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The Best Cloud Storage Platforms To Save And Backup Your Files

# The Best Cloud Storage Platforms To Save And Backup Your Files :
In a previous article, we mentioned one of the biggest problems that computer users and even smartphones suffer from, which is viruses and the wrong deletion of files from the device.

And we mentioned the 3 best programs that will help you recover your deleted files from your device.

But not always, these programs will be able to recover all files, and you will find that some files could not be recovered, and storing files on the device has become one of the things that may be a problem in the future.
online backup and storage system
One of the best solutions that will help you save your files forever is storing them on cloud storage, where these services provide a file storage service, providing all the protection features for your files from loss or theft.

Therefore, in this article, we will help you to identify a group of the best file storage service providers on the Internet, and we will see what they will offer us as a file storage service on the Internet.

Mega Drive Online Cloud Storage

mega drive cloud storage icone
One of the best online storage solutions that many prefer, but let's be honest with each other.

because of the problems that occurred with them previously, and due to some legal problems with the founder of the company, it made some think about the security of their files in mega nz storage.

But currently, you can rest assured in this regard, as Mega cloud has improved the security and privacy of users, by using zero-knowledge encryption, which makes only the account holder the only one able to access his files.

In addition, Mega drive cloud storage relies on end-to-end encryptions to protect files 24/7, while providing private, personal encryption methods that you control, and that no party can access.

In addition to additional protection if you forget your account password, Megadisk cloud storage provides you with an account recovery key, which is a file with a personal code to recover your account and password.

And to increase account protection, the mega cloud server puts protection at your fingertips with two-factor authentication, which is based on advanced algorithms to protect the account from hacking.

Mega Web Storage offers many ways to transfer data, as it provides you with the ability to install their software either on your computer or on smart devices.

with the ability to install their cloud storage service via an add-on on browsers , without forget Mega official website.

Mega drive storage gives you a free plan of 20 GB of cloud storage, which is a very generous thing the site offers.

with other plans available to upgrade the account and space to get the largest possible cloud storage with other features.

Mega Icone Mega Drive

20 GB


DropBox Dropbox

2 GB


Drop BoxGoogle Drive

15 GB


Many other plans are also available that you can review from the mega cloud storage plans page.

Mega cloud Pro Lite

  • Plan starts at $4.99/Mo
  • You will get 400 GB of cloud storage
  • 1 TB Transfer

Mega cloud Pro

  • Plan starts at $9.99/Mo
  • You will get 2 TB of cloud storage
  • 2 TB Transfer

Mega cloud Pro II

  • Plan starts at $19.99/Mo
  • You will get 8 TB of cloud storage
  • 8 TB Transfer

Mega cloud Pro III

  • Plan starts at $29.99/Mo
  • You will get 16 TB of cloud storage
  • 16 TB Transfer

Cloud storage solutions from

Best Cloud Storage
cloud file server from is a cloud file storage site, and one of its strict policies is to focus on security for its users, providing highly secure encryptions, and many other advanced features.

All plans offered by have end-to-end encryption, which greatly helps to protect your data from being hacked or accessed in any way.

With Zero-Knowledge encryption, the customer is the only one able to access and control their personal account.

One of cloud store's policies is not to collect any customer data, and not to work with any companies that target people's information.

Real-time data backup comes built into all plans, so in the future you won't have to worry about accidentally deleting any important files on your device, or getting hacked by ransomware. cloud storage cost free plan

  • Free plan $0
  • You will get 5 GB of free data storage pro Solo Basic plan

  • Plan starts at $8/Mo
  • You will get 2 TB data storage
  • Availability of storage, synchronization, and real time
  • 180 days for file archives and recovery

More plans from

private cloud storage for

Cloud storage providers from Dropbox

dropbox cloud storage icone
server cloud from Dropbox is one of the first providers of cloud storage service that brought cloud storage service to the Internet, the company's headquarters is in the United States of America, specifically in San Francisco, California.

With the big names that have appeared, which provide cloud storage service, Dropbox storage service has not been able to keep pace with the great development in terms of services or features provided by some companies.

There are also some worrisome things that may confuse you a bit, which is that Dropbox has been exposed to many security breaches in the past.

one of which was the security breach in 2011, which led to the leakage of many files of their customers.

Also, one of the negatives that may increase the weakness of the Dropbox storage site is its lack of backup storage for networks or external disks, unlike its competitors in the same industry.

But this does not mean that it is not considered one of the best cloud storage solutions on the Internet.

and it is a very pioneer in this field because of the long experience it has in providing cloud storage services.

Dropbox cloud save file takes user protection very seriously, supporting account protection via two-factor authentication, and many other security encryptions.

