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Best 8 Chrome Extension To Make Browsing Easy For 2024

# Best 8 Chrome Extension To Make Browsing Easy For 2024 :

With the continuous development of browsers, there has become a very urgent need to search for the best ways to facilitate their used.

So you will need to resort to installing additional extensions that help you browse your tasks in the fastest possible way and easy.

The Google Chrome store provides a lot of good and very useful extensions, but each extension has a special purpose it was designed to do.

But we are looking for the best extensions that help us while browsing the Internet.

In this article, we will mention the 8 best extensions that I see from my point of view that they should be in every browser.

Because they greatly facilitate my work while using my browser, and make me do my work with ease.

What are the best useful Google Chrome extensions for me

Pushbullet Chrome Extension

pushbullet chromebook

One of the best powerful add-ons available on the add-ons store for Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers, and then it became available on Microsoft's Edge browser.

Does it stop here, of course not, as pushbullet offers the ability to install their app on Android as a complete app that you can access, as well as a full software version for your Windows device.

Pushbullet helps you connect all your devices in one program, where you will be able to exchange information and notifications between them, and many other features provided by the application or browser extension.

All you need to access the features that pushbullet offers is a single Gmail or Facebook account linked across all your devices via the pushbullet app.

The pushbullet provides you with the ability to:

# pushbullet to send text messages (SMS)

The feature is not available for iPhone, you can send and receive messages between your connected devices via pushbullet, and the feature is not limited to text messages, but texts or paragraphs can be sent.

# Pushbullet to receive notifications

Pushbullet enables you to receive notifications about text messages that you receive on your device, as notifications will appear on all devices or browsers connected via pushbullet, also supports Facebook notifications.

# Send links by pushbullet

One of my favorite features is the ability to send links to any connected device via pushbullet.

The application or tool installed on the browser will recognize the links, and you will be able to share them with one click.

# Send files by pushbullet

The pushbullet official site provides you with a complete guide on how to share your files with your devices, so the pushbullet official site will provide you with everything you need to know how to share files.

Tab Suspender

tab suspender

One of the very important extensions that should be in any browser, especially Google Chrome browsers, as this browser is considered one of the worst browsers in terms of consuming the internal memory of the device.

As the more windows you open on the Google Chrome browser, you will notice the higher RAM consumption and the temperature of your device, and we can say that other browsers are not exempt from criticism.

And here you will definitely need a radical solution to this problem.

And the best solution is to install one of the special add-ons that enable you to close open windows without deleting them from the browser, so that you can refer to them at another time.

There are many good extensions that offer you this solution and the best of them is the great suspender tool, but we will offer you an exclusive extension, which I designed, with a very nice animated commentary interface.

Animated comment interface, where when you suspend on any page, you will see an interface of a bright starry sky, giving the page a feeling of comfort while viewing it.

You will be able to return to the page you suspended on directly after clicking on the page title in the interface, and in future updates we will add new capabilities to make the addition better.

Free vpn windscribe: Read Full Article

vpn similar to windscribe

Have you needed a very good VPN service, and free at the same time, then the best destination for you is the Windscribe VPN service.

As the Windscribe service will provide you with the ability to connect to the VPN service in one of the countries in the world and free.

The windscribe app or windscribe extension offers you the ability to get a free vpn with a capacity of 10 GB that is renewable every month for free and for life.

Which is something less than what you will find on the Internet.

All you have to do is go to windscribe login and create a new account in it, then download one of the applications or extensions provided by windscribe to start benefiting from the free vpn service.

We have written an entire article on windscribe vpn, and you can read it in full to see what capabilities windscribe will offer you.

Vedio popout: Play YouTube video in popup window

Best 10 Chrome extension to make browsing easy for 2022

Do you like watching YouTube videos, but you have other activities to do on your computer, which will lead to your videos being blocked, and you can't watch them.

So then you need to install Video Popout extension and enjoy the best viewing YouTube video experience.

Video Popout extension is a plugin for browsers that will give you the ability to separate the YouTube videos you're watching into a floating popup that's separate from the browser.

Where you can watch videos without blocking them from whatever app you're working on.

The floating window will stay over any app or program while it's running and won't get blocked as long as the video is on.

So it's a good way to focus on your work without your favorite video playing in the background.

Google Search Restyling: Exclusive extension

add me to search google

Google search restyling is an add-on for Google Chrome that helps you change the look of Google search for the better.

The changes are not big on the Google search page, because the way to design the Google search interface is very simple.

But The Google search restyling extension will help you digitize the search results to make them easier to access, the results are numbered from the first result (01) to the last result on the search page.

Many users like to make their search page long (up to 100 search results), so we have provided a button to climb to the top to reach the first result quickly without using other slow methods.

One of the beautiful additions that we have added, which will benefit those who have a website, is the ability to show if their site is in one of the search results.

And you can be knowing the center of the result in which their URL website is located in search result.

LanguageTool: Best check and spell errors text tool:  Read Full Article

Grammar Checker LanguageTool

grammar checker language tool

The LanguageTool extension is the best grammar and spell checker tool, which will definitely help you avoid spelling mistakes while writing.

You are a blogger or a website owner, or you have your own community on social media, and you always write a lot of messages, misspellings are inevitable, so you will definitely need a tool to help you.

Therefore, I advise you to use the LanguageTool extension on your browser, and you will no longer be afraid of falling into any spelling errors whose meaning may be misunderstood.

The tool is free for normal use, and you are not required to pay any monthly or annual subscription to access its features.

All you have to do is install it on one of the browsers you use and enjoy the best possible typing experience.

Free ad blocker

free ad blocker

Do you visit a lot of sites? Surely you have come across many sites that offer you the worst visit experience in your life, and the reason is the large number of ads they place on their site.

We do not deny that these ads are the most important income for website owners.

But a lot of ads on the site mean a bad visit experience for visitors, so you as a visitor will need to search for a tool that block these annoying ads.

The Google Chrome web store offers a lot of ad blocking extensions, but the most famous and best is AdBlock to block ads.

While installing AdBlock on your browser, you will get many powerful features, including:

  • Protect privacy and blocked the trackers.
  • Block harmful ads that contain download programs or hacking programs.
  • Blocking pop-up ads or any advertisement on the sites.
  • Speed ​​up page loading while blocking ads.
  • The possibility of replacing the places of the advertisements with your own pictures (pictures of animals or pictures of natural landscapes).

Checker Plus for Gmail

Checker Plus for Gmail

Do you use the Gmail platform a lot to receive messages, and you are tired of entering and exiting the Gmail page to see and read new messages, so Checker Plus for Gmail will solve this problem for you.

The Checker Plus for Gmail It will enable you to open all your accounts in one window, you can review the messages you receive directly from Checker Plus for Gmail.

You will hear a voice notification if you get a new message.

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