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5 Way To Verify Bulk Email Address Verification If She Has Valid

# 5 Way To Verify Bulk Email Address Verification If She Has Valid :
Before you send any email marketing campaign or any services, that the first thing that you have to do is to validate your email list to verify the recipient email exist before you send this campaign.

Why? To get the most and the best results out of your campaign or services, you need to sell.
5 Way To Verify Bulk Email Address
In this article, I want to share with you the 10 way to verify bulk email address, and how to validate emails for free.

Why I need to check bulk email address validity and filtering?

Simply, if you have an advertising campaign that you want to promote, or you have your own service that you want to spread to people.

The best way to do that is by emailing people in person and offering them your services.

So, when you send your advertising campaign to a list of mailing addresses that you have, but that list contains many out-of-service or suspended e-mail addresses, those messages will bounce back to you.

If you get a high bounce rate, your online reputation will be destroyed, and your account will be destroyed.

If you use services like GSite for email from Google or use Office 365​​ from Microsoft, and you get a lot of bounce rate, or a lot of complaints for your email account.

Or you encounter some spam traps your account will be banned forever, in many cases you will not be able to get it back, and in some cases your entire IP address will be blocked.

So to get the best out of your mailing list, and get the best possible reputation, it's very important to verify email address list if is valid, and make sure it's 100% valid before sending out any campaign or message.

What is the bouncing rate in email account?

Let's give a very simple example of what is the bounce rate in an emails account.

We have two mail accounts from any company that provides e-mail service, we call the first account (A), and we call the second account (B).

Account (A) will send a message to account (B), in normal cases, account (B) will receive the message from account (A) without problems, and it will be displayed on the normal messages page.

In unusual cases, account (B) will reject the message and return it to account (A), in this case this process is known as bounced mail, and there are 6 types of bounce known in postal accounts.

What is spam traps?

There are a lot of blocked or unused email addresses, some companies turn these emails into spam traps to detect people who are sending spam over the Internet.

So if you send an email to one of these email addresses that a company uses as a trap, you will fall into the spam trap, and the companies will know that you are one of the spammers.

So it is very important to make sure that the email you want to send message to him is valid to avoid any email account is a spam traps.

That is why the list below will help you to filter your email list and get the best free email list cleaning service.

H-Supertools for free online bulk email validation tool (Free tool)

This tool is a free bulk email verifier and validation built by Hasan, owner of H-Supertools website and H-EDUCATE YouTube channel.

These tools enable you to find correct email address and give you results for all valid emails account.

This tool is a totally free bulk email validator and filtering emails account ، and is it the best email verification tool With Up to 98% Accuracy to get all email list is valid to use for your campaign.

This tool allows you to verify up to 20 emails per verification, with a total of 10 operations per day, and the only requirement for filtering your mailing list is to register an account on the site, which is completely free.

Super validate email and check email list validity (Free Program)

Super validate email is a program developed by the same person who developed H-Supertools tool bulk email address validation tool.
Hassan, thanks a lot for this great tool.
Super validate email is completely free software, professionally designed, which literally rivals paid programs that offer the same service, with very powerful features to get the best result while verify emails in bulk.
5 way to Verify bulk email address verification if she has Valid
The application allows you to verify email address bulk of up to 50K emails per transaction.

The program will ask for a list of emails inside either a (.TXT) or (.CSV) file to start the filtering process.

The program is very powerful, and it will give you the best possible result when filtering the email list, and we hope that Hassen keeps the program free forever, so that we can benefit from it.

This video is a guide how to use the Super validate email program.

Zerobounce email validation (With free trial)

Zero bounce for bulk email address verification is one of the best and good paid website which allows you to check your email address list.

Zerobounce email supports the possibility of getting a valid mailing list verification rate of up to 98% accuracy, as the platform provides the ability to analyze and filter with the support of artificial intelligence to reach the best possible result.

Zero bounce provides you with a simple service to do verify email validity without registration.

You can verification process to be done with one operation per entry, the process does not require any registration, but it is a tedious process if you have a large mail list.

When you register an account on zero bounce, you will get a free trial, where you will be able to verify an email list that contains 100 mail addresses every month, and you have paid plans to subscribe to it.
zerobounce email verification
The price for analyzing one email through the zerobounce pricing tools starts at $0.008, and from this price you can calculate the total value of each plan, or the number of emails you want to check.

My Email Verifier (paid service)

One of the ways to use the service provided by MyEmailVerifier is the ability to pay only for what you use, with the best possible price for each email validate and check transaction with a discount of up to 40%.

MyEmailVerifier provides you with a guaranteed delivery of up to 99% of the mail list validator process, with powerful filtering to reach the best possible result, and the company motto is safety is our number one priority.

  • Professional and high-performance work interface with real-time results.
  • Email address checker for free domains and filtering.
  • Less time to check and get results.
  • Deep SMTP verification for each email to get the best result.
  • Sorting email addresses that belong to companies, institutions, or others from those that belong to people.
  • Improved detection of emails belonging to Yahoo.
  • Complete information from SMTP on the reasons for rejection and possible solutions
  • Spam traps detection.
check if a gmail account exists
Prices are very good, you can verify list email validation of 2000 email addresses starting from $5.76 after the 40% discount you will get.

Never bounce (paid service)

The site neverbounce in providing the fast email verifier service is no different from the sites we explained previously, and it is also no less important, and its services are considered one of the best way to validate email addresses.

One of the most important features of the site is the great speed of data analysis, as you can check your mailing list with 10K emails in less than 4 minutes, but this does not mean that you will not get the best results when you finish filtering.

The neverbounce promises you that when filtering your mailing list, it will provide you with valid check results up to 99.9%.

And will return all your money to you if you get a bounce rate more or equal to 3% when you start your mailing campaign.
5 way to Verify bulk email address verification if she has Valid
The price per 2K checked is the same as the Zero bounce website, priced at $0.08 per 10 verified emails, and the price increases as your mailing list grows, with a simple free plan each month.

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