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Domain Name Vs Web Hosting: What Is The Difference Between Him?

# Domain Name Vs Web Hosting: What Is The Difference Between Him? :

While starting any website on the Internet, you must definitely provide hosting and a domain name in order for your site to start appearing on the Internet.
Unless you are using one of the free platforms that provide you with a direct website, such as the Blogger platform.

However, our article is not about how to create a website

But we will address the most common question for people who are beginners in the field of blogging, which is, what is the difference between website hosting and the website domain name

Many people confuse these two terms because they bought the two services from the same provider, so they think that they are one thing. 

It is true that hosting and domain name are two separate services in features, but they are necessary to create any website on the Internet.

Domain Name vs Web Hosting - What is the Difference between him?
We will try to simplify the difference between a domain name and web hosting, but this does not mean that we will not delve into the two services, as they are the two most important elements for starting any website.

So, be sure that you will not come out of this article unless you are fully aware of the difference between them.

We will divide the article into two parts.

The first we will talk about the domain name, and we will try to delve into it a little, then we will go to what is web hosting, and of course we will give it its right to explain.

What is a domain name?

domain name
If I ask you a simple question?

Where is address your house, you will simply give me the street address and the house number or approximate information about its location, the same applies to domain names in the virtual part of it.

The domain name is the address of the website, where search engines will know where your site is located on the Internet from the domain name.

And when you search for your site through search engines, it will be found by your domain name.

There are many designations that you can use to identify domain names, such as, domain name address, URL, Website link, Website address, all of which refer to the same concept.

The domain name that you see in browsers was not in the past in the same form.

As it used numbers to express the address of the site or the so-called IP address, and was written as an example in the following form, (

With the boom of the Internet and the emergence of many sites on the Internet, it was very difficult for users to remember the addresses of sites as they were known only to navigate a particular site.

So there was a need for a change in the concept of domain names.

Hence, the idea of the need for a domain server, through which the idea of a domain name was invented, and its main task was to replace the IP address as it was known to an address that can be remembered.
check domain name availability
The idea of ​​an IP address has not changed, because until now, URLs are still numbers.

But thanks to the processes that occur in the domain server while searching for a site, the latter converts the domain into an understandable name for the user.

Side information that you should be aware of.

In millions of sites on the Internet, there are no two sites with the same domain name, and even if there are two sites with the same name, you will find a difference in the extension of the domain.

I mean, if there is a site called and another site called, they are two sites with two different addresses, even if the name is the same, and the reason is the extension of the domain.

When you read the way to write the domain, you will find many basic parts that define the domain:

  • Protocol of domain
  • Sub-domain
  • Domain name
  • Top-level domain
  • Country code Level domain
domain name search

Types of domains, and what is the difference between them.

There are many types of domains, and every day new types of domains appear, and the most famous types of domains are (.com).

Of course, this type of domain has a meaning, as it is an abbreviation of the word (commercial).

So when you see any type of domain, make sure that it is an abbreviation of a specific word, and of course there are many domain extensions (.org, .net, .xyz,.store, .live, .info), and many other types of domains.

Domain types express the content of the site, so if you have an online store, you can buy a domain extension of the type (.store), but this is not a prerequisite.

As you can choose any type of extension without a problem.

All types of domains can be reserved normally, but there are types of domains that must meet some conditions in order to be able to obtain them.

Government domain extensions

There are some types of domains that cannot be obtained normally, because these extensions are provided by the country you are in, and are provided only to government institutions such as universities, hospitals or educational institutions within the country.

National Domain Extensions

This type is somewhat similar to government domains, as it can only be obtained in the country you are in, and it is available to everyone.

But with one condition, and it is an official request from the country you are in to obtain this extension.

The addition that the national domain type adds, it will add to you at the end of the domain the type of country you are in, for example:

What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS?

When browsing web pages, the Internet browser sends data from and to your computer is unencrypted through the HTTP protocol, which is an abbreviation of the word Hypertext Transfer, which is the main protocol for transferring data over Internet sites.

But the weak point of this protocol is that it is not secure when sending any private data.

Such as passwords, or all requests and information that pass through it, which is can expose to Internet providers in your country, or by hackers.

Therefore, there was a need to correct this problem, Therefore, an encryption called HTTPS was developed, which stands for Secure Hypertext Transfer, which uses an SSL certificate to encrypt data while browsing the Internet.

While using this protocol, all data will be encrypted while being sent or requested from your browser.

Of course, this protocol has some weaknesses, but it is considered better and more secure than the HTTP protocol.

How I can buy website domain name?

This is very easy, just write the way to buy a domain, and you will see many and many sites that sell the domains, and as a personal advice and personal experience, I recommend Namesilo service to buy a domain.

The reason for my nomination for this domain is that its prices are fixed, even if you renew the domain.

Which you may not find in many sites, in addition to security and strong customer service, but you can search the Internet and you will find many other sites.

What is web hosting?

web hosting
When we defined what is the domain name, we said that it determines your site address, and as for hosting, it represents the home.

All sites on the Internet without exception need a place to store their data, so you must provide a specific storage space to store your site data on, so you need a storage center called hosting.

There is not much talk when defining what hosting is, but the confusing thing is when you buy hosting from one of the hosting providers, because you have to check many important things to say that this hosting is good for my site.

This leads us to the most important question that anyone who wants to create their own site should ask.

What is the difference between hosting plans?

Before you decide to buy hosting or even buy a new domain name, you should define the goals of the site you want to create, what type it is, how many visits you expect to get each month, and many important questions.

Therefore, all sites that provide hosting services provide many plans for web hosting, and each plan contains appropriate features and prices for any site that is created, and of course, the greater the hosting capabilities, the greater its financial value.

Shared web hosting

As its name indicates, many websites will be hosted on one server, and they will all share the resources in this server, and it is the most common type of hosting, and it is very useful for new website owners.

Shared hosting plans are easy to use and very cheap, as you will find very reasonable prices within everyone's reach, but remember, you should review the possibilities that shared hosting will offer you before purchasing it.

One of the cheapest shared web hosts you can get from Hostinger, it will provide you shared hosting for only $0.99/Mo, so if you want to get cheap hosting, it is good for you.

Cloud hosting

In this type of plan you will get private resources and features, they will not be shared with anyone or other website, this option is very good for fast-growing websites when shared hosting is not enough for your site.

Of course, cloud hosting is more powerful than shared hosting, and you will get powerful features, and it is good for beginners, professionals or enterprises, and its strong advantage is that it provides several scattered servers around the world.

WordPress hosting

This type of hosting is for the WordPress platform, and it is useful for website builders, especially on the WordPress platform, but it is shared hosting and will share server resources with other sites.

VPS hosting

VPS Hosting, which is the most powerful hosting that you can get, and is intended for very large sites, which get very large visits, and of course it needs some technical knowledge to manage it.

You will get a lot of features, even access to the root of the hosting, so that you have complete control over your site, with the ability to install a wide range of operating systems, and a lot of other capabilities.

Questions And Answers:

Yes, you can register a domain name without hosting a website, however, without hosting, the domain will not display any content on the Internet.
certainly. You can switch web hosting providers without changing your domain name.

Hosting is different from a domain and is separate from it, but they are integrated while running the website.

Knowing the difference between Web address vs. server space constitutes the cornerstone of knowledge for a person who wants to enter the world of websites and their management.

Understanding their unique roles is like using a compass to explore and find the right path, enabling you to create a strong and thriving online presence.

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