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The Best WordPress Plugins To Make your site Better For SEO

# The Best WordPress Plugins To Make your site Better For SEO :

After choosing the best platform for you to start your new website and choosing the WordPress platform, you will have the wide field to choose the best hosting on which you will install your own site through the WordPress platform.

Here, you will head to the search for the best WordPress plugins that will improve your site and improve it in search engines.

The Best WordPress Plugins To Make your site better for SEO

Because of the many WordPress plugins on the WordPress store, you will notice that many of them provide the same service or a similar one to another.

Here you will have to know how to choose the best plugin to install on your site, which will give you all the possibilities to improve your site.

What are the plugins in WordPress?

It is a small software plugin that is not integrated with the core codes of the WordPress platform while it is installed on the hosting.

That allows you to expand the capabilities of the WordPress platform and give a huge boost to improving your site and increasing its productivity.

WordPress' plugins play a key role in building and developing your site, as they make it easier for website owners to control their site without knowledge of the programming languages and save them from many modifications that may be necessary to be on your site.

WordPress was designed as an open source version to allow developers to modify and develop the platform, and this allowed the emergence of additional components for the platform, which allow users of the platform to get the most benefit from the WordPress platform.

Are WordPress plugins safe to use?

There are about 56000WordPress plugins that are included in the WordPress store and many thousands of plugins are available online from independent developers and here the security aspect is very important to protect your site.

It would not be unlikely that one of the dishonest developers would develop a plug-in and infect it with some malicious software that will literally destroy your site during its installation.

The most important thing is that you search for the background of any WordPress plugins on the Internet before installing it and search for it or ask about it Before installing it on your site.

Are there wordpress plugins free?

Yes - many of these WordPress plugins are free, half-free or fully paid, Most of the plugins may provide you with a completely free experience without paying any subscription of any kind.

Some provide you with a limited use experience, and you will have to pay for certain subscriptions, and there are some other WordPress plugins that It is fully paid, and you need to pay to access to all option and features.

How many plugins should I use in WordPress?

The quality of your site not come from the large number of WordPress plugins that you have installed, but rather the installation of a lot of plugins may negatively affect your site, the most important of which is in terms of speed, which is one of the most important factors in SEO.

It is very important to install only the best WordPress plugins that will give your site the greatest impetus for development and success and lead the search engines, and try to reduce these plugins as much as possible.

What's the best WordPress plugin?

Yoast SEO: Plugin

The top best wordpress plugins To make your site better for seo

Yoast SEO services is the best WordPress plugins for blogs service that you will not dispense with while writing your content.

SEO yeast is considered one of the best SEO WordPress optimization and one of the most popular plugins on the WordPress platform.

Yoast SEO checker will help you to reach the best possible format while writing your content to be compatible with the terms of search engines.

Will give you accurate information for errors that you should correct while writing your content, for best SEO practices.

Spell checking is one of the things that focus It has to add Yoast SEO plugin and gives you the necessary advice to reach the best possible content.

All in One SEO plugin

The top best wordpress plugins To make your site better for seo

All in one SEO WordPress plugin is one of the most famous plugins that you like to have on your site, and one of its main tasks is to improve your site for search engines to reach the highest ranks in search engines.

The AIO SEO plugin will help you to view a complete survey of your site to know its status and make necessary updates to improve it for the better, and give you the ability to improve meta descriptions, titles and other things.

Google Site kit plugin

The top best wordpress plugins To make your site better for seo

Through the official site kit plugin on WordPress provided by Google, you can get google services directly on the surface of the WordPress system and access information related to your site without going to the official sites of these services.

The Google site kit WordPress plugin enables you to get detailed information about your visitors, their targeting, keywords referring to a site, and many other data to fix it all in one dashboard which gives you the flexibility to get detailed data for your site.

Site kit plugin by Google will give you on:

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Google AdSense
  • Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Optimizer

WP Rocket plugin

The top best wordpress plugins To make your site better for seo

One of the most important plugins that you must have installed on your site, WP rocket plugin will help improve your site speed by doing some actions inside your site.

