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Do Bitdefender the best protection from virus? - (🔥62% off) Bitdefender Review

# Do Bitdefender the best protection from virus? - (🔥62% off) Bitdefender Review :

How good is Bitdefender total security? and What features does it offer to its users? And how much malware protection you will get while using a Bitdefender protection services.

Everything about Bitdefender antivirus software will be reviewed in this comprehensive article, and we will also offer you a way to get a Bitdefender discount of up to 50% while purchasing one of the Bitdefender security services, and many other discounts. 

bitdefender total security and internet security
Malware and virus programs are still constantly updated, and significant advances have been made in their spread and targeting methods. According to Verizon's data breach investigation, it has stated that:

Most of the violations that users report are reports of hacking, malware infection, phishing and scams, so there is a need to look for ways to protect against these threats and detect them before they happen.

The best way to protect your devices and data from theft or damage is to use antivirus programs, specifically paid programs whose protection is much greater than free programs and whose protection is very limited.

the antivirus and hacking programs give you a firewall against malicious software threats, in addition to improving your security and protection while you are on the Internet by using utilities such as:

  • vpn programs
  • File shredder
  • Firewall
  • Parental control
  • Anti-phishing and fraud.
  • Protect your banking services.
  • Protect your password

And one of the most important services that most antivirus and anti-malware programs provide, is the ability to cover and protect all your devices, by supporting most platforms such as windows, macOS, and smartphones with only one subscription.

One of the most powerful, highly recommended, and highly acclaimed software is Bitdefender software, and this article is about it?

Quick info for Bitdefender total protection

Bitdefender Total Security was first released in 1997, by the software company Softwin, whose headquarters are in Bucharest, Germany, and it is a protection program against viruses and malware.

Bitdefender plus provides many plans, their prices vary between each plan and another, and it supports that can be installed on both Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android devices.

Since the first program was released until the present time, it has evolved greatly to become the most important and most powerful and most popular protection program on the Internet.

And it has received many positive criticisms from many companies and large sites on the Internet.

  • Easy to use, uncomplicated and customizable control panel
  • Detecting software threats is very fast, and it is updated quickly
  • Integration of the VPN service with the software
  • Powerful malware detection and complete scanning of 99.7%
  • best Award-winning antivirus software
  • Compatibility with Windows, Mac, and Smartphones
  • One subscription supports up to 10 connected devices
  • The installation process takes a lot of time
  • Only 200Mb free VPN bandwidth (requires version upgrade)
  • No free plan, just a 30-day trial
  • Limited functionality in iOS systems compared to android devices
  • Limited functionality on macOS compared to windows

All in all, Bitdefender antivirus software offers an excellent and powerful set of antivirus plans, it is easy to multi-use, and its defenses against malware are very solid, this has been proven by many trials.

Bitdefender internet security also gives you great value for the money you pay for subscribing to one of the plans it provides, and supports the basic available systems such as Windows, macOS, and smartphones (IOS, android).

Besides, Bitdefender security software gives you the ability to protect all your devices in your home with just one subscription.

In a review and trial of several antivirus programs, the Cyber ​​Lab team reviewed and rated more than 30 Antimalware programs under many conditions, and their tests concluded with the following results:

  • First place Norten 360 Deluxe as the best protection against security threats
  • In second place is Bitdefender antivirus software
  • And in third place is the McAfee total protection program

It also received many positive responses from many industry critics or website owners, and it competes with many programs that provide the same service.

Features offered by Bitdefender total security

Bitdefender is a set of cross-platform antivirus security functions, contains many excellent features and functions for detecting malware in your device.
bitdefender total security 2022
As we mentioned earlier, most of the functions offered by Bitdefender Security are not available on macOS and iOS devices, but it fully supports Windows and Android devices.

Bitdefender's features are divided into three sections, namely Security Features, Privacy Features, and Utility Features.

