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Exclusive | New Chrome extension for blogger blog to optimize your content

# Exclusive | New Chrome extension for blogger blog to optimize your content :

The best blogging platform After the WordPress platform is the blogger platform, as the platform is considered the best website for blogging for new writers who are entering the blogging world for the first time.

Its only drawback is the little support from developers for the development of new plugins or utilities for the platform in order to help bloggers get the best possible environment for developing their content and access to the best sources of help.
New Chrome Extension For Blogger Blog

With this exclusive tool, which we will offer for free, we will try to add a new feature to the blogger platform and help content writers to reach the best format for their content compatible with SEO.

What is the Chrome add-ons?

Chrome extensions are a utility tools that is installed on browsers to present a specific or general options which programmed by developers, and its task is to change inside sites, bring certain information, or provide a paid or free service.

It may be almost impossible that you do not need extensions to help you solve a problem with your browser.

For example, pop-up ads, so Pop-up Ad Blocker extensions will definitely help you block annoying ads, and this is one of the benefits of chrome extensions.

We cannot say that all Google Chrome extensions are useful extensions, you will sometimes encounter extensions that may cause you problems while installing them on your browser, so you should always make sure before installing chrome extensions.

What is blogger helper extension! And how can I used?

Blogger helper extension is a helper extension, which I developed for the blogger platform of blogging services, that will help bloggers avoid errors related to content formatting and to comply with content writing best practices.

Blogger is one of the best website builder for blogs that provides you with your own personal blog website, where you will be able to create your own content and publish it on the Internet freely.

We mentioned in a previous article on our site about the difference between the WordPress platform and the blogger platform, I advise you to refer to it to know more about the blogger site.

As a complement to the article, we also encouraged you to start a blog and make money from him, and introduced you to the best ad networks for bloggers to start earning money from your own site.

As a quick entry on the blogger platform, it is a hosted service from Google, which will give you the ability to start a private blog, but its only drawback is that it is a closed-source service from Google.

So you will find that the support for the platform from the developers is very little, and you hardly find any plugins or software for the platform.

So as a new change I have developed the blogger helper extension to help bloggers write and to comply with content writing best practices.

How I can download a blogger helper extension?

In the following table you will find some information about the blogger helper extension, we will update the version of the tool which is currently (V1.0) in the table when any new updates become available.

You should check this article every time to get the latest updates and install them on your blogger platform.

How can I install blogger helper extension on my Chrome browser?

Extension name Blogger Helper
Version 1.0
Exclusive Yes
Available in google store Not yet
the use Free
Download Extension Google Drive

How can I use and install blogger helper extension on my blogger platform?

The way to install the tool is very easy, and with just a few steps, the tool will be running in your Google Chrome browser without problems.

  • Download the blogger helper extension file and unzip it.
  • Go to chrome tools (setting > more tools > extension).
  • Activate the Developer mode option if you do not have it activated.
  • Click on the option Unpackaged extension load.
  • A window will appear for your computer files.
  • Choose the blogger helper extension file after decompressing it and then click OK.
  • You will notice that there is a new icon for the tools that you have added to your browser.
  • Now go to your blogger account and open a new post.
  • From the new post you opened, reload the page again to show you the data of the blogger helper extension tool on the post you opened.

What features does the blogger helper extension offer?

You will notice after opening your post and sharing tools appearing many tools that are alerts, where you will alert you formatting errors while writing your blog post.

We will try to explain in detail what the blogger helper extension tools contain.

Change the background of the writing page within the post

During blog content writing, are you tired of the white background that comes in the design of the official blogger platform.

So in the blogger helper extension we provided you with the ability to change the background of the writing page to any image you want.
free blogger templates for writers
When you click on the icon for blogger helper extension, a new window will pop up under the icon, and it will ask for several options to change background for content.

  • When you install the extension for the first time, the background will remain white without change.
  • If you click on the icon and open the pop-up window and directly press the (Add) button without adding any link, you will see a background integrated with the extension when installation.
  • If you click on the icon and open the pop-up window and put the link of any image in the search bar and press the (Add) button, the image you added will be added as a background.
  • If you want to return to the image integrated in the extension, directly press the (Add) button without adding any link to the image.

Determine length of title for the article (H1).

One of the option I have added in the blogger helper extension is the ability to set the length of the article title, as Google recommends that the article title be no longer than 60 characters.

You will notice that there is a counter on the side of the article title bar, and it will change in several colors depending on the length of the article title.
most popular blog sites
  • Green color - the length of the title is acceptable
  • Red color - the length of the title is too long, please shorten it

Addition effects to the blogger toolbar

One of the changes I made to the blogger interface is the taskbar, where we added an animated water effect on the toolbar.
privacy policy for blogger
You will find that some functions in the toolbar are not displayed properly, we will try to solve the problem in the next updates of the tool.

Showing the number of headings in the article

In the interface of the blogger helper extension, you will see several notifications about content formatting, one of which is to show the number of headings inside the article.

When you open a new post, you will find that all the headings are in red (H2, H3, H4 and H5).
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When you put any new headings it will be changed to green with showing the number of these existing headings.

When you open a new post, you will find that the H1 is green, because the H1 is for the article title, so you should not add any H1 inside the article.

For H5, you must add it from the HTML view option, because the Blogger platform does not add it in the list of formats.

Detect the number of images and images no Alt text

You will notice that there are two fields called (IMG) and (N-Alt), where (IMG) will help you to reveal the number of images in your article

The notice field (N-Alt) will help you find out the number of images that do not contain alt text for images.

Text Bold field and Double text Bold field

Field (B) will help you reveal the number of large words or sentences (bold text) in your text.

It is recommended not to repeat the number of words marked with bold text more than once, so the (D-B) option will help you detect the double number of words marked with bold text in your paragraph.

Number of words and number of sentences in the paragraph

The (CH) field will help you find out the total number of characters inside your paragraph, noting that the property will count characters such as spaces, periods, commas, and all other characters.

The field (KW) will help you find out the total number of words in your article, it will not count symbols or spaces, and the correct number of sentences is 95%.

Is blogger helper extension a paid or free service?

The blogger helper extension is a free tool for the time being, it is possible in good circumstances to leave it free forever.

So I combined with the tool the possibility to donate to me via PayPal to help me financially, and to keep the tool free always.

Helping by donating to me makes me permanently develop the tool, while leaving it free to use.

Are there updates coming for blogger helper extension in the future?

Yes - there will be updates coming to the blogger helper extension.

The thing to help us is to report any issues with the tool while you are working with it, and we will try to fix it as soon as possible.

To get the new updates for blogger helper extension, you should put the link of this page in your favorites, so that you can refer to it at any time and quickly.

Do not forget to put your comments, we will read them with pleasure.-

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