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2 ways to show the hidden password of the Wi-Fi network in your phone

# 2 ways to show the hidden password of the Wi-Fi network in your phone :
Do you have many wifi networks that you have connected to, and you have forgotten their passwords, and you want to share the wifi password with your friends or with your neighbor, I think that the solutions that I will provide for you in this article will help you a lot.

For Android devices, it does not offer any option to show the hidden passwords of the WiFi networks that you are connected to, so you will need to do some research in order to be able to show the hidden WiFi network in your device.

2 ways to show the hidden password of the Wi-Fi network in your phone

In the two methods that I will explain, you do not need to install root on your device, only with some free applications that we will download, we will be able to access the password of the wifi network connected to your device.

Show wifi key via QR Scanner Application (Android v10 or up)

For the first method to find network security key wifi we will use the QR Scanner app, which is an Android app for scanning QR codes, which will enable us to scan the QR wifi of the network connected with our device.

Before the wifi passphrase extraction process, make sure that your Android device is version 10 or higher, because this version supports qr code to connect to wifi, meaning that a version less than 10 will not work with this method.

If your device is less than the Android 10 version, go directly to the second method, although it is a bit complicated, but I am sure that if you follow the explanation as it is, you will be able to extract the wireless password for wifi easily.

The first stage - Get QR code wifi password

I will explain the method on the Samsung phone, but the method will not differ in any other non-samsung devices as long as your device is updated to version 10 or higher.

Go to the settings of your device, then click on the option Connections, then go to the option WI-FI.

qr code wifi password

From the wifi network you are currently connected to, press the gear button to display the settings of the network you are connected to.

qr code to connect to wifi

From the information of the Wi-Fi network that you are currently connected to, click on the QR code option.

wifi password from qr code

- After pressing the QR code button, a QR code of the current network you are connected to will appear

- Take a screenshot from your phone of the QR code because we will use it later.

qr code generator for wifi password

The second stage - view saved wifi password in Android

Now we need an application for scanning QR codes, and I think that the QR Scanner application will help us with that, in addition to that, it is free to download from the Play Store.

If you do not want to use the QR Scanner application, you can download any application similar to it provided that it allows scanning the images loaded on the device.

Enter the QR Scanner application and click on the Scanner Image option.

network security key wifi

The application will transfer us to the file manager of our device, and from it, we will choose the image of the QR Code that we have taken a screenshot of before, click it.

wifi password finder QR Scanner Appe

The application will show you the image that you have chosen, just press the correct button at the top to start scanning the QR Code.

wifi password finder QR Scanner Appe

Congratulations, the password for the network you are currently connected to have been retrieved.

see wifi password android

Showing the network security key on router from Android device

We mentioned in the title that we will show the wifi router password via the phone, specifically through the Android device, but why not explain the same method but through the computer, because it is much easier than trying it on the phone.

The method is a bit complicated, but I am sure that if you follow the explanation as it is, you will be able to implement it, and you will be able to get wifi password from android or pc easily.

As for the type of router that I will be testing on is my router, which is a “D-Link” type, so it is possible that the type of settings you have is different depending on the Wi-Fi router you own.

But this is not important because all routers follow the same method in hiding the password, and the method will show you the password of the Wi-Fi to which you are currently connected.

very important note, make sure that you can access the router settings, through the login page, which you can access via the browser from the link “”.

As for the router's username and password, all router admin password most can access their settings by entering the word “admin” in the username, and “admin” in the password, unless it has been changed from the settings.

Get wifi password via laptop

If you know how to navigate the settings of your router, go directly to the setting for changing the Wi-Fi password, and if you have no experience with that, write on YouTube about how to change the wifi password in my router.

network security key on router

  • Go with your mouse in the box to change the password Wi-Fi from your router settings, you will find the box is encrypted via password.
  • From the box, click on the right button of the mouse to bring up a drop-down list.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose the “Inspecter” option.

security key on router

  • A popup will appear within the page.
  • You will find the page codes, and you will find that it is misleading on a code that starts with <input type="password”.
  • Double-click on the word “password”, then type “text” in place of the previous word.
  • Now click on the page.
  • You will find that the hidden password has been changed and the Wi-Fi password of the router you are connected to appears.

wifi router default password finder

Get wifi password from android device

If you need to see wifi password on android, we will use one of the applications that enables us to retrieve the wifi password of the router connected to it, the method is similar to the method we tried on the computer.

  • Download the Web Inspector app from the Play Store.
  • Open the application and enter the link '' to access the router settings.
  • Register by entering your username and password to access to router settings.
  • Click the “Edit” button at the bottom of the application.

view saved wifi passwords android

  • In the search bar (1) type ' <input type="password" '.
  • Press the search button (2).
  • Several search options will appear in which the word 'password' is written in yellow (3).
  • Change each word with the name 'password', to the word 'text'.
  • Press again on the search button to make sure that there are no other search words that contain the word 'password'.
  • Click on the Save button (4).

see saved wifi password android

Congratulations, you have the Wi-Fi password of the network you are connected to ، you can Copied now.

find saved wifi password android

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