WP rocket plugin WordPress will improve your site speed by enabling and optimizing caching, preloading content as well as compressing CSS and JavaScript files, GZIP compression and optimizing image loading.

WP rocket for WordPress is one of the most important plugins that you must have on your site, and if you want to get all the power that this plugin has to offer, you have to pay some money for WP rocket premium.


The top best wordpress plugins To make your site better for seo

One of the most important things that you should consider while writing an article is the image quality and download speed, because it will make a big difference while loading your site, and here comes smash plugin, which is considered the best WordPress image optimizer.

WP smash plugin will help you to compress images for WordPress and turn on lazy load image to slow down image loading while the site is loading, without losing the quality of your images.

WP smash image optimization is a free plugin provided by the developer team WPM U DEV.
When you install smush plugin WordPress, you will get:

  • smush WP will help you to optimize and compress images without losing their quality.
  • Lazy Load image delay.
  • smushing enables you to compress up to 50 images with one click.
  • Control the size of the image from width, height and max.
  • The ability to process all existing image formats (PNG, JPEG, GIF).


Elementor plugin
Elementor plugin WordPress
enables you to create pages using WYSIWYG by drag and drop.

Elementor themes will enable you to create a perfect website in a very easy way without any knowledge of programming languages ​​or modifying codes.

It will enable you to control all the details of your website design in one comprehensive basic system.

One of the most important features that you will get with Elementor plugins, WordPress.

  • The Elementor will enable you to create posts with an original and unique appearance separate from the wordless standard content creator.
  • Elementor WordPress interface is separate from the WordPress content creation platform.
  • You do not need any knowledge of programming languages, and you will have a complete interface that is easy to control and modify.
  • Possibility to create content layout or page layout without having it on the installed WordPress template.
  • Elementor plugin is compatible with all WordPress features, so you will get all available updates without problems.

W3 Total Cacheplugin

The top best wordpress plugins To make your site better for seo

W3 total cache is one of the best caching optimization plugins for your site.

W3 Total Cache Tool will help you improve your website loading speed and reduce loading times by storing some data on the visitor's browser.

Due to the many requests happening in the backend inside your hosted site it will greatly affect its speed, w3 total cache plugin will help reduce those many processes by skipping some PHP processes and serving a cached version of your site page.

The addition will also help you to link your site with a CDN to improve the performance of your website.

WP Optimize plugin

The top best wordpress plugins To make your site better for seo

Do you ask how to speed up your website WordPress, so I give you the best plugins to speed up WordPress with WP Optimize.

The WP optimize plugin for WordPress is the best WordPress speed optimization plugin to Skip any unnecessary files or content on your database, drafts or unwanted comments that may be extra data that may slow down your site.

Increase WordPress page speed is one of the factors to optimize search engines and your website.

And one of the advantages of adding WP optimize is to compress images and enable caching to increase the speed of loading your page on the Internet.

Optimize WP site one of the factors that lead search engines and one of the things that focus on adding WP optimize engine optimization So we recommend installing it on your site.

Akismet Spam Protection

The top best wordpress plugins To make your site better for seo

Akismet WordPress plugin is one of the most popular and most popular plugin for WordPress platform.

WP akismet will help you to fight spam comment, and check the process of submitting contact forms and comments for any suspicious or any spam comments.

After installing akismet antispam, it will work automatically without interfering from you and will work in the background to filter comments and outgoing mail to detect any suspicious spoofs.


The Jetpack plugin provides you with a suite of tools in a single component, developed by the Automatic team which is the same team that developed the WordPress platform.

Jetpack will provide you with security for your site, providing you with the possibility to back up your data in real time, or the ability to migrate to a new host and migrate all your files and templates to a new host.

You will get a comprehensive scan of your site for malware and security check and repair if found.

The possibility of blocking annoying comments with the anti-spam feature and a lot of good features that jetpack will give you.


This is just a very small list of the best WordPress plugins To make your site better for SEO that should be on your WordPress site, and there are still plenty of generic or specialized plugins that will help you a lot while working on your site.

Leave your comment if you want to add another additional component that you deem appropriate and useful to our list.

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