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Blogger Vs WordPress: What Is The Best Choice To Create Your Website

# Blogger Vs WordPress: What Is The Best Choice To Create Your Website :

Blogging is a common thing on the Internet, where every person who has an interest in a special field is heading to create his site and put all his ideas and special interests in it and publish it on the Internet to benefit the largest group of people who have the same interest.

Blogger vs WordPress: What is the best choice to create your website

According to the figures on the Internet, there are more than 1.7 billion websites on the Internet, including 600 million blogs, and this is very impressive and shows you the importance of blogs and blogging.

Here we conclude that creating a website or blog is not impossible, but the question is where will I create a website and what is the best blog hosting sites should I put it, and here you will immediately think of two very famous platforms, namely WordPress hosting and Blogger.

What Does Platform Mean?

The term “Blogger Platform” refers to a specific platform dedicated to creating and publishing a website called Blogger.

Blogger was first developed by (Pyra Labs) and later acquired by Google in 2003. It is an easy-to-use platform that allows individuals to create and manage their own blogs without requiring extensive technical knowledge.

Users can obtain a free account on the platform, and choose between a group of free templates provided by the platform, in addition to the ability to customize their blogs using various design elements and tools.

Blogger offers features for creating, editing, and formatting blog posts, as well as features for managing comments, moderating content, and tracking site statistics.

With its intuitive interface and integration with other Google services, Blogger has become a popular choice for beginners and casual bloggers looking to build an online presence.

What Does WordPress Platform Mean?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that is very popular as the best blogging platform on the internet.

WordPress is an open source platform created by the WordPress Foundation that gives users a versatile and adaptable framework for creating a variety of websites, from straightforward blogs to complex e-commerce sites.

WordPress enables users to easily write and publish content without the need for a deep understanding of code, in addition to providing many tools that help bloggers while creating content.

WordPress offers a large and powerful set of themes and plugins that allow users to customize the look and features of their websites to suit their site requirements.

WordPress is a flexible platform for building any type of site due to its built-in SEO tools, media management, and user management features.

What You Need To Create a Website in Blogger Platform?

Let's agree, the Blogger platform is 100% free, meaning you do not need to pay any money in order to be able to create your own blog and publish it on the Internet.

Everything you need to start a blog on the Blogger platform:

  • Gmail account, which also provides free from Google
  • Search for a distinctive template for your site (the platform provides free templates in addition to the ability to upload templates from another sources)
  • Some knowledge on optimizing the site for search engines

What You Need To Create a Website in Wordpress Platform?

What You Need To Create a Website in Wordpress Platform?

On the other hand, to create a website on the WordPress platform, you will need to pay some money to have a personal blog on the platform, so you need:

Domain name: Unlike the Blogger platform, which provides a free domain, you will need to purchase a doamin name to start your site.

  • Web Hosting: Hosting is the most basic component for starting any website on the WordPress platform, and it also needs to be purchased.
  • WordPress source code: WordPress is a free program, so you will not need to pay any money to obtain it.
  • WordPress theme: WordPress provides free templates, but they are not professional templates, so you will need to search for professional templates.
  • Basic knowledge: You may need some basic knowledge in order to be able to manage the WordPress platform.

Blogger Vs WordPress: Overall Comparison

We took a simple look at the blogger platform and the WordPress platform. And I thought it might give you an introduction or simple information about the two platforms, but this is not enough to compare them and the differences that the two platforms include.

Therefore, we will divide the differences between them according to several factors that we will address in the course of the article.

Blogger WordPress
Customization Limited selection of templates and customization options Extensive customization options with themes and plugins
Ease of Use User-friendly interface, ideal for beginners The interface is easy to use, you may need some courses to use the platform perfectly
Hosting and Domain Free hosting and domain through Blogspot Requires external hosting and domain name
Control and Ownership Limited control, Google retains ownership Full control and ownership for user
Community Support Limited community support Vast and active community support with extensive resources
Scalability Limited scalability for advanced features Highly scalable, suitable for websites of all sizes
Price Free The platform is free, but you need to purchase hosting and a domain

# Access tThe Platform


The way to get a blog on the blogger platform is very easy and does not require you to pay any money, all you need is to have a Gmail account and then enter the blogger website

The blogger platform will provide you with a free domain in the format ( that enables users to access your blog with the availability of conversion from HTTP to HTTPS without problems.


To get a WordPress website, you will have to buy hosting and domain name because it is not free, and therefore you will meet many companies that provide you with this service at reasonable prices from a company that provides hosting services and domains names.