Google Drive storage cloud

google one drive storage
If android or Google Workspace is part of your daily work, then choosing Google Drive cloud storage will be a logical decision for you, because the service is provided by google company, it is very compatible with those platforms perfectly.

Google Drive Storage offers you a good and inexpensive solution that is packed with good features for backup and file sync, which is easy to use due to its well-formatted user interface and easy to customize.

Google Drive space storage comes with companion apps like google Docs, google sheets, Google Slides and google photos, where you can store, edit, view, and sync files via an integrated interface.

Google Drive unlimited storage is very good for businesses due to its security, offering a comprehensive solution of encryption, zero-knowledge policy, and protection against malware, spam, and ransomware.

The only thing that could be a concern in terms of Google Drive synch cloud, is that its official headquarters is in the United States of America, which everyone knows is a country that is not privacy friendly.

Google Drive hosting cloud storage on Google servers, and as we know google is very generous in terms of the free features it offers, so you will get a Google cloud storage free plan with 15 GB space.

For Personal (No Fee) Business Standard9,36 $
Google Drive Google Drive Secure cloud storage

15 Go

2 To

Sharing with the target audience Remove Done
Shared drives for your team Remove Done
Google Docs Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms Content creation Done Done
Google Gmail

Secure email address



Personalized professional email address



Google Meet

Teleconferencing and videoconferencing

100 Users

150 Users

Meeting recordings saved to Drive



Administrations de sécurité
Admin console

Centralized administration



Group-based security rules



Microsoft Office cloud storage OneDrive

microsoft cloud onedrive
Just as I have Google Drive storage cloud integration with Android platforms and services provided by google, OneDrive cloud storage is integrated with all Microsoft products.

Of course, it is available for other platforms, and we can use it for personal storage or shared collective storage.

But it gives the best performance and productivity with Microsoft services, the most important of which is with Windows, where it is a good solution for storage instead of local storage.

It provides you with file storage by scanning through your device, where you can use your phone to scan documents, receipts, business cards, and other things and store them on OneDrive.

One of the weak points of OneDrive cloud storage is its lack of Zero-Knowledge encryption, which means that your private data uploaded to the cloud is visible to the company.

And again, the company is based in the United States of America, and this may make you think before you put sensitive files on one of the servers of Microsoft or Google.

And the reason is, that your information is subject to legal control such as the Freedoms Act.

In terms of pricing, OneDrive from microsoft offers a free 5 GB plan, with other plans available for extra space and other features that unlock when you sign up for

Apple iCloud cloud storage

Apple iCloud cloud storage for photos
All technology giants are adding assistance services to reach more customers, and Apple is not an exception, with many of its services also providing cloud storage solutions through their iCloud cloud storage service.

Apple's ecosystem is literally the biggest, and if you use an Apple device like iPhone or macOS and want the best cloud data storage platform, your first and best choice is iCloud cloud.

iCloud doesn't come with a lot of special features, but it does offer the basic things that are expected of any cloud storage platform, and it is easy to use especially with Apple devices.

With many paid plans provided by iCloud, you can get a free 5G plan for users who want to try apple service for storing files and data.

ice drive cloud storage

ice drive cloud storage
ice drive cloud storage uses Twofish security algorithms, which much information security experts and cryptographic designers agree are very secure ciphers like AES 256 and more secure than AES / Rijndael.

In addition, ice drive cloud encrypts all files while they are uploaded to the company's cloud, and only decrypts them by the customer, to ensure that no data is leaked during file transfer to the cloud.

Zero-Knowledge Encryption is available as a security solution, where only the customer can access or decrypt files, account passwords are encrypted and are not stored on iceDrive servers, and two-factor authentication is provided.

ice Drive offers a variety of paid plans, but you will get a 10 GB free plan, but don't expect a lot of features with the free plan.

pCloud cloud storage

cloud storage pcloud icone
Unlike, pCloud cloud operates in the same concept, providing great integration with most of the core systems, offering premium paid plans that are satisfactory for everyone, with advanced features supported across all the plans it offers.

The free plan offered by pCloud cloud storage is 10 GB, which is a bit limited in terms of features.

But this is normal because it is a free plan, so we recommend the paid plans when you need to save any files in any service cloud storage in internet.

One of the features introduced by pCloud cloud is change file versioning, which allows you to restore old versions of your files, with an audio player built into pCloud cloud, which allows you to play music from pCloud cloud directly.

For backup, pCloud cloud removes all the manual work for you, just you can select the files or folders you want to store and pCloud cloud will do all the work for you.

As for protection, it provides encryption of servers via AES 256bit, and you can save files on multiple servers, while providing the encryption feature on the client side, but it does not contain the zero-defined encryption feature in all plans.

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