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Best 6 most popular WordPress Themes in ThemeForest website

# Best 6 most popular WordPress Themes in ThemeForest website :
The template and the way to choose it is one of the most important things that you should give him all your time in, because it is the one that will give the true value of your site to your visitors, and it will give the value of your site to the search engines.

One of the most important things to improve your site in search engines, is to search for a template for your site that is well coding, good-looking and compatible with all browsers, and mistakes in the template will make your site bad for your visitors. 
Popular WordPress Themes In ThemeForest Website
If you decide to create your own site on the WordPress platform, the best site from which you can get a professional WordPress template is ThemeForest store, which will provide you with a very large library of templates.

From ThemeForest, you will get professional templates that support all ideas and types of websites.

ThemeForest store owners make sure that the all templates they upload to their store meet many strict tests in order to be accepted.

In this article, we will show you the 6 best templates on ThemeForest platform, which got a lot of downloads from the store due to being the best templates in terms of performance, productivity and the number of positive responses from users.

Avada website Builder - #1 in sales on theme forest

Best 6 most popular WordPress Themes in ThemeForest website
Best 6 most popular WordPress Themes in ThemeForest website
Name : Avada Website Builder
Sales : Cart 827,671
Published : 16 August 2012
Support : WordPress 4.9.x
The avada product owned by themeforest is number one in sales on the themeforest store, with sales that reached 820K+ sales until this article was published, which is a very large number for one of the best WordPress themes.

When this article was published, the avada website theme has reached version 7.8, many powerful updates and improvements have been added and an all-new Navigator editor, with dark mode support as a new theme.

Some new features in version 7.8:

  • Support dark mode as a business theme
  • The ability to display your account's summary or publications on the Instagram platform anywhere on your site
  • View the possibility of buying or shopping cart anywhere on your own site
  • Provide the best shopping experience to your visitors and improve their experience
  • Beautiful and varied background patterns to add a professional and aesthetic appearance to your site, with the possibility of customization and modification
  • Quick search columns to unlock new design options and styles
  • Support and integration with Adobe Fonts (Type kit)
  • Support design options and add filters in the post card
  • Added job loading options and design options to display elements

These are just some updates in the avada theme builder and there are still a lot of new features and bug fixes that touch the old version of the theme with improvements here and there, in order to provide the best experience while using it.

Avada theme templates supports the WordPress platform from version 9.4.x to the latest version that currently exists, and is compatible with all browsers and mobile browsers without problems.

You can use avada website templates in many website ideas such as, personal blog,business website, e-commerce store, WooCommerce and many more ideas.

After purchasing avada template WordPress you will get full support for 6 months, with access to all future updates, and many other features.

The7 WordPress theme - The best most customizable theme for WordPress

Best 6 most popular WordPress Themes in ThemeForest website
Best 6 most popular WordPress Themes in ThemeForest website
Name : the7 WordPress theme
By : Dream-Theme
Sales : Cart 827,671
Published : 11 September 2013
Support : WordPress 5.9.x
The7 WordPress theme is one of the best themes on the themeforest store, It has been developed by the (Dream-Theme) team, and as of writing this article, it has had more than 267K downloads.

the7 WordPress is compatible with all existing browsers, in addition to compatibility with phones and tablets, with support for the latest version of WordPress, the7 themes support all ideas of websites and e-stores.

One of the best features that the7 theme supports is full compatibility with WPBakery Page Builder, with more 1K customization options, which comes with more than 60 templates that you can get and use in one click.

in the7 WP theme has been included WP Bakery Page Builder, Ultimate Add-ons, Slider Revolution, The7 Elements, Go Pricing Tables, and Convert Plus are all included with The7.

has include the most important plugins, like WooCommerce, WPML, Yoast SEO, All in One WP Migration, W3 Total Cache, and many others, are fully compatible with it.

the7 templates comes with the support of the exclusive the7 theme Elementor plugin, which will provide the best experience while using WPBakery Page Builder, as it allows you to customize your pages.

  • Get more than 1K of customization and edit options and add the smallest details to your site
  • Ease of handling and customizing theme the7 WordPress thanks to the Design Wizard feature.
  • The7 WP templates while rendering in browsers use 100% of the screen space, with customizable modes
  • Customize the ability to display ads, additional features, and many other customizations
  • Possibility to add special wallpapers to each page or home page
  • Full support for WooCommerce with the ability to automatically customize your site to match the look you want
  • Compatibility with all plugins available on the WordPress platform
  • Well optimized with search engines and mobile because of the good programming structure of the templates
  • Better page load times due to reduced display of unused codes

I don't think that some lines will explain all the features that the7 ultimate offers, so you can refer to the official website of the template for other features.

WordPress betheme - Best pre-built theme

betheme pre built websites
betheme pre built websites
Name : betheme wp
By : muffingroup
Sales : Cart 260,542
Published : 21 May 2014
Support : WordPress 5.0.x
Versatile betheme is one of the best WordPress themes you can install, betheme has had more than 260K downloads since its release on themeforest.

betheme WP is supported and compatible with all browsers and phone browsers without problems, with compatibility with the latest version of the WordPress platform, and supports many ideas for sites or stores.

When you purchase the betheme WordPress theme, you will have access to all the themes and features that bebuilder has to offer.

And you will get the largest library, up to 650 pre-built WordPress themes to start your site with just a click of a button.

