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Dropbox Cloud Storage Review: Is dropbox still worth your attention?

# Dropbox Cloud Storage Review: Is dropbox still worth your attention? :
You can say that the Dropbox cloud storage platform is the service that started everything in the world of storing and saving files in the cloud.

Or at least made it in the direction it is currently known for, but does Dropbox it still worth its position due to the fierce competition in the cloud storage services market.
Dropbox Cloud Storage Review: Is dropbox still worth your attention?
Before talking about the Dropbox cloud storage platform, let's first talk about What cloud storage means?

Cloud storage service is a way that enables you to store your files outside your personal devices, whether it is your phone or personal computer, and they are stored in private servers located somewhere in the world, depending on the presence of the company that provides the cloud storage service.

The cloud file storage service enables you to upload your files to external storage spaces with the ability to access them again, share them, modify them, or even delete them from anywhere you want, provided that you are connected to the Internet.

The external storage service does not take any storage space on your personal device, all you have to do is buy cloud storage space from the company providing the service, then you can upload all your files to that space, and of course you will get all the protection features for your files.

Quick info about dropbox cloud

The Dropbox platform is an American company that specializes in the field of cloud file storage.

The company's current headquarters is San Francisco, California, where the services were first launched in 2007 on the Internet.

The service was developed by Drew Huston and Arash Ferdowsi while they were students at MIT with funding from the startup accelerator, iComputer.

The idea for Dropbox came from Drew Huston, who said that I always forgot my USB drive when it was new in MIT, so he decided to create his own personnel file storage system, which later evolved into a public system available to everyone.

Dropbox Features

Although Dropbox is one of the most popular platforms when it comes to cloud storage, it is not a service that can rest on its former glories, as its features are only basic.

But even so, it does it quite well, and offers it all in a nice, clean package, and one of those features that Dropbox was one of its main inventions is sync dropbox with computer folder.

This feature provides you with a special folder on your computer when using dropbox, and this folder is an intermediary between the Dropbox platform and your own device, as files are uploaded to dropbox when you put your files in this folder.

Yes, there were problems with this extension, which was creating duplicate items from files in the device's storage, but Dropbox updates solved the problem with a new feature called Dropbox smart sync.

Also, one of the features that comes with the Dropbox service is the integration with other platforms such as Microsoft Office and Google Workspace, where you can sync dropbox to google work space or Microsoft Office.

This feature allows you to create and edit documents directly from cloud storage if you need to create documents for work or study, in addition to the advantage of collaborating with other people using Dropbox's stellar file sharing feature.

This feature allows you to share your files either through a view link or an edit link, where the view link will allow viewing and downloading the file, while the editing link will allow the ability to edit files by people who own the sharing link.

The platform has a Dropbox App Center feature, where you can get integration with a wide range of other applications such as productivity applications from Microsoft (Slack, Trello), or other platforms such as Canva and procreate.

Dropbox and security

Here things get a little confusing, because the Dropbox platform is one of the three largest cloud storage platforms on the Internet (dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive).

These platforms are considered the most widely used on the Internet in terms of cloud storage, and they have a very large load in terms of the security of privacy and the files of their users uploaded to their servers.

The difference between them is that Google Drive and microsoft OneDrive have billions of users who use their platforms, including the cloud storage platform, so security is one of the most important things that they invest a lot of money for.

While Dropbox does not contain this option, this has led in the past to many serious security breaches, the latest of which was in 2018.

If you use the zero-knowledge service of or pCloud for example, even with any data breach there will be no problem, because the hackers will not be able to decrypt the files.

Even though Dropbox's protection isn't the best, its privacy policy is also not out of criticism, as it collects some user data, but we don't accuse it of selling it to third parties.

Dropbox plans and pricing

If all the reasons we mentioned earlier about dropbox cloud storage don't make you look in another direction, I suspect that dropbox plans price will make you review your accounts before you decide that you will be one of the platform's users.

Well, when you create a new dropbox account, you will get a free plan, as the rest of the companies do, as it will provide you with a free dropbox space of 2 GB.

Yes, the free plan is stingy compared to other companies that may give you 5 GB to 15 GB of storage space as a free plan such as iCedrive free plane or pCloud free Plane, and of course, you will get fewer features.

If you decide to get more space than you don't have much to choose from, dropbox personal pricing offers up to 2 TB of storage space for $11.99/Mo.

Dropbox offers a discount if you subscribe to their yearly plan, which will be at $10/Mo, i.e., $100/Years, which is not a very attractive plan when you look at it.

The shared family plan, which comes with 2 TB of storage space that can be shared between up to 6 people, costs $19.99/Mo, with the yearly discount you can get it at $16.99/Mo.

If you are a professional, you may want to get 3 TB of storage space, and it comes with some business features like sharing controls, you can get it at $19.99/Mo or $19.99/Mo on the annual plan.

The verdict for dropbox platform

Yes, with all that we mentioned previously, the judgment on the Dropbox platform will be a little bad, given the many companies that offer the same service and offer good pricing plans, in addition to the multiplicity of protection methods, I think Dropbox does not offer much.

There are a lot of dropbox alternatives that can be subscribed to and get very strong security features that are not available in Dropbox, but this is a personal view, and there may be different opinions about the platform between each person.

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