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Norton Antivirus Security Reviews - Get Best Protection For Your Privacy

# Norton Antivirus Security Reviews - Get Best Protection For Your Privacy :

Technology has developed so much that it has become used in everything, as it has developed with it devices, computer systems and smartphones.

Although they are positive developments, but they have opened a great way for some people who wanted to take advantage of it negatively.

Norton Antivirus security Reviews - Get Best Protection for your Privacy

Viruses, scam sites, spyware, and ransomware spread on the Internet and a lot of security risks.

So there has become an urgent need to fight this kind of risk, and the only way to do that is installed antivirus software like a program Norton antivirus software.

Norton with lifelock is one of the best antivirus and hacking software, and it has received many positive reviews on the Internet, making it one of the most important antivirus and hardware protection programs on the Internet.

Quick intro for the Norton software

Norton internet security is a program developed with the aim of protecting devices from viruses and malware.

It was developed by Central Point Software and then bought by Symantec, and for the first time a copy of Norton AntiVirus was released in 1990.

Norton 360 is named after the person who developed it, the programmer (Peter Norton), and the first version of the program was Norton Utilities and was directed to DOS operating systems.

Due to the development of technology and systems, it was natural that the need for antivirus software appeared, which made Symantec acquire Norton Utilities and make it a part of its software.

In 1991, Symantec launched the first antivirus program for the PC directed to consumers, the program was called Norton AntiVirus, and its most important functions were protection from viruses and malware and e-mail filtering.

Before entering the year 2000, the world of software and computer systems was afraid of entering the new year, and the reason was the Y2K error, which was called at that time the phrase (Y2K compliance).

The cause of the problem is the failure of computers after entering the new date on the computers, which may cause software errors in the operating systems due to the new definition of dates, forcing the owners of these devices to verify that their devices are compatible with the new date.

Symantec took advantage and released Norton 2000 into the market, which was specifically designed to search and scan programs, applications, and systems that might cause a problem (Y2K) while changing the system date to the new date.

Norton 2000 has demonstrated a great ability to spot bugs before they occur.

As it erases basic I/O data into the BIOS, if it does, it will fix it and if not, it will alert you to the need to update your BIOS immediately.
In the year 2007 and beyond, the Internet became very widespread, which led to a development in methods of deception, cheating and attempting to steal data.

Also, the Internet knew the technology of advertisements, and they appeared everywhere, which made the company launch its new product called Norton Internet Security.

The program was a device firewall from all unwanted operations on the personal device, but it was only directed to large and medium companies and institutions.

At another time, Norton Internet Security became a general program and available to all users.

And several copies of the program were released, such as the family version and the version for parental control and child protection when browsing the Internet.

At the same time, the first comprehensive original version of the software was released, and it was called Norton (2007), which provided all the advanced technologies in the field of antivirus, malware, phishing and spoofing software with full backup and computer maintenance ability.

After the advent of the era of phones and mobile devices, the increased demand for the ability to connect to the Internet while on the move, which made it a good ground for the spread of hackers and more virus.

This led to the emergence of more dangerous and threatening programs, and here Norten releases its new Norton Multi-Device program.
This program is directed to work on all desktop or portable devices, and provides all protection plans in one program.

This program has been launched to provide the highest possible protection from malware and hackers while using your device and while you are connected to the Internet.

After reaching the year 2014, the Norton program provides more than 20 products with the possibility of obtaining and benefiting from its services.

This would have put users at a loss because of the large number of products, and here came the need to provide products that are more comprehensive and integrate some of them into one product.

Norton changed its strategy to make products that were more comprehensive and stop Norton program, resulting in a new product called by Norton Security.

4 basic products were launched targeting all categories and devices, which provided a good environment to choose the best program among them, and they were named.

  • Norton AntiVirus Basic
  • Norton Security Standard
  • Norton Security Deluxe
  • Norton Security Premium

We will discuss these products in the context of the article, talk about the prices offered for each program, review its capabilities and which category the program targets.

Due to the horrific increase in cybercrime, it was good to partner with Life Lock, a company that specializes in protecting against theft of personal data, which led to the emergence of a powerful new product called NortonLifeLock.

What is Norton Antivirus Products and Offers?

Norton AntiVirus Plus

Norton Total Security with Norton Plus provides all possible protection from viruses, malware, hackers, ransomware, and other threats to your device.

The program will attend any site that it may suspect that it contains any possibility to harm your device, and keeps your device active and fast during use.

Norton AntiVirus Plus can only be installed on one device, and it will protect your device in real time against malware, ransomware, and all viruses that harm your device.

Norton 360 Deluxe

Norton Deluxe combines all the features of Norton Plus new features for even stronger security, norton safe search will provide you with multiple layers of protection to protect you while you're on the Internet.

You will be able to connect to the Internet through a VPN to get the best protection for your data, with the ability to protect your passwords and store them in places that only you can access, with 50 gigs of backup storage for your data.

Norton for Gamers

Norton Game Optimizer will give you all the possible boosts for your device while playing games, it will boost its performance more and help increase the FPS rate while playing, and it will free up RAM that other apps consume while playing.

Norton 360 with LifeLock Select

This program is all in one, as it will provide you with all the advanced features that Norton provides to you, and you will get them in one program that replaces you with all other programs.

How much does Norton Antivirus cost per month or yearly?

Norton antivirus 4 offers four plans to subscribe to, in addition to providing deep discounts on each of its offers, features, and prices vary between plans, the higher the price of the plan the more possibilities and option you will get.

