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Best 3 Software To Hard Disk Data Recovery If Deleted

# Best 3 Software To Hard Disk Data Recovery If Deleted :

My friend, have you just accidentally deleted your photo files, deleted one of your video files, or accidentally deleted an important file you were working on?

Yes, I agree with you, it's the worst day of your life.

I tell you my friend, do not get into a panic attack about losing your important data by mistake, because in this guide we will introduce you to the three best deleted data recovery programs from your device.

recover files from external hard drive
In this article, we have arranged a list of three best deleted data recovery software, which you will thank me for.

I advise you to read the article until the end to choose the best software that will help you with your problem.

Understanding Hard Disk Data Recovery

Before delving into the details of Best 3 Software To Hard Disk Data Recovery If Deleted, let's understand the essence of recovering data from hard disk.

When you delete files, they are not immediately erased from the hard drive.

Instead, the operating system simply marks the space occupied by deleted files as available for reuse.

Until new data takes up this space, deleted files remain recoverable whenever you want.

How does recovery software work?

The data recovery software scans your hard drive for those files that are marked for deletion.

They use complex algorithms to rebuild and retrieve these seemingly lost files, eventually restoring them to a usable state.

Ease us data recovery wizard professional

easeus data recovery wizard professional
We will start with the program that ranks third in our list, which is the Easeus file recovery program, which the company calls itself (wizard).

We agree with the company with a large percentage in this title, because the program is really magical.

Easeus is one of the best data recovery companies, and it offers a program that is easy to use, and there are no problems that you may encounter while using it.

It will enable you to restore internal or external hard drive data and flash USB or memory card or mobile phone.

From wrongly erasing files from your device or external hard drive, or files destroyed by viruses and malware, or due to unknown cause, Easeus Recovery Wizard will revive those files again from death.

Easeus data recovery software comes with great and powerful features, you can do a quick preview before recovering files, you can preview lost files and search before recovering them by software.
easeus data recovery wizard professional full version free download
One of the things that recovery wizard Easeus developers boast about is that you can recover files lost due to system failure, sudden power outage, accidental deletion, or hard disk failure.

A supported feature is the ability to recover RAW files, which your operating system cannot recognize.

One of the weaknesses of Easeus data recovery pro is that it takes a very long time while scanning the device.

The reason may be the deep scanning technology of the hard disk to reach the deepest point of the hard disk.

But Easeus recovery software offers a solution to this problem, which is the ability to save the last scan session instead of running a new scan every time.

With the ability to start the scan from the last point from which it was saved.

And don't forget that you have pause and pause buttons in the program, where you can pause the scanning process, and restart the scanning.

Ease us data recovery price

for the prices offered by Easeus data recovery is a pay for full version or monthly version.

you have many options to stop by for little time, it is not the cheapest, but you will choose it because it is the best solution that will save your hard drive someday.

For all plans, he puts in your hands three options, the monthly or annual plan, or the activation of the program for life, with a 30% discount on all plans.

Data Recovery and Protection Solution Best 3 Software To Hard Disk Data Recovery If Deleted
  • EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard For Windows & macOS
  • EaseUS To-do Backup Home
Monthly Plan Lifetime Upgrades
$62.93 $89.90

If the easy data recovery wizard hasn't caught your attention, then let's jump onto the software we put at number two on our list.

Disk Drill Recover Deleted Files

disk drill photo recovery software
One of the best and good data restore software that we put in second place in our list is Disk Drill recovery software.

For your information, the software is very old, and this shows the possibilities it will offer you.

The disk drill official website offers many programs other than data recovery software, and you can get a free copy of these programs.

  • Disk Health app for Monitoring your disk
  • system Cleanup app to Analyze Disk Space and Free Up Your Storage
  • Duplicate Finder app to Remove Duplicate Files
  • Recovery Drive app for Bootable USB Drive
  • Data Protection app for Protect Your Data
  • Data Backup app for Create Partition Backups for files

disk drill app supports recovery of many file formats, including PSD files, GIF files, image files of all formats, music files of all formats, video files of all formats, and many other file formats.

Dr drill recovery supports file recovery from many extensions, such as:

  • Internal hard drives for computers
  • External hard drives
  • Cameras and photographic equipment
  • iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android
  • USB flash drives
  • Kindles
  • Memory cards

when Recover deleted files, Disk Drill uses powerful scanning algorithms that can detect even if your device's hard disk fails to read a particular partition, by combining several search algorithms and deep analysis.
disk drill data recovery software full
Disk Drill software is easy to use and uncomplicated, and you can access what you need very quickly, the main interface is divided into three sections, with additional features attached to the program.

