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Top 5 free alternative to Microsoft Office applications

# Top 5 free alternative to Microsoft Office applications :
Microsoft Office services are among the best services that Microsoft provides to users as one of its own products, and it is one of the best tools that has gained great popularity by many users, and has become one of the most important products to increase their productivity in carrying out their work.

The most popular office applications provided by Microsoft are the Office 365 library applications, which contain (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Outlook OneNote).
Top 5 free alternative to Microsoft Office applications
Unfortunately, the Microsoft Office suite library is not free, as Microsoft offers you this library through an annual subscription to the Office 365 service, where you can choose the Microsoft 365 Family service at a price of $99.99/year, or Microsoft 365 Personal at a price of $69.99/year.
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Of course, each plan contains different features, and it is your personal use that will determine the type of plan that you subscribe to, and of course you will get all updates as they come down as you're one of the customers participating in the service.

And because the Office 365 library is one of the best basic applications that all users need, but they cannot get it because of its price, we thought to put for you the best 5 applications similar to the MS Office 365 library and at the same time they are free to use.

Microsoft Office online

Microsoft Office online
You may find this strange, because Microsoft provides another online version of the Office 365 package, and the nice thing is that all the package is free to use without any monthly or annual subscription, provided that you have the internet to access all the package of Microsoft Office 365 online.

You can access the office online package from the official website provided by Microsoft, which is, and all you need is a Hotmail or Outlook account in order to be able to register on the site, and then you can get all office applications for free.

You can do all the operations of modifying, creating, and saving a file from the Microsoft Office online suite as if you were using the paid version of the program, with the ability to share it with other people, or save it on your device to use it again.

The unique thing about the Office online service is that you can access the service from any device you have, whether it is a computer, phone, tablet, or any device that supports access to a browser, and therefore it is considered the best alternative to the paid version of the package.

Google G Suite

free google office suite download
One of the best free alternatives to the Microsoft Office library is the Google office suite, which contains many alternative applications to the Microsoft workspace package, for example:

  • Google Docs application alternative to Microsoft Word application.
  • Google Sheets is an alternative to Microsoft Excel.
  • Google Slides application alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint application.

All applications provided by Google G Suite are completely free applications, you only need a device connected to the Internet and a browser, and you will be able to access all the services provided by Google, which are light, fast, and easy to use.

All the services provided by Google Workspace are compatible with the Google Drive cloud service, and you can also access them from anywhere, and all you need to take advantage of these services is to have a Gmail account only.

Of course, you can migrate Office 365 to google suite and start working on your previous projects on Microsoft 365 without problems, as you can open Microsoft Office files with the same extension saved on Google office applications and vice versa.

LibreOffice suite

libre office free
LibreOffice is the alternative suitable for people who cannot always be connected to the Internet, or need a working software package that is on the device and not on the Internet, so the LibreOffice suite package will be the best solution for both methods of use (online or offline).

LibreOffice program is a completely free office package, developed by the document foundation, a non-profit organization based on the contributions and donations of the technical community, and the package is open source, where you can download the program package, modify it and participate in its development.

LibreOffice is available for download on all desktops, including Windows, macOS and Linux, and it is a very suitable alternative to the Microsoft Office package, and it offers the same work style while providing the best productivity during use.

Freeoffice suite

freeoffice suite
The next Microsoft Office alternative is very similar in its uses to the LibreOffice package, which is a freeoffice application developed by Softmaker, and of course it is completely free and contains the same basic programs as the Microsoft Workspace package.

Freeoffice offers a completely different user interface than LibreOffice interface, and is good for people who have tried LibreOffice and did not like the program's operational interface, and it supports operation on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

Apple iWork

Apple iWork
For those who own Macs, Apple provides its own office package on its own devices as a basic alternative to the Microsoft Office package, which is the Apple Office Apps package, and the nice thing is that it was paid applications until recently, then Apple decided to make it completely free.

Apple offers Pages, which is an alternative to Microsoft Word, and Numbers, which is an alternative to Microsoft Excel, and Keynote, which is a good alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint, They are apps that offer a great and easy-to-use experience.

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