Protection and Security Features from Bitdefender

Bitdefender's security features offer all the necessary ways to protect you from any security threat against your devices, or your internet vulnerabilities, Bitdefender prides itself on having one of the best antivirus engines on the internet.

This improved engine is used to detect security threats in real time before they occur, to provide the highest possible protection against viruses, ransomware, Trojans and other known and unknown malware.

Detecting the behaviors of applications and programs

Also, one of the protection methods provided by the program is effective behavior detection techniques against suspicious activities.

Advanced threat defense technology monitors your active programs and applications, and blocked any application from which any suspicious activity originates.

Protection while browsing the Internet

One of the advanced features is Bitdefender total internet security, and its mission is to prevent security threats via the Internet.

As it includes cloud-based techniques to prevent attacks before they occur, and is very useful when browsing or downloading from the Internet.

This feature will block all malicious websites that have been categorized as malicious or suspicious, and you have complete freedom to customize your list of allowing or blocking websites.

Security vulnerabilities scan

Bitdefender's Vulnerability Scanner helps check your device if it has outdated settings or software that needs updating.
bitdefender gravityzone business security
With the ability to check for missing security patches in Windows systems, essential updates, and security holes in Wi-Fi networks, and inform you of the best necessary settings and corrections to make to get the best possible protection.

bitdefender firewall

The firewall will add a powerful extra layer of protection in addition to the existing protection.

As it will check any unauthorized traffic on the Internet, while scanning and modifying network ports to get the best protection for your personal information.

Ransomware and spam protection

Anti-ransomware from Bitdefender offers multi-layered ransomware protection, with protect from email attacks and potential threats filtered and attended.

Privacy Features of Bitdefender

The security and privacy features will protect you from protecting your private personal information from online security threats by using the Bitdefender safePay add-on, which will help you reach the highest security when shopping online.

Bitdefender safePay provides you with a secure browser that allows you to deal with your banking transactions on the Internet and shop safely.

As it will protect you from all phishing scams, with the feature of auto-filling your credit card details.

Bitdefender also prides itself on providing a secure VPN with the aim of protecting you from prying eyes and securing your traffic while you are using the Internet, by encrypting your traffic and transmitting it through secure servers.

Password Manager

You will get your own secure wallet to store your passwords and sensitive information such as credit card information, a password manager suggests strong passwords to prevent access by a hacker.

File Shredder feature

Bitdefender File Shredder is characterized by permanently deleting your data from your device's drive if you want to dispense with it, and will not leave any trace of your data while recovery files again.

Camera and microphone protection

The program will tell you when an application wants to try to access the camera or microphone of your device, in addition, you can block applications that you do not want to access the camera of your device.

Bitdefender parental controls and child protection

Bitdefender provides a safe environment for your children when they use the internet, where you can view specific websites, limit screen time, block websites or apps, schedule restrictions, and protect them from unwanted content.

You will get detailed reports on your children's use of devices connected via Bitdefender, and you will get information about their online activities.

Anti-theft feature

One of the features that you will like, is the feature to search for your device if it is stolen or forgotten somewhere

As the program will inform you of the location of your device via GPS, and you can take the appropriate action for your device.

Utilities features of bit defender total security

These additional features will help you greatly improve the performance of your device, as these features enable the program to provide the necessary security and protection without compromising the performance of your device while using it.

One of the helpful features built into Bitdefender malware is the One-click optimizer tool, which helps you get rid of unwanted files, or duplicate files, with the ability to scan disk and registry and perform necessary cleanup.

Bitdefender profile

Bitdefender with profile will learn how you work on the device, will provide the best possible performance depending on the program you are working on at the moment, and will transfer all device resources to the program you are using.
bitdefender small office security
For example, if you're playing a game on your device, Bitdefender will detect it, switch to game mode, adjust settings, turn off pop-ups, or any software out of work, for smoother gameplay.
With all of the above, we can give Bitdefender a rating of 10/10

How does Bitdefender software in terms of protection deal with malware

Bitdefender uses a powerful and effective anti-malware and anti-virus engine, and it also builds multiple layers of protection against threats to ensure unbeatable protection, and also relies on intelligence techniques to predict and stop attacks before they occur.

