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The Best 6 Free Cleaning Software For Windows In 2024

# The Best 6 Free Cleaning Software For Windows In 2024 :

If you are looking to boost your computer's performance and maintain its efficiency, you will need to consider good cleaning software.

Fortunately, there are many free options available to Windows users that provide effective solutions to improve your computer's performance by cleaning the system.

Free Cleaning Software For Windows

As a Windows user, you may have noticed that your computer tends to slow down over time, and this can make you very frustrated.

This may be due to various reasons, including the accumulation of junk files, temporary data, and other unnecessary system files, and this is where cleaning software comes in handy for your device.

Cleaning software helps remove useless files and temporary data, free up space on your hard drive, and speed up your device.

This process optimizes system settings, which results in improved speed and performance. In short, cleaning software is essential for your Windows computer to run smoothly and efficiently.

The importance of cleaning programs includes the following:

  • Remove unwanted files that consume valuable storage space, and free up the hard drive.
  • Increase the speed and performance of your Windows computer.
  • Improve the overall performance of your computer by optimizing system settings and resolving errors.
  • Enhance security by removing potential security threats and unwanted toolbars that may lead to malware and virus attacks.

Why is Computer Cleaning Important?

Over time, your system accumulates many temporary files, unnecessary data, that can slow down the performance of your device.

These accumulated files can be caused by web browsing, system updates, downloads, or just regular usage.

Cleaning softwares specifically designed for Windows helps remove unnecessary files, optimize system settings, and free up space on your hard drive, resulting in improved speed and performance.

  • Get rid of junk files
  • Remove trackers
  • Clear browser data
  • Remove unneeded programs
  • Shred files
  • Boost your system's performance

These tools usually scan your computer for unnecessary files, such as temporary files, cache, leftover installation files, and junk files such as junk files.

Once identified, they allow you to safely remove these items, optimizing your system's storage, boosting its speed and giving you more space in your device.

With the right cleaning software, you can clean your system efficiently without having to manually sort through each file or folder.

Most cleaning programs run in the background, so it's a convenient way to ensure your computer runs at its best, avoiding slowdowns and potential problems caused by system overload.

Does Windows 10 Have a PC Cleaner?

Windows 10 as the most installed system currently comes with a built-in feature called “Storage Sense” which acts as a basic PC cleaner instead of external Windows cleaning programs.

'Storage Sense' helps users clean up and save space on their devices by removing unnecessary files or emptying junk from hard disk.

Here's how to use and Storage Sense on Windows 10:

  1. Open Settings: Click on the Start button, then select Settings (gear-shaped icon).
  2. Go to System: Under Settings, select “System”.
  3. Access storage: In the left sidebar, click “Storage.”
  4. Turn on Storage Sense: Scroll down to find “Storage Sense” and toggle the switch to turn it on.

Important Note: Storage Sense is only compatible with your system disk, also known as C, which houses the Windows operating system.

Navigate to 'Start > Settings > System > Storage > Advanced storage settings > Storage used' on other drives to release space on other devices.

What Is The Best Free Cleaning Software For Windows?

1. IObit Advanced SystemCare

IObit Advanced SystemCare
If you're looking for a comprehensive solution to improve your PC's performance, look no further than Advanced SystemCare from iobit.

This reliable Windows cleaning software offers a wide range of features to help keep your computer running at its best.

With I Obit Advanced SystemCare cleaner for windows, you will get the built-in AI scanning feature, which learns everything about your device and the best ways to clean and speed up the device.

With its one-click solution, Advanced SystemCare can scan your computer for junk files, privacy issues, registry errors, and more. It then cleans and optimizes your system for improved performance and security.

In addition to cleaning capabilities, Advanced SystemCare also offers advanced tools for optimizing Windows, including disk defragmentation, startup optimization, and Internet boosting.

Real-time monitoring can detect and block potential security threats, keeping your computer safe and secure.

  • Deep System Cleanup: Get rid of all the unnecessary files to give your computer more room. 
  • Outstanding Performance Boost: By optimizing the Mac hard drive, you can push your Mac to its maximum potential.
  • Complete Security Protection: shield your computer from malware, spyware, viruses, and adware.

With Advanced SystemCare, you can simplify your PC maintenance routine and keep your Windows system running smoothly, all in one easy-to-use package.

  • Advanced SystemCare
  • Advanced SystemCare Ultimate
  • Driver Booster
  • IObit Malware Fighter
  • Smart Defrag
  • IObit Uninstaller
  • IObit Software Updater
  • Free AI Video Generator
  • Free Download Other Products

    2. CCleaner

    When it comes to cleaning software for Windows, CCleaner is a household name.

    One of the reasons why CCleaner is so popular is its free version, which may compete with many premium cleaning programs, because of its ability to track many of the causes of a slow computer and improve its performance.

    It is a reliable and highly rated program that effectively removes junk files, cleans your system registry, and manages startup items, resulting in a significant boost in your computer's performance.

    In addition to supporting Windows devices, CCleaner also offers support for devices such as Mac and Android.

    With over 2.5 billion downloads worldwide and a strong user community, CCleaner has earned a reputation for being reliable and effective.

    Kamo is a new feature in CCleaner services that offers you the advantage of blocking all tracking methods that are difficult to detect over the Internet

    In addition to that, it provides you with a secure and encrypted tunnel between your device and the Internet.

    • Completely hide your location
    • Encrypt all communications while using the Internet
    • Block annoying ads and targeted content
    • Hide your daily activities online
    • The first patent against recording fingerprints

    3. Avast Cleanup

    Avast Cleanup
    Avast Cleanup, one of the tools Avast has in its suite as one of the best cleaning software options for Windows, is packed with features that go beyond regular cleaning and optimization.

