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MEGA drive storage reviews 2024 - free 20gb cloud storage to use

# MEGA drive storage reviews 2024 - free 20gb cloud storage to use :
When we mention the mega drive storage service for cloud storage, you will feel very happy now that this service is on the Internet, and what increases the feeling of happiness is the free plan that they provide of storage space, which is the best indisputably.

There are a lot of positive things to say about Mega nz cloud file storage service, as it provides large storage spaces, in addition to a lot of advanced features such as protection and security features and reasonable price plans.

MEGA drive storage reviews 2023

We will not go to the point of saying that the mega cloud service will get a 100% rating in all tests, as each technology has advantages and disadvantages, and Mega will not deviate from this line, and therefore in this article we will review the mega cloud storage.

Quick info about Mega Drive

The Mega service for storing files in the cloud is a website that came as a successor to the Megaupload website, as the service was launched for the first time on January 19, 2013, after the Megaupload website was closed on January 19, 2012, by the American court.

The founder of the service was Kim dot com, which was owned by Instra Corporation, and the company's official website was in New Zealand, and it supported many operating devices such as phones, desktop computers, and laptops.

For those who do not know mega cloud, it is a very huge and very famous platform in cloud storage services, and this means that it enables you to store your files on the Internet with the ability to access them from anywhere and at any time you want.

In addition, with megasync storage you will be able to synchronize your files between your devices on which you have installed the Mega app, so you will not need any external hard drive or flash drive to save your files, Mega will do the job.

Mega nz is one of the top 5 online cloud storage service providers in 2022 in terms of security and features with other companies on the list such as: (, iceDrive, pCloud, Google Drive).

Mega Services and features

Like most of the major cloud storage platform on the Internet, one of its priorities was the convenience of the user while providing him with the greatest amount of security for his files with the best possible price, so Mega nz followed this strategy to achieve its place in this market.

Everything uploaded to the Mega platform is end-to-end encrypted.

This is not new to the Mega platform, as updates have added the possibility of private sharing that increases the security reality.

All sharing links on Mega are encrypted, with full control over the encryption keys.

You can send encryption keys separately over separate and secure channels, Even if someone discovers the sharing link, they will not be able to decrypt it.

You can also get passwords and expiration dates for sharing links, but unfortunately this feature is not available in the free plan, so you have to subscribe to one of the paid plans to get this feature.

One of the powerful additions provided by the mega file storage cloud is the Mega Chat feature, which enables you to chat with other people using the secure chat option, and of course, while communicating through Mega Chat, all conversations will be encrypted.

For files that can be uploaded to Mega drive, it supports up to 100 previous versions of old or new file format types, and will keep them forever as long as you subscribe to one of the plans it provides.

In addition, it does not erase the files that you deleted directly, it stores them for 30 days before deleting them permanently, so you have enough time if you decide again to retrieve a file that you deleted from the trash.

Mega cons

The Mega platform does not offer much in the tasks of productivity over unlike other services of the same service, as there is no integration with external applications such as Google Workspace or Microsoft Office, so we hope that Mega will see this topic in the future.

Security and privacy

mega cloud security is very good and complies with applicable security standards to protect users, as it uses zero-knowledge encryption, which means that the user has full control over who can access his files.

This makes it difficult for prying eyes to access his files in any way.

All your data on MEGA is encrypted with a key derived from your password, in other words, your password is your master encryption key, MEGA has no access to your password or your data.

In addition to the zero-knowledge feature, Mega Security offers the option of two-factor authentication, so even if anyone steals your account registration information, he won't be able to access your account without your consent.

Mega Secure Cons

Looking back at Mega's history is a bit fuzzy, as its former founder Kim Dotcom had his fair share of controversy while heading the company, claiming that the company after he left it was taken over by a Chinese investor named William yan.

The latter was one of the wanted people in the state of China on charges of fraud and fraud, but there was not enough evidence to determine whether these allegations were valid or not, in addition to that it is believed that most of the shareholders in Mega are affected by the decisions of the Chinese government.

We also know that the country of China is opposite to the word privacy, although no violation was noticed on the Mega platform, but it would be good if this information is available to the user to view it, but with the protection methods provided by the platform, your files are safe.

Mega cloud prices

One of the reasons why so many users are attracted to Mega cloud is the large amount of storage space they can get, in addition to the free plan they offer, which is more than good.

While most storage companies offer free plans for storage space between 5 and 10 GB of free space, Mega has decided to go out of the way, as its free plan of storage space reaches up to 20 GB when creating a mega cloud account.

In addition to the possibility of increasing that space if you perform some additional tasks such as bringing in new users or inviting friends to register on the platform, or installing the official application of the service on one of your own devices.

When it comes to the paid plans, you can get many storage options to choose from, and in the annual plans, you will get discounts with each plan that you will subscribe to by 16%.

Monthly Plan

  • 400Gb for $5.85/Mo
  • 2 TB for 11.71/Mo
  • 8 TB for 23.43/Mo
  • 16 TB for $35.16/Mo

yearly plan with 16% save

  • 400Gb for $4.88/Mo
  • 2 TB for $9.77/Mo
  • 8 TB for 19.53/Mo
  • 16 TB for $29.30/Mo

In addition to the team plan, which enables you to choose any storage space you want, where you can get a storage space of up to 10000 TB, the number of members up to 300 members, and a transfer quota of up to 10000 TB.
mega cloud pricing
So, considering the prices offered by some other services, Mega's prices are somewhat expensive, and they are almost equal to the prices in the Dropbox cloud storage service, but in terms of security, Mega is better than it.

Technical support

Mega service provides the option of a frequently asked questions center to obtain information or ask questions, in many cases you will find an answer to your question, in addition to the option to contact support via their e-mail, which will respond to you within 24 hours.


We will not argue that mega nz cloud is one of the best cloud storage services on the Internet, as it provides a very attractive storage space, in addition to being a secure service, with the ability to share files, and all this offers very large space plans.

On the bad side of the service is that its prices are somewhat expensive, and it does not support productivity platforms such as Microsoft Office and Google Workspace.

Therefore, if you are one of the people who upload huge amounts of files daily, then the best option for you is Mega, but if you are a person who likes to edit files or documents, there are many other services that will provide you with this option.

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