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Best WP Web Hosting Offers | Hostinger Wordpress Hosting Review

# Best WP Web Hosting Offers | Hostinger Wordpress Hosting Review :
When we ask or search for the best WordPress host, the answer will lead us directly to hostinger wordpress hosting, which is one of the best platforms that provide hosting services, selling domain names, and many other services.
Best WP Web Hosting Offers | Hostinger WordPress Hosting Review
Hostinger is considered as one of the best services related to hosting on the Internet, and it has become very popular recently because of the prices of the plans it offers in exchange for its services, good support, and many of the pros that we will discuss in the context of our article.

Entrance for hostinger wordpress hosting.

Hostinger first appeared in 2004 under the name of (Hostinger media) in Kaunas, Lithuania, and its name was later changed to what is now known as (Hostinger).

Hostinger, is a company that sells hosting and domains names, and the impressive thing about the company is that it was providing free web hosting during Its inception to become today one of the best providers of hosting services and domains on the Internet.
000webhost is a free service from hostinger web hosting

What is hostinger wp offers?

In order to shine and become visible with services such as web hosting services or selling domain names, you must offer things that your competitors do not, which is what Hostinger has worked on.

The company two years ago as of the time of writing this article was not as well known as it is now, as Hostinger has become one of the best industries specialized in hosting services, domain selling, and many other services.

The hostinger wordpress hosting company offers many hosting and many other forms of services, which we will try to highlight in this article.

Hosting webHostin & services

Web Hosting
The Hostinger will offer you the best web hosting sites with the best possible price, where you will get shared hosting for 2.29/mo for a full 48 months with the privilege of getting a free domain and free SSL certificate for life, as this plan is more demanded on the platform.
Best WP Web Hosting offers | Hostinger WordPress hosting review
You will find plans that are more powerful and productive than the joint plan, taking into account the increase in pricing according to the plan you want to get.

The plans are excellent for small and medium enterprises and the installation of the WordPress platform on it, with the possibility of obtaining other developments for the hosting to include large sites that get a very large number of visitors.

Hostinger VPS Hosting
Hostinger give you a best managed VPS WordPress website offers your own hosting, with many and varied plans targeting many categories and all types of sites.

With Hostinger, you will get the fastest VPS hosting with powerful capabilities, Hostinger VPS servers support the latest Intel Xeon processors with NVMe SSD storage for faster download and storage, with a cache of up to 512 GB per server.

For performance, you will get:
  • Full system control, server root access, and resource allocation
  • Good performance in site speed due to new CPUs and large RAM
  • Ease of upgrading the server environment and changing to different plans directly from the control panel
  • Great protection thanks to Bit Ninja Protection, DDoS Protection, and Auto Backup
  • It- Easy to manage VPS server control panel, and track all changes directly from the control panel
Best WP Web Hosting offers | Hostinger WordPress hosting review
The prices of VPS hosting are variable according to the type of server you want to get, so expect that you will add some money if you want to upgrade your hosting to a higher plan.

Hostinger Minecraft Server Hosting

VPS Minecraft Server is one of the beautiful services offered by the Hostinger platform.

Where you will be able to get your own pre-installed configured server, and from it, you will be able to customize the Minecraft game according to your own preferences and build your own community on the server, and even you may get additional income from it.

Server installation is very easy and will not take you much time, and because of dedicated IPv4/IPv6 addresses, you will be able to protect your server from any DDoS ​​hacks.

The backup feature is available at any time to avoid losing your data due to any problem that may occur.

The ability to add and install extensions provided by the Hostinger platform to customize the gameplay more, with the maximum possible speed due to the adoption of the SSD driver as the primary storage mechanism.

Hostinger Cloud Hosting

Hostinger provides you with a cloud web server hosting service, and the service is considered one of the best cloud hosting services on the Internet.

This service is useful for beginners, professionals, or owners of large or small organizations.

Its servers are spread in several countries, including the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and Singapore, Lithuania, India, and the Netherlands.

The servers of Hostinger Cloud Hosting offer superfast speed and great power to run due to the use of HTTP/3 and dedicated IP addresses, ensuring up to 99.9% non-stop operation and constant monitoring of servers 27/7, with an easy-to-control control panel, customization and response speed.
Best WP Web Hosting offers | Hostinger WordPress hosting review
The cheapest price you can get on cloud hosting from Hostinger is a price starting from 19.99/Mo, saving up to 50% of the original price, which is 39.99/Mo, with the possibility of upgrading the plan with an increase in prices between plan and another.

