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Quick Review Of The Best Cloud Hosting Plan Providers For 2024

# Quick Review Of The Best Cloud Hosting Plan Providers For 2024 :

We are still expanding on all the things that fall under the cover of creating new websites, which we discussed in a previous article about best hosting services providers.

Then We talked about the best domain name selling sites, and we had to write another article about the Best Domain Names Registrars providers in 2022.

Quick review of the best cloud hosting plan providers for 2023

So On your way, you will meet a lot of sites that provide you with cloud hosting services, but if you are busy and do not want to delve too much into this article, we advise you to choose either Hostinger or the HostGator platform. 

But if you finish reading, we will direct you to other good platforms that offer you the same service with advanced features.

Before delving into the world of cloud hosting, we must address some questions about the service so that there is no confusion about the service and open wide doors about what it offers you while subscribing to the cloud hosting service. 

What is the cloud hosting services?

Cloud server hosting is a virtual server through which websites are hosted, where cloud hosting is different from the normal services of normal hosting, where your website data is published on several servers and covers many of the shortcomings found in normal hosting. 

Because of the way cloud hosting server works, many gaps in regular hosting or technical problems are closed.

  • If a server malfunctions and fails to fetch the data for your site, will another server cover the problem and run your site and keep it running without your intervention.
  • If you have a site with a very large daily traffic and puts a large load on the server, the cloud servers will spread these visits to other servers to maintain the performance of the site.
  • The ability to expand your cloud hosting and get additional resources to support the growth of your site.
  • Great security due to the cloud hosting service’s adoption of multiple servers for web hosting, which makes it less prone to crashes or stopping your site, the possibility of repairing one of the servers without stopping the site from working, and preventing DDoS attacks

What's the difference between traditional web hosting and cloud hosting?

Before asking what is the difference between cloud hosting, and web hosting we should ask:

How does the server work?

The server hosting is a place to save documents of any kind (website files, videos, music, other file), these data are translated according to their type when requested by the browser, downloaded and displayed on the browser as visual material.

Many processes occur within the server very quickly in the background before it is show on the browser.

This data is requested by the visitor while entering the address of the site he wants to access.

How does the cloud server work?

A cloud hosting server is a virtual server or a group of servers connected to each other, where they are connected remotely from anywhere in the world.

Data is stored on those servers that are connected to each other and that can be accessed by the visitor upon request by Website link path.

Web hosting

Cloud hosting

Quick Service Definition

Web hosting is linked to websites where you can host your website on a specific server for a certain amount determined by the service provider.

Cloud hosting does the same work as regular hosting, but it is several separate servers connected to each other via the Internet.

Server type

one fixed server

A group of servers connected together


a little difficult


Service cost

Depends on the type of service

Depends on your own needs


Less reliable - server issues to be expected

More reliable - the possibility of resuming the work of the site when one of the servers fell out of work

Advantages offered by the service

Reasonably priced single shared server with multiple people involved.
    Several servers are connected by default, and they are controlled by a trusted third party.

      Hosting types

      - Shared Hosting
      - Dedicated Servers
      - Dedicated Virtual Servers
      - Managed Hosting
      - VPS servers
        One managed virtual cloud hosting from multiple separate servers

          Service Cons

            - Performance issues and poor hosting
              - The server failed and the site stopped working
                - The possibility of hacking and stealing the site
                The price of the service may be a bit high

                  Which is the best cloud storage service provider?

                  Google Cloud Hosting

                  A review of the best cloud hosting plan providers for 2022

                  All google services are among the best, good and reliable services on the internet, and one of their most important paid services is Google cloud hosting services, but can you build a website on Google cloud?

                  Google will enable you to host a website on Google cloud, with the ability to manage, control, and publish it on the Internet, with large storage options with great protection and security, data analysis products, and strong and reliable account options. 

                  Google cloud platform hosting is one of the very excellent options for web hosting and data storage, as it integrates well with different Linux distributions and also with Windows servers.

                  If you host your website on Google cloud, google cloud hosting for WordPress will enable you to create your own site for your business and install the WordPress platform on it while providing you with all the special services that google provides to you, including the full statistics of your site. 

                  The price of google cloud hosting gives you a 57% discount with discounts compared to other providers of the same service, through the automatic savings feature, where you will only pay for what you want to use.

                  Hostinger Cloud Hosting

                  A review of the best cloud hosting plan providers for 2022

                  One of the services provided by the Hostinger platform is Hostinger cloud hosting, which provides you with three plans of cloud hosting that meet your needs depending on the type of project you want to create.

                  Hostinger cloud servers are located in many countries around the world, the most important of which are the USA, UK, Brazil, Singapore, Lithuania, India, and the Netherlands.

                  Cloud hosting Hostinger will give you a 99.9% non-stop running guarantee of your website or project, 24/7 support team follow-up, superb performance and speed, and power of hosting due to the use of HTTP/3 and a dedicated IP address.

