group chat site, so you leave this windows open.

And suddenly, out of nowhere, an advertisement appears from the bottom of the ocean telling you, "Congratulations - you have won the car of your dreams with us. Click on this link to claim your prize." One minute, what is this ç|#è')à_çè<Ø")è[ ç_'è_.

The reason for the appearance of these annoying ads is that until now many companies are still using this advertising method, and many sites depend on these ads as a source of income for them, and they do not care about the comfort of their visitors while browsing their sites.

In the best cases, these ads are very annoying, and in the worst cases, these ads may install malicious programs, viruses or suspicious files on your device, and literally your device may be destroyed, or you may lose your files.

It is very important that you know how to protect your device from these suspicious ads, and this is what our article is about today, so we will help you find the best extensions for blocking pop-up ads on your browser.

It is worth noting that these extensions are available on most browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and most browsers based on the source code of Google Chrome.

AdBlock Extension

AdBlock Extension
AdBlock Extension has been around for so long that a lot of websites have put commands in their sites to prevent this extension from working inside their sites, funny joke isn't it.

The work of ad blocking is very simple, as it blocks ads before they are downloaded to the site, some other tools block ads after they are downloaded to the site, but this means that they still consume data and bandwidth even if you do not see them.

But with adblocker it will skip this step, saving you your important data.

AdBlock Extension will show you the number of ads that have been blocked, in addition to giving you the ability to allow any site you want to display its ads, in addition to that it does not use a lot of device resources, but it may slow your browser if a lot of tabs are opened.

In addition, he can block most YouTube ads, but not all of them.

uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin
With this useful extension, it will offer you a very great protection for your browser from pop-up ads, in addition to that it uses less memory than AdBlock Extension, in addition to that it has more stringent settings while blocking ads.

Its developers describe it as more than just an ad blocker, it's a full-scale ad blocker, and its ability to identify elements and block them with a few clicks really works and offers very good value.

Like the AdBlock app, ublock blocks all popup ads and most YouTube ads, plus you can disable JavaScript code from the site you want, or block large video elements.

This ad blocker is automatically set up to block ads, but it can also be used in a more customized way by people who have special needs to attend certain websites or ads.

Gostery AdBlock extension

Gostery AdBlock extension
Gostery ads block
announced that it is the best application that not only focuses on blocking ads, but also preventing tracking by cookies, which requires all websites to enable this feature on your device.

These tools contain the ability to block a lot of ads, in addition to containing detailed logs of everything you view, and they do a good job of protecting you from attempts by various websites to track your data.

An ad blocker is turned on by default during the installation of the tool, in addition to setting a tracking blocker to improve page performance, and you can increase or decrease the sensitivity depending on what you're looking for.

Pop up blocker for Chrome

Pop up blocker for Chrome
The free extension Pop up blocker for Chrome is one of the best extensions that specifically blocks pop-up ads, in addition to that it gives you all possible permission to allow certain ads to appear, or to give full permission to a specific site to display its ads.

One of the good features of the tool is that it completely blocks any spam mail on any site, in addition to notifying you of the times these ads are present through the Unobrupsive feature, in addition to its integration with the AdBlock extensions.

Popup Blocker extension (strict)

Popup Blocker extension (strict)
Although this extension is very simple in its design, it offers a very great value in preventing annoying ads, as it is very light on the browser and does not consume much memory while it works, with the ability to allow or prevent pop-ups through the notification window.

The add-on prevents all conversions that take place by clicking, and it will warn you that you will be transferred to an other page, and you have the authority to complete the conversion or prevent it from converting, and this will prevent pop-ups that depend on click from appearing.


All in all, there are many great ad blocker extensions out there, all of which will remove a lot of intrusions in your device, as some of them even go deeper with better to filter YouTube ads like uBlock Origin.

Others are very useful for blocking and filtering tracking programs such as Ghostery, and others are useful for all pop-up ads such as ad block plus, which is the oldest tool that was used and which gave good results in its task.

You can try them all if you want, they are all free to install on your browser, and they work well with each other, so you can try them and get the best extension that you find worthy of making it your favorite ad blocker.

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