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Terabox Review 2024: Is Terabox Safe And Worth To Use

# Terabox Review 2024: Is Terabox Safe And Worth To Use :

Can you trust TeraBox's cloud service to store your private files? Is TeraBox safe to use, well as a cloud service platform that is not very popular it is a very logical question.

Well, cloud storage from TeraBox is considered one of the most growing cloud storage platforms on the Internet.

So we will try to evaluate and review TeraBox cloud storage according to some important features such as security, privacy, features, plan prices, and ease of use.

Terabox Review 2024

Why do I need to store my files in the cloud?

Individuals and businesses alike are looking for secure, scalable storage solutions that can be accessed from anywhere.

The need for remote access, data security, and powerful features has made cloud storage a vital and necessary component of workflow and file transfer.

Terabox enters this space, vying for user trust and providing a way to store and manage data, so we'll put it at the heart of our review to see if Terabox is worth using to store our files.

As mentioned previously, we will review Terabox in terms of security, privacy, features, plan prices, and ease of use and see if it meets the expectations of the essentials that every cloud storage platform should have.

TeraBox Security

TeraBox was previously known as (Dubox Cloud Storage), which had its servers in China. Well, as we know, China is known for monitoring citizens' online activities and imposing great censorship on them, so you can say that Dubox is not safe to use.

This led to many questions about the safety of the data of users subscribed to the platform.

So the company that was previously known as Dubox changed its brand to the name (TeraBox Storage Cloud) and corrected the situation by moving their servers to Japan.

Well, Japan is very privacy-friendly, and although the company claims that it does not monitor the files stored on its servers by users, it warns that it will block or delete any unwanted content.

# You should pause here, If the platform does not monitor the stored files, then how can you detect blocked and unwanted content?🤔🤔

We previously reviewed in previous articles some of the best cloud storage platforms on the Internet, such as PCloud, which I think is the best cloud storage platform currently available when it comes to security, privacy, and strong encryption.

Let's dig a little deeper into TeraBox's security. According to TeraBox, it uses HTTPS and SFTP protocols to encrypt files uploaded to its servers at rest and during transfer, protecting your files from hacking and spying through encryption protocols.

The company not declared the exact type of protocols it uses to encrypt data, this is considered somewhat strange and raises some questions, Some alternative of TeraBox explicitly declare the encryption methods it uses.

To add an extra layer of protection, TeraBox offers a personal vault for your sensitive files or documents and features multifactor authentication integrated to ensure the security of this personal vault.

One of the nice features of TeraBox cloud is the password protection link, which prevents unintended people from opening or viewing the file they received unless they have the password, and as an additional protection, a validity period is provided for the link.

However, TeraBox does not provide client-side security, so in theory there is nothing preventing the company from accessing your files if it wanted to, which is a negative.

# If you reach this point, you will notice that the company fails greatly in terms of security and privacy.

TeraBox Privacy

The company claims that it cannot see files stored on its servers, but this claim may be subject to doubt, as we mentioned previously.

Unlike cloud storage platforms such as ICedrive or Sync or PCloud, TeraBox does not use zero-knowledge encryption, which prevents companies from accessing files stored on its servers, ensuring users optimal privacy.

TeraBox's lack of this type of encryption means that it can theoretically access and view files stored on its servers, and the company seems to implicitly indicate this indirectly in their privacy policy statements.

In addition, TeraBox says that it shares its users' data with third parties, which represents a big red flag for users' privacy.

However, it explicitly states that the information it collects is used to provide its service and improve its services.

So, comparing the privacy features and policy followed by Terabox with the privacy features offered by some other companies, I think Terabox should invest a lot in this area to improve it.

Terabox Features

The strong attraction of TeraBox is the TeraBox free cloud offering, as it offers you up to 1 TB of free cloud storage space, a feature that you will not find in any cloud storage platform online.

To put things into context in comparison, the most common cloud storage service such as Google Drive Cloud Storage offers to 15 GB of storage, OneDrive offers to 15 GB of storage space, or Mega NZ offers to 20 GB of storage space.

Some speculation indicates that the cloud storage space provided by TeraBox will expire after one week of registering on the site, or that you must participate in some reward program that you must do, but this is not true.

The file sharing feature in TeraBox allows you to choose the medium you want to send the files, with the possibility of sharing files via email or a unique password-protected link, specifying the period during which the link is valid for sharing.

But keep in mind the monitoring procedures implemented by TeraBox, which warn against sharing any unwanted content.

TeraBox provides automatic backup of photos, videos and files, helping you save space on your device.

The Tera Transform feature in the basic system allows you to share files with non-users of the platform without creating an account, and they will receive a maximum file transfer limit of up to 50 GB.

The Tera Transform feature can also be accessed if you have an account on the platform, and of course you will get additional features that include unlimited file transfer with the ability to specify the validity period of the link.

TeraBox provides the ability to play media on its primary system with the ability to choose the format in which you want to play files, for example the ability to play video in either 720px or 1080px resolution.

The TeraBox system gives you the ability to preview your files with a glance at the file you want to open, but you may be annoyed by some intrusive ads that will appear in the free version.

TeraBox Pricing and Plan

One of the best things in TeraBox is prices, and we may consider it one of the cheapest cloud storage on the Internet, but this may be expected because it does not provide much in terms of security, privacy, and additional features.

Despite its rewarding free plan with 1 TB of storage space, there is a problem, as the free plan has slower upload and download speeds and does not support backup of photos or videos.

In addition, your files are not secure because they do not contain any encryption.

In addition, only 500 files are allowed to be transferred, in addition to tons of intrusive ads, which will provide you with a very bad experience.

For TeraBox premium plans, you will get four types of subscriptions, divided into permanent plans and temporary plans:

  • Monthly subscription (permanent): starting at $3.49 per month
  • Annual subscription (permanent): starting at $35.99 per month
  • Subscription for one month only (temporary): starting at $4.99 per month
  • Subscription for one year only (temporary): starting at $47.99 per month
TeraBox Pricing and Plan

Regardless of the type of subscription you take, all subscriptions offer you fixed features such as:

  • 2048 GB of cloud storage
  • Automatic video backup
  • Cloud decompression
  • Uploading large files up to 20 GB
  • No Ads
  • Encrypted space

Terabox Ease of Use

Setting up Terabox is easy to use, as the Terabox application can be downloaded on most systems such as smartphones, desktops, or laptops.

Terabox provides a drag and drop feature to facilitate uploading files to the cloud, the browser version is very identical to the application.

The user interface will be familiar to most users because it is very similar to Google Drive, where the interface is clear and straightforward and contains useful and clear icons that facilitate navigation in the user interface.

On the left side, there is a clear visual representation of your data and remaining storage space, in addition to other transition icons within the smartphone application or computer interface.

Terabox Ease of Use

The Terabox app seems more cluttered than the main desktop-oriented interface, with many additional functions displayed on the home screen such as Rewards, images, space analyzer, video downloader, and shared files.

Navigating the user-friendly interface on desktop is easier than on smartphones due to the large clutter present that makes it difficult to access some basic functions such as file synchronization.


The 1 TB of free space provided by Terabox is very rewarding and impressive, as it outperforms all cloud storage platforms available on the Internet, in addition to the password-protected links backed by expiration dates.

The user interface is good, but it needs some improvement in the application directed to smartphones, and the automatic backup of videos is a good additional feature.

However, due to weak security and privacy in Terabox, we will not recommend storing your sensitive files on Terabox, and it is preferable to use other cloud storage platforms.

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