                  Some of the important features that Hostinger cloud hosting will provide you:

                  • Access to dedicated resources and full control of all your resources through a powerful control panel.
                  • Easy, fast, and immediate setup of cloud hosting to run your project in the fastest possible period.
                  • Periodic backup of your data and files to get the greatest protection for your important files.
                  • The possibility of changing the location of the data center, with the possibility of continuous operation of the site without interruption due to a malfunction in one of the servers.
                  • The possibility of obtaining a free domain and a free SSL certificate is included in the cloud hosting plan.
                  A review of the best cloud hosting plan providers for 2022

                  Hostinger Cloud hosting prices start from $9.99 with a discount of up to 50%, with the possibility of obtaining a coupon code to further reduce the price of cloud hosting, bearing in mind that the price will rise when renewing the cloud hosting, as its price will become $13.99/Mo. 

                  HostGator Cloud Hosting

                  A review of the best cloud hosting plan providers for 2022

                  One of the best sites in terms of the services it provides, one of these services is HostGator cloud hosting, which provides you with three plans of varying strength and price (business cloud, baby cloud, hatching cloud), with the starting price of $4.95/Mo. 

                  Hostgator cloud provides you with full support while you get one of its services from Hostgator cloud hosting to 24/7/365 support, with the possibility of getting your money back in a maximum period of 45 days from purchasing one of the plans. 

                  Hostgator cloud server will give you beautiful and good cloud hosting features that you will buy, you will get the possibility of multiple backups of your data to ensure greater security of your data, with the possibility of automatic switching between servers during a server failure, a powerful and comprehensive control panel to track your site data and more... 

                  A review of the best cloud hosting plan providers for 2022

                  Prices on Hostgator cloud hosting plans are very good and satisfactory, with the possibility of upgrading to greater capabilities in terms of resources and the power of your cloud hosting.

                  DreamHost Cloud Server Hosting

                  A review of the best cloud hosting plan providers for 2022

                  The DreamHost platform provides many plans for hosting, the most important of which are dream press hosting, DreamHost shared hosting, and also DreamHost VPS hosting at prices suitable for everyone and the capabilities of great and powerful servers.

                  But DreamHost did not forget to provide cloud hosting plans for those who want to upgrade their sites to the best, as it provides them with great download speed, free tools and full control of the hosting root, with other future possibilities for more productivity of your site. 

                  With DreamHost cloud hosting, you can reach an incredible download speed due to SSH, accelerated internal networks.
                  The use of the new generation of the best processors from intel, and DreamHost cloud storage provides you with an SSD type to reach the fastest downloading and uploading of data without delay. 

                  DreamHost cloud hosting enables you to switch between servers using an API that is compatible with OpenStack via code, with the ability to easily access and modify the root of your site.

                  The DreamHost website builder enables you to create a fully integrated website and upload it to the WordPress platform, with all possible security features from backup or protection from hacking, full speed, while ensuring the ability to operate without expectation while an any server is down. 

                  We wanted to provide you with DreamHost cloud server hosting plans, but we didn’t find any hard evidence from the website showing the real cloud hosting prices that the website provides, so we assume that the prices are generated when you go through the steps of choosing the type of cloud hosting. 

                  Cloudways Cloud Hosting

                  A review of the best cloud hosting plan providers for 2022

                  cloudways server is a site that specializes only in high-quality cloud hosting and running WordPress managed sites, cloudways will offer you a free trial of their services for 3 days to test their basic system.

                  cloudways platform provides you with the top 5 cloud hosting providers in the internet market to choose among which are DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode, AWS, and Google Cloud.

                  cloudways web hosting will connect its basic system with the service you chose from one of the existing hosts that have linked its infrastructure with cloudways, then you will install the WordPress platform, create the database, and other things without interfering with you. 

                  cloudways hosting cloud platform not only supports WordPress, but also supports other tools such as Larvel, Joomla Magento, Drupal, PHP, and many other open-source applications.

                  A review of the best cloud hosting plan providers for 2022

                  Cloudways plans have two plans on the platform (premium and standard), and cloudways pricing starts from the price 10$/Mo.

                  SiteGround web Hosting Cloud

                  A review of the best cloud hosting plan providers for 2022

                  One of the platforms that WordPress developers recommend is the siteground web hosting platform.
                  The company has been proud of its business for more than 18 years and is a Bulgarian company created by university students and now has more than 500 employees running the company. 

                  SiteGround platform is very good for beginners and professionals and meets all their needs.
                  Provides you many siteground hosting plans starting from (Startup, Grow Big, and GeGeek), and the lowest plan price starts from 3.99/Mo, with the possibility of Turkish to higher plans. 

                  Siteground is the best WordPress hosting because of the ease of building and managing the site, great and superfast site speed while providing great security from any issues your site might face.

                  The siteground cloud hosting service is one of its services, but it will not be available to you if your activity is not large, because of the relatively large price of cloud hosting.

                  And on the other hand, if you want a very powerful cloud hosting for any price you will pay, the siteground platform is what you need.

                  A review of the best cloud hosting plan providers for 2022

                  The siteground builder cloud hosting provides you with several plans starting from the (Jump Start) plan, whose price starts at $100/Mo, and through which you will get 4 CPU Cores, 8 GB Memory, 40 GB SSD Space, and 5 TB Data Transfer, with the possibility of upgrading.

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