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Icedrive Cloud Storage Review: Best Safe And Cheap Cloud Storage

# Icedrive Cloud Storage Review: Best Safe And Cheap Cloud Storage :
Is Icedrive cloud storage an excellent solution compared to other storage platforms? What are the services and features it provides to its clients? And how good is it when it comes to security and privacy.

In this article, we will try to cover everything that Icedrive cloud storage has to offer, and answer the questions we asked earlier.
ice drive cloud storage review-best safe and cheap cloud storage
In a previous article, we talked about the best cloud storage platforms on the Internet, and we put the icedrive cloud storage service in this list, but we did not delve too much into the services it provides.

We will judge Icedrive cloud storage service in terms of 6 basic aspects, which are the features that the service offers, security and protection, privacy of use, ease of use, price of plans, the last thing is technical support.

Features offered by Icedrive

Although Icedrive is not the old platform in the field of selling cloud storage space, through with domain age checker tool, it gave us that the domain was registered on (01-23-2018), these mean 4 years ago from writing this article.

But this does not mean that it cannot be included as one of the best cloud storage service providers on the Internet, which can give it a 10/10 on most of the features it offers.

Auto sync and virtual drive

IceDrive Cloud has practical and impressive encryption features, with a private sync method, that keeps your data and files away from your device's primary drive, and you'll always find plenty of storage space in your device.

Icedrive cloud storage provides a virtual drive that appears when you install Icedrive app on your device, allowing you to access and interact with your files as if they were on your own device.

Editing and modifying files

Icedrive virtual disk enables you to move, copy, edit, delete or rename files, and all your actions will automatically sync, and changed across the Icedrive cloud storage servers.

For further customization, Icedrive view allows you to preview files and edit documents in their native apps, without uploading them to your device, and all changes will be applied to Icedrive cloud storage.

Restore to old versions

One of the features of Icedrive is the ability to read and restore files to previous or unsupported versions with a feature called Icedrive versioning, and fortunately there are no limitations when it comes to file versioning.

Therefore, with this feature, you will be able to restore any files to their old versions, no matter how long you saved the file or deleted it.

Icedrive Security and Protection

In all sites that offer the cloud storage service feature or Any service, the most important factor that they should invest all their efforts in is the security and protection feature.

Because the protection of customer data is what will determine whether the site that provides the storage service will succeed or fail.
icedrive cloud storage security
A lot of companies use AES encryption algorithms, which is an encryption method supported and promoted by many security agencies and agencies.

So it is not difficult for hacker to crack it in the future, although you can say that it is a little difficult.

So Icedrive has changed the encryption route in its services to Twofish encryption protocols to encrypt files and customer data, which is the best from AES / Rijndael security solution.

One of the reasons for adopting this type of encryption, is that the company believes that most hackers do not know how this type of encryption works because it is new and not as common as AES.

So it would be impossible to hack it at the moment.

On the other hand, Icedrive cloud provides zero-knowledge feature.

Which makes the customer is the only one who is able to access his personal data or files in his account, and no third party and even the company has the ability to access the customer's account.

In addition, all data will be encrypted before being uploaded to the cloud, in order to prevent its leakage, interception, or decryption during upload.

With files divided into small parts that can be handled and controlled, and all this is done by the client.

A security key using 256bit encryption using your passphrase to protect the account is generated by the client, and is not transmitted to the Icedrive servers.

One of the advanced security features and that is usually impossible with other cloud services is the ability to temporarily decrypt files with the possibility, With access to him from the client.

And this is a feature that Icedrive deserves to be commended.

 The negative point in all the protection methods that Icedrive provides, is the lack of two-factor authentication protection for the account.

Which is a protection that should be available at every registration site, but it is likely that it will be added to Icedrive in the future.

Icedrive and privacy

One of icedrive's policies is not to keep users' data unless it is authorized to do so, in addition, users can download their personal data to see what icedrive can access or read.

Icedrive does not use any third party tracking applications, in this way, only the customer knows his activities on icedrive, and no one has access to his personal account even the company itself.

The Company will only have access to your personal data if you subscribe to their email updates, or contact them via their email, this information will be kept secure and will not be handed over to any third party.

One of the things that makes icedrive privacy-friendly is its physical location.

Where the company is headquartered in the United Kingdom, which has to comply with the privacy laws of that country, and as we know UK is friendly to personal privacy.

Ease Of Use

Icedrive has a clean interface and is easily navigated, no matter your level of experience with cloud storage services, you will be able to understand how to use the service in a few minutes.

You can also move between pages effortlessly, and it only takes two minutes to load documents.
icedrive free cloud storage
In addition, creating public links to folders and files is very easy, by specifying the recipient's email, or the expiration date of the sharing link.

It should be noted that Icedrive supports installation on desktops and smartphones through special applications, in addition to supporting browsers through the official website of the service.

And the happy thing is that the desktop interface and the browser interface are completely identical.

Icedrive price plans

Icedrive offers a lot of value for your money, offers a free plan and many others plan at very reasonable and satisfactory prices.

The free plan is up to 10 GB from storage, but it doesn't have a lot of features, and it's only for regular storage, so no expect a lot of features in the free plan.

As for the paid plans, you will get all the features that we mentioned earlier in the context of the article, and likewise, you will get many plans to choose from, without forgetting the plan for the lifetime subscription.

The table will show you the prices for each plan:




$1.99 / month

150 GB



$4.99 / month

1 TB



$17.99 / month

5 TB

Customer Support

There is not much to talk about in terms of the support that Icedrive provides to its customers, and on the premise of many, Icedrive should improve its customer service even more.

The customer support option is limited, the only support available is to submit a ticket and wait for a response.

And the phone support is not available, but issuing a ticket by e-mail is not as slow as you might expect.

In addition, you will find the Help Center, in which you will find many articles and frequently asked questions answered, and it is expected that you will find answers to your questions there.

At the end of the article, many still believe that Icedrive is somewhat far from the top of the cloud services industry, but it may soon become a fierce competitor to many of the cloud services on the scene.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Icedrive caters to both personal and medium or large-sized business needs, offering scalable and scalable solutions for individuals and enterprises.
Icedrive supports offline file access, allowing users to work on their files offline, and sync changes once online.
Icedrive stands out due to its balance of strong security measures, affordability, user-friendly interface, and seamless accessibility.


Data security and accessibility are non-negotiable, and this is where Icedrive stands out as a beacon of reliability and security.

Icedrive's commitment to combining safety, affordability, and user convenience makes it a leader in cloud storage solutions.

As technology advances and data becomes more important, choosing a cloud storage service like Icedrive isn't just an option, it's a wise investment in protecting your digital world.

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