With norton security online, you will get a lot of protection and security options, but the plans that come with strong features and superior protection just are the Norton Antivirus Standard and Norton Antivirus Plus plans.

We will put a table for each plan and the features it supports, in addition to the prices and discounts that you will get.

Norton antivirus software | get the best protection for your privacy online

Subscriptions to the plans are annual subscriptions, and the prices shown in the table are prices only for the first year, as the price will change in the second year of subscription.

Norton web security offers a lot of powerful features with its subscription plans, so you should check the table below for plans, pricing, and what features it supports and doesn't.

We will mention the features that norton 360 will offer you in the plans it provides, and you will find what plan suits you and helps you while you are on the Internet.

Virus and threat protection software

Norton 360 will protect you from all viruses and threats that will come to your device.

Every device is scanned for malware by artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning, and it will build a firewall against every threat that will infect your device.

Protection while browsing the Internet

Norton safe web is a security program that while browsing the Internet, you will get advanced protection, detect danger before it occurs, stop any potential attacks and protect your private information.

Backup from norton

If you have important data that you need to store and protect from loss, theft or ransomware, Norton Backup will provide you with cloud storage spaces that are protected with powerful software and multiple layers of protection.

Advanced and intelligent firewall

Through Norton Smart Firewall, it will perform a complete analysis of the transmitted and received Internet data in your device, as it will block all suspicious data that Norton Smart Firewall thinks may cause any problem in your device.

Password protection, modification, and storage

Norton Password Manager will give you all possible protection for your passwords.

They will password be stored in very secure places, where you can refer to them at any time and modify them, and will ensure that they are in the safe hands of hackers.

The promise made by norton antivirus

NortonLifeLock promises you that you will be able to get your money back if your device has been infected with any virus or has been hacked and the norton pc protection program could not protect your device, and special experts will be assigned to provide all possible assistance to restore your device activity as soon as possible.

Norton Parental Controls

Let Norton Parental Control protect your children while they are using the Internet, as it will make a complete filter for the content that your children may view on the Internet, and will keep them away from any suspicious website or application.

Connect via VPN service

One of the important functions that Norton anti spyware will give you is the ability to connect to the Internet through a virtual private network (VPN).

It will help you completely hide yourself while browsing the Internet, and protect your private information.

Protect your camera

Currently, all smart devices and laptops contain cameras, and this may be one of the reasons that may literally destroy your life, so Norton program has not forgotten this dangerous loophole, as it will provide you with complete protection.

Protect your data from dark websites

As long as you are using the Internet, except that one of your data is being circulated somewhere.

But Norton 360 will try to search for this information and tell you about it so that you can take the necessary action regarding it.

Norton Antivirus Plus – $19.99/First-Y – *OFF $59.99% – Only One device for this plan (1) Norton Antivirus Stander – $39.99/First-Y – *OFF $89.99% – Only One device for this plan (1) Norton Antivirus Deluxe – $49.99/First-Y – *OFF $104.99% – Only One device for this plan (5) Norton Antivirus Select – $99.48/First-Y – *OFF $149.99% – Only One device for this plan (1)
Complete protection from viruses and malware
Protection from threats and theft of personal information
Cloud backups up to 2 GB
Monitor your device's traffic with Norton Smart Firewall
Monitor your device's traffic with Norton Smart Firewall
Protect, retrieve and modify your passwords with Norton Password Manager
100% virus-free device with NortonLifeLock protection
Norton Parental Control Tool
connect to the internet via vpn only one device Up to 5 devices Up to 5 devices
Monitor your privacy online
Protection from dark web
Periodic Alerts Via LifeLock Identity Alert System
Possibility to recover personal data during theft
Possibility to recover personal data during theft

Does Norton offer me free antivirus or any free trial?

Norton Total Security offers you a free trial period for all of their products for 7 days, during which norton security free will provide you with complete protection for your all devices.

During this period, you will be able to access all their products to protect against viruses and security threats for your device and more protection option.

The trial period starts when you register a new account at norton antivirus website, then you will download their software on your device, and you will get the full protection services that norton antivirus provides for you.

If the trial period is finish , you will have to pay a subscription to one of the paid plans.

Does norton internet security support all device?

All Norton Computer Security programs support all devices, from computers (windows, macOS), to mobile phones (Android, iOS).

You must bear in mind the number of devices that can work with one subscription, and this we mentioned earlier in the norton price section.

Norton 360 Deluxe plan and Norton with LifeLock plan allow you to protect up to 5 devices in one subscription, and you will get all the security and protection features for all your devices connected to the same plan.

This tutorial video will help you to know how to Norton 360 installer on your device.

Does Norton Remove Malware on Android

Yes, Norton security offers virus and malware protection for Android devices.

Norton Mobile Security for Android includes features such as anti-malware protection, anti-theft protection, call blocking, and web protection.

It scans for malware and other security threats on your device, and can remove any malware it detects.

Norton also provides real-time protection against new and emerging threats, as well as regular updates to protect against the latest malware.

However, it is important to note that no antivirus can guarantee complete protection against all types of malware, so it is important to use good online security practices and be careful when downloading or installing apps on your Android device.

What other programs are similar to Norton All-in-one protection program?

In a previous article, we talked about the best antivirus programs and security threats, and norton web protection was one of the programs that was on our list.

So I advise you to view the full list and take a look at the most important protection programs that we see, from our point of view, the best programs on the Internet.

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