So you must take into account the type of hosting you want to buy and save money to renew your hosting after each time.

# Use and Control The Platform


The platform is easy to use, uncomplicated, and very organized, providing you with all the requirements of use with a set of built-in tools to create and control your blog.

If you want some special customization on your site, you must have some experience in some design languages (HTML, CSS, JS) because the platform’s plugins are a bit scarce.

You cannot access the root of the site because it is closed by the owner company, so you will see some deficits in the platform and lack of control, and this will be evident to you during the test of the speed of your site.


We can say that the interface of the managed WordPress hosting is little easy to use because you will encounter some slowness to learn about the platform because of its many built-in features and the power it offers.

The WordPress website builder provides you with many options for control, and it will cover everything you want to control your site and the way it appears, you will find many explanations on the Internet of how to control the WordPress platform, so you will not find any problem in this regard.

# Customization and Adjustment


Compared to the WordPress blog, the ability to modify and control the blogger is partially limited, as you cannot access the root of your site.

The amount of plugins and templates that support the blogger platform is a bit not as professional as the WordPress platform, only the basic things were provided for you to modify and things were blocked Another by Google.


On the WordPress platform, you have all the capabilities and powers that allow you to control your entire site.

You have more than 50,000 WordPress plugins that help you a lot while managing or controlling your site.

Lot of WordPress templates with good and professional designs that will give a professional look to your site.

# Administration and Maintenance


The permissions that you can access on the blogger platform are as follows:

  • Create posts (publish: draft: delete: show).
  • Create pages.
  • Commenting (show: block).
  • Control over template formats.
  • Control in editing the theme of the blog (requires knowledge of some template. Development languages).
  • Control some blog settings (some powers provided by google).


The WordPress platform provides you with all the powers to control your site, but it will take some time to surround all the control that the platform provides.

  • Publish, delete, or draft posts
  • Publish pages, delete them, or include them as drafts
  • Manage, add or delete users
  • Supervising comments
  • Adding and modifying templates
  • Add plugins
  • Delete the site

These are some possibilities offered by the two platforms, and they are not fully included, and you will discover the decorator when working with them.

# SEO and Optimize Search Engines


To get the best result for search engines (SEO) on the blogger platform, you must focus on two main things in your blog.

The template, which must be well-coded while respecting the terms of SEO in terms of meat tag codes, respecting the basics of coding and being fast during loading.

The second thing that it shares blogger with the WordPress platform, which is Good and meaningful content because the content is king.


The WordPress platform comes with a lot of WordPress plugins for third-party search engine optimization, and when talking about SEO, mention here the most famous tool on the WordPress platform, which is indispensable for any blogger, which is Yoast SEO tools.

# Degree of Protection


The blogger platform is hosted on Google servers, and this will give you all possible protection from theft or hacking of your site.


The protection on the WordPress platform is relative, that a defect in the hosting you are working on is likely to happen.

You are not far from hacking or stealing your site, but this is not an easy because now hosting companies attach very great importance in terms of protecting the data of their users.

# Help and Technical Support


It can be said that Blogger has some limited support for its platform, it only contains some basic documents that you can access, in addition to the users’ forum, other than that, the support for the Blogger platform on forums or sites or YouTube is a little.


The WordPress platform gets great support on the Internet and a lot of written or visual explanations, there are a lot of tutorials that you can find and many of them are free and solve many problems and answer any questions.

Blogger platform is free provided by Google free to anyone who wants to create their blog and enter the world of blogging, but ignoring some of the concessions that Google prevents from the platform.

While the Web hosting, WordPress is a paid open-source platform that gives you what you want.

So if you are a new person in blogging and want a new blog, the blogger platform will help you with that.

But if you want to make a big project with future goals, the WordPress platform is a good solution for you and the choice remains for you.

# Cost

In terms of cost, Blogger has a distinct advantage as it offers free hosting and domain services through Blogspot.

However, WordPress users need to purchase external hosting and obtain a domain, which may incur additional expenses.

Although WordPress itself is free to use, users may need to invest in premium themes or plugins for advanced features, which increases the overall cost.


Blogger and WordPress are two of the best platforms if you want to start your own website on them, but choosing between one of them depends on your budget and the customization you need.

Blogger does not provide great customization capabilities, unlike the WordPress platform, which provides you with great freedom in customization and control of your site, in addition to a large amount of tools that help you manage your site.

If you want to summary, Blogger is good for people who want to enter the world of blogging and websites and do not need a lot of control or customization, while WordPress provides you with the ability to create any type of website, such as e-commerce websites or even a course platform of all kinds.

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