As for the cost of Disk Drill, it offers you three plans, and one of them is a free plan.

Free version of Disk Drill

  • The possibility of recovering files is limited, only 500Mb
  • Backup file
  • Fast and deep scanning
  • Disk cleanup feature
  • Recover all types of formats and files
  • Find the lost partitions on the hard disk
  • Find duplicate files

Disk Drill pro full version

  • Pro version for $89
  • Possibility to purchase the full version for life at a price of $118
  • Provides all the features in the free version
  • Unlimited data recovery
  • Possibility to activate on 3 devices with one license
  • Data loss prevention

Disk Drill Enterprise full version

  • Starting at $499
  • The full version can be purchased for life at $598
  • Provides all the features in Disk Drill Pro
  • Possibility to activate on 10 devices with one license
  • Licensed to operate
  • Technical support priority

STELLAR Data Recovery Software

stellar data recovery
The software we put in the first place is Stellar data recovery software, because due to its larger diverse library of files and formats, deep scanning support, and highly customizable searches.

You can say without exaggeration that it is Best Data Recovery Software, and you can consider it as your first solution if you face any problem in terms of data loss by mistake, or due to viruses.

Considering that it is in our first place as the best data recovery solution, it naturally offers powerful features to enhance your experience while recovering data from one of your devices.

Just to increase the strength of the program, you may like this information about it.

Has obtained +3M customer impressed with the service, due to 25 years of experience in the field, and with continuous development through more than 100 engineers in research and development.

We will mention some features of the program in brief points:

  • Possibility to recover all types of file formats, including custom formats
  • Recover deleted files from recycle bin
  • Recover data from flash drives (USB) or memory cards (SD Card)
  • Recover files from CDs (DVDs)
  • Preview files before saving them to the device
  • Using client scanning technology to access deleted hard disk partitions
  • Scan and recover deleted data from hard disk partitions
  • Fix stray and distorted photos taken by external devices
  • Spoiler video repair and recovery
  • The ability to specify the type of files you want to recover to speed up the scanning and recovery process
  • Safe File Scan Button

Prices in STELLAR Data Recovery

The STELLAR Data Recovery program offers many plans for you to choose from, and the more you pay, the more features you will get, and the amazing thing is that there are 5 plans that you can choose from.

All plans provide a free trial, where you can try the features that will be provided by the STELLAR Data Recovery program, but the free plans are limited, and you have to upgrade to the paid plans.

Free Plan

  • The plan is completely free
  • Possibility to recover deleted files (only 1 GB)
  • Recover files from HS systems
  • Supports any available storage media

Standard Plan

  • Monthly subscription for $29
  • Annual subscription at $49
  • Lifetime subscription for $99
  • Unlimited data recovery
  • Provides all the features in the free plan

Pro Plan

  • Monthly subscription for $59
  • Annual subscription for $69
  • Lifetime subscription for $149
  • Unlimited data recovery
  • Provides all the features in the standard plan
  • Recover files from lost hard disk partitions
  • Bootable system recovery
  • Recover from optical media (DVD)
  • Hard disk health monitoring (SMART)

Premium Plan

  • Monthly subscription for $79
  • Annual subscription for $99
  • Lifetime subscription for $199
  • Unlimited data recovery
  • All features in the plan pro
  • Repair damaged or distorted videos and photos
  • Show excerpts from thumbnails

Technician Plan

  • Annual subscription for $199
  • Lifetime subscription for $399
  • Unlimited data recovery
  • All features included in the premium plan
  • RAID 0, 5 and 6 data recovery
  • Supports creating Virtual RAID
  • Restore the virtual drive

Yes, I agree with you, a lot of information and prices, but it gives you many options to choose from, and just take the tools you need.

So, what do you think about the previous programs, did you try one of them before, if yes, tell us your experience.

Or if you used a program other than the ones we mentioned, let us know your experience with it in the comments.


Yes, some software like Stellar Data Recovery can recover files even after formatting the drive.
Yes, EaseUS, Stellar, or Recuva offer versions compatible with both Windows and macOS.
No, reputable data recovery software reduces the risk of losing more data during the recovery process.


The fear of losing important data is a concern for everyone, but thanks to technological advancement, there is powerful data recovery software to alleviate these fears to some extent.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, Stellar Data Recovery and Disk Drill Recover stand out as the top contenders in the field of recovering deleted data from hard drive.

Remember that prevention is key. Backing up your data regularly can mitigate the impact of potential data loss scenarios.

However, in the unfortunate event of data deletion, these software solutions act as a digital lifeline, rescuing your valuable files from the brink of final erasure.

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