  • The updated Header Builder will let you design any new header you want, with the ability to create separate headers.
  • A huge custom Mega Menu with the ability to combine items together.
  • The ability to create interactive websites with interactive animations with the user.
  • Support and accessibility for people with disabilities regardless of their type of disability.
  • Dynamic table of content items for better reading.
  • Show cookie support for visitors to keep them informed of their privacy.
  • The ability to download new fonts for use within the site.
  • Upload icons and icons to use within your own site.
  • Possibility to create a one-page website or custom landing pages.
  • Easily control the layout of the site according to your own desires.
  • Optimized for search engines to reach your audience in the fastest possible way.

These are just a few of the many features offered by betheme theme, and you will discover many more features and customizations that will make your site better.

Newspaper WordPress Themes - dynamic theme for News & WooCommerce

Best 6 most popular WordPress Themes in ThemeForest website
Best 6 most popular WordPress Themes in ThemeForest website
Name : Newspaper WordPress Themes
By : tagDiv
Sales : Cart 124,941
Published : 4 September 2013
Support : WordPress 5.0.x
Newspaper 11 WordPress Theme are templates aimed at bloggers and general website owners, which enable you to create a professional news site that is very flexible while browsing, and is easy to modify and customize.

Newspaper 11 is one of the very old designs. It was first released to the themeforest store in 2013, and it still offers new updates to its templates, which made it gain great popularity, as it got more than 124K downloads on the store.

Newspaper themes are compatible with Instagram, bbPress Forum, BuddyPress and WooCommerce, are responsive with browsers, and are well optimized for search engines.

  • Newspaper 11 offers you a beautiful design, we add and perfect for all disciplines and sites
  • Powerful and easy-to-edit customization tools
  • Ideal for mobile pages and tablets
  • Compatible with AMP Accelerated Pages
  • Respect the terms of search engine optimization
  • Compatibility with WPML, WooCommerce and all other popular components on the WordPress plugin store
  • Free tools to customize and add professionalism to your site such as weather widgets, social buttons, newsletter.....
Newspaper provides you with more than 135 pre-built themes with professionalism, and you will be able to access all its features when you purchase the theme from the software store or the official Newspaper website.

JNews WordPress Newspaper Themes

Best 6 most popular WordPress Themes in ThemeForest website
Best 6 most popular WordPress Themes in ThemeForest website
Name : JNews WordPress Themes
By : jegtheme
Sales : Cart 16,263
Published : 20 October 2017
Support : WordPress 9.4.x
We are still with WordPress themes for news sites and magazines, as JNews offers us beautifully designed WordPress templates with endless possibilities of customization to reach the best professional site.

By paying $59/you will be added to the list of over 16K jnews WordPress themes sells, and get all the unique features that the theme offers to WordPress owners.

WordPress jnews supports the drag and drop feature during customization on your site, and you can see the changes directly on the page you are modifying with ease and flexibility.

JNews has fully integrated all of its elements into WPBakery Page Builder, including WPBakery Page Builder Frontend Editor, and the convenience is that it is fully compatible with the free version of Elementor.

Template speed has been optimized for the best possible result, as it is measured on site speed measurement sites such as Google Page Speed, Pingdom, GTmetrix, WebPageTest and Web Dev and achieved good results in the site speed test.

jnews theme provides you with more than 150 themes that you can get with one click and access all the features it provides to start your own website.

  • Add alternative text to images that do not contain alt text in order to improve the search engine for images
  • Support for compatibility with languages ​​other than English like Arabic (RTL)
  • Support compliance with SSL and HTTPS for security
  • Optimizing codes to reach the best possible consistency with the requirements of optimizing sites with search engines
  • Full and improved support for slow loading images to reduce website page loading time
  • Add Facebook Comments and Disqus with your location
  • Support for Google AMP
  • The possibility of dividing the content into several pages to get the best results with advertising sites
  • Thousands of fonts supported with quick access
  • And more…

With jnews, you will not need to buy plugins to help customize a site.

as it will save you that and provide you with a powerful set of plugins for free while buying their template, and this is a very cool and motivating thing for you to buy.

Neeon – WordPress theme for News Magazine

Best 10 most popular WordPress Themes in ThemeForest website
Best 6 most popular WordPress Themes in ThemeForest website
Name : Neeon - WordPress
By : RadiusTheme
Sales : Cart 1,078
Published : 5 January 2022
Support : WordPress 4.9.x
The previous themes we mentioned earlier are themes that were published a long time ago on the themeforest store.

So you will see the number of downloads is height , but from now we will mention completely new templates got a good downloads.

One of the good themes on themeforest that hasn't been around for a long time is the Neeon WordPress theme for magazines and news, with over 1K downloads it is one of the best newly created themes.

Neeon themes are completely customized for news or magazine sites, as it will provide you with very beautiful and modern templates that are compatible with all browsers and mobile browsers and are fully compatible with them.

And with support for the latest version of the WordPress platform.

Neeon supports customization on your site with Elementor, where you will have a page that supports drag and drop elements with ease, in addition to more than 15 elements and 45 layouts.

  • Built using the latest version of Bootstrap V 5.x
  • Support for customization by Elementor
  • Up to 6 home pages and 5 differently created pages
  • 10 types of header styles
  • 3 shapes of footer layout
  • Dark mode support
  • Support infinite scroll down for all pages or specific pages
  • Support progress bar when scrolling down
  • AMP Compatibility for Accelerated Pages
  • Compatibility with all computer browsers and phone browsers
  • Well optimized for search engines
  • Arabic language support (RTL)
  • And more option

Neeon provides you with more than 22 WordPress themes to choose from, which you can access after purchasing the theme, and you will get all the features it provides for you to get the best site that meets your needs.

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