These technologies help analyze URLs that may contain malware, tracking bots, suspicious network activities, or hackers, ransomware and other malware, and they will be blocked by force.

In one of the tests conducted by AV-Test Lab, it simulates various virus programs with real-world scenarios and performs protection tests against infections, malware and active viruses.

Bitdefender has been subjected to various tests on the strength of protection, and it has obtained a score of 100% in all tests of antivirus and antivirus capabilities, and also has an overall protection score of 6/6.

Bitdefender system performance

When you install Bitdefender on your device, the software will try to use the least of your device's capabilities, whereby using photon technology, Bitdefender antivirus plus adapts to your system to improve speed and performance.

Depending on your device settings, Bitdefender can monitor your device's resources while scanning and detecting malware, and most of the time you won't even notice that the software is scanning your device in the background.

If Bitdefender has to do an extensive scan of your device, the program takes it to the cloud while preserving your privacy, thus not affecting your device or its speed.

Bitdefender app interface

Bitdefender is simple, easy to use and uncomplicated, but it has all the features that we have explained, and you can access it easily, with the ability to customize it according to the settings you want.
bitdefender for netgear armor
The program window has two main sections. The left side of the main units contains (Dashboard, protection, Privacy, Utilities) and also (Notifications, My Account, Settings, Support).

The right side is for the features and functions of the program and contains (quick scan, VPN, Total Security, safePay, System Scan), with recommendations for best practices to protect your device.

Bitdefender total security price

Bitdefender offers various subscription plans for its products, all plans include a 30-day free trial, and subscription plans range from one to three years.

In the table we will put all the plans and prices for them:

Do Bitdefender the best protection from virus? - (🔥62% off) Bitdefender Review
Bit-D Antivirus Plus $23.99
Bit-D Total Security $35.99
Bit-D Internet Security $32.99
platform support Windows only Windows
Windows only
Number of devices 3 devices 5 devices 3 devices
Comprehensive Antivirus tbody tbody tbody
Anti-phishing tbody tbody tbody
Protected SafePay Browser tbody tbody tbody
No Impact on Device Speed and Performance tbody tbody tbody
Continuous Protection tbody tbody tbody
Microphone and Webcam Protection tbody tbody tbody
Firewall tbody tbody tbody
Password Manager tbody tbody tbody
Anti-theft tbody tbody tbody
Speed Up Your Devices tbody tbody tbody
Parental Control tbody tbody tbody
Support Online support Online support Online support
macOS Protection tbody tbody tbody
Android Protection tbody tbody tbody
iOS Protection tbody tbody tbody

Bitdefender customer support service

The Bitdefender official website offers a customer support and help option, one of the help methods provides a knowledge base of frequently asked questions, and also the option of 24/7 live chat, or by email.

Bitdefender's FAQ page provides many guides and tutorials on how to deal with Bitdefender Total Security, such as installation methods, activation methods, or troubleshooting methods.

If you do not find your answer on the FAQ page, you can try the Bitdefender live chat service, which is usually quick to respond, and can help you answer your question or solve problems you have with the program.

As an additional solution, you can use e-mail to communicate with support team, but you may encounter some problems with a late reply, but it is good for complex problems.


Bitdefender, with its multi-faceted approach and feature set, is a strong contender in the world of antivirus solutions out there.

Its strong protection, minimal system impact, and easy-to-use interface are widely praised by critics and users.

However, no cybersecurity solution can claim infallibility, and individual experiences may vary.

The decision to choose Bitdefender depends on weighing its strengths against perceived weaknesses and aligning its offerings with individual security needs.

Ultimately, the choice lies in the hands of users, guided by informed decisions and aligning Bitdefender's offerings with their unique digital security requirements.

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