Hostinger Wordpress Hosting
hostinger wp will offer you best WordPress hosting sites with best low cost WordPress hosting, with the best capabilities and upgrade and customize options that WordPress hosting service will offer you from Hostinger.

Hostinger wp hosting plans will promise you the fastest WordPress hosting with up to 99.9% uptime guarantee with optimization features and the best secure WordPress hosting and increased security and protection, with 30 days money-back guarantee if not like this service.

Hostinger uses Lite Speed servers to increase your site usage experience and load times, with LSCWP cache to improve your site experience for users, with hosting WordPress SSD drive storage.
Best WP Web Hosting offers | Hostinger WordPress hosting review
There are many hostinger WordPress hosting plans with several names that will satisfy all regular users or business owners bigger or smaller, as it will provide you with a low price WordPress hosting platform geared to new website owners and beginners starting from the price of only $2.99/Mo.

Email Hosting

Having email hosting will help you make your business more professional to your visitors and make a good impression on them, and move it to wide horizons between you and your customers or visitors.
Best WP Web Hosting offers | Hostinger WordPress hosting review
Best Startup plan starts at $0.99/Mo with 10GB storage space, 10 forwarding rules, 50 email aliases, up to 5,000 messages you can send per day, and full protection from spam And an antivirus program to protect your private email.

Domain name & services

Domain Checker
One of the services that Hostinger provides is the service of selling domain names, as it provides you with many extensions to choose among, taking into account the price difference, which targets different segments and types of sites.

We can't show you an image of any list of domain name prices ، because the list of the domain names is very big, but you can get a domain name (.com) for $9.99/Mo.

One of the positive things that Hostinger will provide to you is to protect your domain and hide its registration information and personal information from stalkers by changing the basic information with public or fake data, and it will only be available on public databases such as WHOIS.

The thing that will be of great importance is that you can get a free domain name when you buy any type of hosting plan on Hostinger for a full year, renewable when the validity period of the domain expires.
Domain Transfer
In just four easy steps you will be able to transfer any of your domain name to Hostinger platform, all you have to do is go to the domain transfer page and put your domain name in the search bar, it will take you to the purchase process page.

Complete the purchase process, enter the EPP code and confirm the transfer process. To make sure that the process went completely, go to your e-mail to find that you received a transfer confirmation message from your domain registrar.
Free Domain
This feature is only available if you subscribe to any of the hosting plans, where you will get a free domain name for a full year, renewable again.

WHOIS Lookup
The Hostinger platform provides you with the service of displaying domain data and information from the official WHOIS database, as it will provide you with a customized search tool that will help you to know the data of any domain that is on the Internet.

WHOIS Lookup will help you check domain names that are available on the Internet, or if they are not booked from a site, or check the domains' validity and expiration dates.
SSL Certificate
Hostinger provides you with SSL protection for your domain, which gives you secure and encrypted communications and increases the trust of your visitors and search engines.
Best WP Web Hosting offers | Hostinger WordPress hosting review
If you subscribe to one of the hosting plans, you will get a free domain with a free SSL certificate, but if you want to get an SSL certificate, you can get it by subscribing to one of the above plans.

Hostinger cpanal interface

The cPanel interface is one of the most important and basic sections of hosts, which allows you to control the names of your domains and hosting, install or modify applications and tools, and a lot of important customizations.
Best WP Web Hosting offers | Hostinger WordPress hosting review
Hostinger platform offers another alternative, more powerful and very improved in terms of control or in terms of design and easy and modern interface, where you will make the most of the important functions that enable you to control your hosting or control your domain names, your mail, and database.

Hostinger Support and Customer Service

One of the excellent features of the Hostinger platform is good support, as it will provide you with continuous support for 24 hours throughout the week, with support in several languages to facilitate communication with customers and answer all their inquiries.

Hostinger altarnative

The Hostinger platform for selling domains and hosting is one of a large group of websites that provide the same service, and in a previous article, we touched on The best 8 hosting websites for your new website.

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