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The Best 8 web Hosting to Host your new website in 2023

# The Best 8 web Hosting to Host your new website in 2023 :

Hosting website and how to choose it and who will provide it to you is one of the most important things that you must take the full time to choose the best hosting that meets the needs of your site and the idea that you want to put in your new Website. 

The best 8 hosting websites for your new website in 2023

What is hosting website?

Website hosting is a company that provides a private website hosting services for an amount of money determined by the owner company.

The method of obtaining personal website hosting from one of these service providers may be monthly or annually, with the hosting service provider providing other plans that enable you to upgrade your website hosting to higher levels according to your requirements.

How hosting website works?

In a simple concept, hosting or hosting server is a device with a very large area with special programming located somewhere in the world, and through it, you can get a certain space of your own in this server with all possible powers to control it for a certain amount determined by the owner of this server.

How much does website hosting cost per month?

The value of the hostings price changes from one website to another, This is up to the owner of the service, but in general, the cost of hosting for most websites may reach $3 per month.

And the value of this hosting services changes with the additional options that you want to add, which are provided by the service owner, such as increasing the hosting space.

What website hosting is the best?


The best 8 hosting website for your new website in 2022

Hostinger is one of the best platforms ever to get your own hosting space if you are new to this field.

It has competitive prices in terms of types of hosting, where you can get WordPress hosting for only 1.99/month. With other plans available and certainly by increasing Hostinger pricing to get it.

The best 8 hosting website for your new website in 2022

Hostinger also provides you with services other than hosting, such as:

  • Cloud Hosting Servers
  • VPS Hosting Servers
  • WordPress Hosting Servers
  • Domine Name
  • Email Hosting

The Hostinger platform boasts up to 99.9% uptime with full 24/7 support to solve any problem you face in terms of their services.


The best 8 hosting website for your new website in 2022

Bluehost is one of the best web hosting companies in the world, and many people who enter the blogging field for the first time, this company is one of their favorite options to get a self-hosted WordPress.

Bluehost website contains services other than hosting, such as VPS server services and domain hosting services, as well as business email hosting and other services.

You can get web hosting at prices starting from $2.75/mo with the option to get a $2.75/mo*, plus free SSL certificate,  and one-click WordPress installation, and 24/7 full support.

The best 8 hosting website for your new website in 2022

Or you can get a complete WordPress platform for $2.95/mo with the availability of a feature, Drag-and-Drop WordPress Builder, and 300+ Design Templates, and Total WordPress Design Freedom, and Free Domain for 1st Year.

Host gator

The best 8 hosting website for your new website in 2022

The hostgator platform provides a lot of services and a guarantee of up to 99.9% non-stop operation.

When you purchase one of its services, it will give you free SSL, a free domain of your choice for a year, and an easy installation of the WordPress platform.

The site provides several cloud services such as hosting service at acceptable prices, among which we prepare:

  • Shared hosting - The service price is reasonable with the availability of a domain for a full year - $2.75/mo
  • Website builder - Ease of publishing by drag and drop feature - $3.84/mo
  • WordPress hosting - 2.5X faster with free migration and complete site security - $5.95/mo
  • VPS hosting - Service availability : hosting VPS windows and VPS Linux With root access and a scalable hosting environment $23.95/mo
  • Dedicated hosting - The possibility of full control of the server while providing the best possible performance - $89.98/mo

One of the beautiful things that the site provides is the service of refunding your money after 45 days of use if you do not like their services, so you will not worry if you want to cancel your subscription to Hostgator hosting services.


The best 8 hosting website for your new website in 2022

DreamHost offers competitive best hosting prices and hosting fast if you want to start your website now.

first plan de hosting in Shared Starter 2.95/month, and you will get the ability to install one WordPress for hosting and a free domain on the first purchase and an unlimited bandwidth in addition to a free SSL certificate and many other things that come with this plan.

The best 8 hosting website for your new website in 2022

In the Shared Unlimited hosting plan, which comes at a price of 3.95/mo, you will be able to install any number of sites on it, and you will get a free domain, unlimited bandwidth, and many other features that come with this hosting plan.


The best 8 hosting website for your new website in 2022

To get affordable personal hosting or hosting business, you will consider the services of the green geeks platform.

According to their policies, the platform provides you with environmentally friendly hosting, according to their opinion, but this does not affect the service that you will get in terms of the capabilities that you will get, either hosting para WordPress, hosting email, hosting VPS and other services provided by the platform.

Their services start at 2.95/mo with a money-back guarantee within a maximum period of 30 months of trial.

SiteGround quick review

The best 8 hosting website for your new website in 2022

If you want to compare hosting and be a special hosting en WordPress platform as a siteground platform, it will provide you with that.

SiteGround hosting is designed to provide you with the fastest possible loading speed for your site.

The best 8 hosting website for your new website in 2022

SiteGround in their hosting cloud uses Google servers to maintain the best and fastest response to your site, and this is very necessary for you.

A2 Hosting

If we say what is the best hosting WordPress, then a2hosting hosting comes to your mind.

The best 8 hosting website for your new website in 2022

With competitive plans and hosting that meet the needs of everyone of any level who wants to start their own business on the Internet, a2hosting will provide you with what you want, and you will come out a happy face from them.

Their services do not stop here, so you will see other services that will interest you, such as

  • Web Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • VPS cheap
  • hosting email

InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting
You need hosting fast, or powerful hosting with good protection at competitive prices, so go to inmotion hosting.

Very strong and fast customer support, competitive services and great value to you as a user.

The best 8 hosting website for your new website in 2022

Competitive hosting prices while meeting all your requirements in terms of creating your site. InMotion VPS hosting is one of the best options for ecommerce sites, as it gives you an experience and speed without hindrances due to the increase in traffic on your site.

If you read everything you missed about hosting service providers, you will notice that every company is trying to be ahead in these services over its competitors, and here it opens a wide door for you to take as much time as possible to think about which company is suitable for your future plans.

so I hope that this review has provided you with some information and gave you the thread that will lead you to your goal.

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