    This software tool can help improve your computer's speed and security simultaneously, providing a trustworthy solution for users looking to improve the overall performance of their system.

    One of the notable features of Avast Cleanup is its ability to identify potential security threats on your computer.

    With the growing number of cyber threats, the proactive security feature built into Avast Cleanup provides peace of mind to users concerned about the safety of their data and identity online.

    Apart from security, Avast Cleanup also removes unwanted toolbars and optimizes system settings, which is key in improving speed performance.

    With this software, users can experience faster and more efficient processing times, even when running multiple applications.

  • Sleep mode
  • Shortcut Cleaner
  • Automatic maintenance
  • Disk Cleaner
  • Registry Cleaner
  • Browser cleaner
  • Automatic updates
  • Developing the information panel and maintenance center
  • Defragment the disk and improve its performance
  • Disk checker
  • 4. Glary Utilities 6

    Glary Utilities 6
    If you're looking for a one-stop-shop for PC maintenance, Glary Utilities is the solution for you.

    Glary Utilities provides a set of applications and tools to help users increase security, get rid of clutter, improve system performance, and delete unnecessary files on the device.

    The program offers capabilities that include disk cleanup, registry repair, privacy protection, temporary file removal, and system customization, all in one software package.

    This cleaning software tool offers a comprehensive suite of features, including:

    Feature Description
    Cleaning Removes junk files, temporary files, and other unnecessary data to free up space on your hard drive.
    Disk Repair Scans and fixes errors on your hard drive to keep it running smoothly.
    Privacy Protection Erases your browsing history, cookies, and other traces of your online activity to protect your privacy.
    System Optimization Provides tools to optimize system settings and improve your PC's speed and performance.

    Glary Utilities provides a set of applications and tools to help users increase security, get rid of clutter, improve system performance, and delete unnecessary files on the device.

    The program offers capabilities that include disk cleanup, registry repair, privacy protection, temporary file removal, and system customization, all in one software package.

    The user-friendly design of the products makes it easy for users to navigate and use them to their fullest potential.

    Glary Utilities provides tools to protect user privacy by deleting sensitive data, traces of Internet activity, and tracking files.

    Glary Utilities is often praised for how well it organizes systems, enhances efficiency, and increases overall system stability.

    It's suitable for people who want a complete set of tools to optimize and manage their Windows computers without having to use a lot of different applications.

    5. BoostSpeed 13

    BoostSpeed 13
    Is your Windows computer running slow and you're about to throw it out the window?

    Don't rush, BoostSpeed 13 may be the cleaning software you need.

    This powerful software is designed to optimize your system's performance by cleaning and defragmenting the registry, removing junk files, and modifying system settings for optimal speed and efficiency.

    One of the standout features of Auslogics BoostSpeed 13 is the registry cleaning tool, which allows you to safely and effectively clean your computer's registry, which can become cluttered and bloated over time, resulting in slow performance.

    Another impressive aspect of BoostSpeed 13 is the Disk Cleaner tool, which scans your hard drive for unnecessary files and allows you to delete them, freeing up valuable space and improving the speed of your computer.

    BoostSpeed 13

    Auslogics BoostSpeed 13 also includes a bunch of other tools and features, such as the Startup Manager, which allows you to control which programs and processes run at startup, and the Service Manager, which lets you optimize Windows services to speed up your system.

    Try Auslogics BoostSpeed and see how it can help you speed up your Windows PC and improve its performance.

    6. Wise Disk Cleaner

    Wise Disk Cleaner
    If you are looking for an effective and reliable cleaning software to optimize your hard drive, Wise Disk Cleaner is an excellent choice.

    Designed for Windows users, this program removes unnecessary files and temporary data that can slow down your system and take up a lot of space.

    With its easy-to-use interface and advanced features, Wise Disk Cleaner helps you boost your computer's performance and efficiency.

    What makes Wise Disk Cleaner unique is its ability to target specific file types, such as system files and log files, to ensure a thorough, high-quality clean.

    Wise Disk Cleaner also comes with a disk defragmentation feature that rearranges fragmented data on your hard drive, allowing for faster access and reducing the risk of crashes.

    Wise Disk Cleaner is updated regularly to ensure compatibility with the latest versions of Windows and provide optimal performance.

    With Wise Disk Cleaner, you can free up space on your hard drive, improve system speed and stability, and prevent potential problems in the future.

    It is important to note that although cleaning your PC can contribute to improved performance, it may not solve all existing problems.

    Factors such as hardware limitations, outdated components, or software conflicts may also affect your computer's performance.

    However, regular maintenance, both physical and digital, can definitely help keep your laptop running smoother and faster, and installing an SDD as storage is recommended as it makes a huge difference in terms of speed and performance.


    Yes, cleaning up computer, both physically and digitally, can make it run faster and more efficiently.

    Physical cleaning: Over time, and with prolonged use, dust and dirt can accumulate on computers, especially in the air vents and fans.

    Accumulation of dust and dirt can cause the system to overheat, resulting in performance issues.

    By cleaning the vents and fans regularly, you can improve airflow, which helps keep your laptop cool and prevents suffocation due to overheating.

    DigitalCleaning: On the system side, removing unnecessary files, temporary data, and redundant programs can free up valuable space on your hard drive.

    Using cleaning programs or tools designed to remove junk files, clear cache, and optimize system settings can improve the speed of your computer.


    Choosing the right cleaning software for your computer can significantly improve its performance and efficiency.

    With a variety of options available, such as CCleaner, Avast Cleanup, and BleachBit, you can find the perfect solution for your cleaning needs.

    With regular use of these software tools, you can maintain the health and longevity of your Windows PC, ensuring it runs smoothly and efficiently for years to come.

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