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LastPass Password Manager Reviews: Best To Manage And Safe Your Passwords

# LastPass Password Manager Reviews: Best To Manage And Safe Your Passwords :

Did you know that approximately 6.85 million accounts around the world are hacked every day? Yes, this is a real number, the internet is one of the best things in our world, but it can be a curse for many.

With the presence of Internet hackers, intruders, and hackers who are looking for any loophole or error that they can exploit to hack accounts or personal data, there is a great demand for ways to protect against these breaches.

The Internet can be a very dangerous place when it comes to private data, especially when it comes to personal accounts, so protection and security experts always advise not to use the same password on many accounts.

LastPass password manager reviews: best to manage and safe your passwords

The reason for this warning came after studies that were conducted, that there are about 51% of people in the world who use the same password while creating new accounts on a website or personal work accounts.

The strange thing is that there are many people who use very weak passwords that can be guessed, such as (123456789), and this makes it easier for hackers to guess passwords and make it easier for them to hack accounts. 

Fortunately, there are solutions for every problem on the Internet, and the best solution to the problem of passwords is to use a reliable password manager, which will help you secure your passwords, in addition to helping you create strong passwords. 

In this password manager reviews, we will talk about one of the best password managers on the Internet, LastPass manager, and we will touch on the most important aspects of the review, which are features, security, ease of use, support, plans, and pricing. 

LastPass Features

If you do not have previous experience with password manager services on the Internet, you will not know how the Password Manager service works, and the use of this service may be complicated for beginners.

LastPass password manager comes with many powerful features, and the thing that makes it good for those with little experience is that the service perfectly combines the basic features of the service with advanced features, which makes it a good choice for beginners or professionals.

Even LastPass free plan comes with features that rival some of the premium password manager on the internet, and to be honest, you won't find any free online option that can compete with LastPass free plan in terms of features.

  • LastPass auto-complete, which enables the user to retrieve account details and fill them in automatically, LastPass will recognize the site and fill in the necessary data quickly and with one click.
  • LastPass password generator In addition to generating usernames, although it is a basic feature that is present in all password manager services, it is considered the most important feature that must be present in all of these services.

The reason a password generator is important is that many users don't put any effort into creating good and strong passwords, so a password generator will make it easier for them, as it will generate strong and hard-to-guess passwords.

  • Last pass Emergency access, which will give powers to other people you trust to access your accounts if the need arises, and is useful in emergency situations, or something that requires sharing your information with another person.

The service is available to premium subscribers only, people can be added by adding their e-mail, and the person will be able to send a request to access your store, you will receive a notification in your mail of acceptance or rejection, and you have all the time necessary to accept or reject the request.

  • LastPass sharing, if there is a need to share one of your account's information with another person, this option is present, and the feature is available only to premium subscribers, who use LastPass as their password manager.

LastPass: Security

The security policies of password managers can make a big difference, since your account credentials and passwords are not secure without advanced detection of cryptographic threats.

Fortunately, LastPass is one of the most reliable providers when it comes to security, data encryption and protection.

With LastPass zero knowledge, the company does not sell, track, or access any information stored in the user's safe.

All encryption and decryption occurs at the device level, which limits the possibility of any party accessing your information.

LastPass uses AES-256Bit encryption to secure data, remember that this type of encryption is used by banks, governments, militaries, and leading security companies in the world to protect and encrypt data, making it almost impossible to hack.

LastPass app also uses advanced transport layer security, which helps thwart potential attacks in transit, as well as other security options like multifactor authentication and security challenge.

Multiple Authentication gives you the option to add additional authentication options depending on your preference, where you can use third-party authentication tools such as YubiKey for desktop or laptop computer, fingerprint, or USB drive of a compatible device.

This extra layer of security means that even if your main account password is compromised, hackers won't be able to access your information unless they complete multiple authentication steps.

The Security Challenge feature audits the strength of your passwords, making sure that you have effective and secure passwords, and that your online accounts are not vulnerable to any potential security threat or hack.

LastPass also allows the use of a one-time password or OTP when accessing your account.

This is useful when logging into your account through an untrusted or potentially dangerous device to your LastPass account.

To use the OTP feature, you need to ask LastPass to create a new login password.

Once you log in with the new password once, you will not be able to use it again.

Easy and use

While there are apps that are compatible with platforms like windows, macOS, iPhone, and Android, LastPass is more powerful when it comes to browsers.

Last pass extension is supported in all existing browsers, allowing users to enjoy their password management experience with LastPass extension in any browser they prefer.

There is a single sign-in option, which means that once you sign in to LastPass through the browser, the browser extension will automatically fill in the data when you visit websites registered to your LastPass account.

Despite the distinctive functions that you will get through the LastPass extension, you still need to download the LastPass application on one of your devices, because through it, you will be able to manage your account and saved passwords.

LastPass is well-designed, has a nice and easy-to-navigate interface, and no matter what device you're using, you'll enjoy a seamless password management experience, and you'll like the way the data is categorized into various.

LastPass Plan: Pricing

The first thing worth noting about LastPass's price plans is the LastPass free plan, and to be honest, you'd be hard-pressed to find another option that could rival the LastPass freemium features.

However, the free plan is limited in terms of features, as it does not come with cloud storage, emergency access, or a 2FA option.
LastPass Plan: Pricing
LastPass, unlike most password managers, offers two unique products for those looking to secure and manage passwords and credentials automatically.

  • LastPass premium plan which costs $36/year's and comes with do priority email support, advanced authentication options, emergency access, password sharing, and 1 GB of secure cloud storage.

  • LastPass family plan, which costs $48/Mo, and is an ideal plan for the family because it provides unlimited sharing and accommodates up to 6 users in the same account, in addition to all the features of the premium plan, with the feature of unlimited shared folders, and a custom control panel.

  • LastPass teams plan, and it comes with 4 exclusive plans (MFA, Teams, Enterprise, identity).

LastPass MFA only offers more security through multifactor authentication and comes at a price of $3/Mo.

LastPass Teams costs $4/Mo, LastPass Enterprise costs $6/Mo and LastPass Identity costs $8/Mo per user per month.

LastPass: Customer Support

When it comes to customer service that LastPass provides, it does a good job, providing useful answers to difficult questions when it comes to the service they provide, however, contacting support directly may be a bit daunting.

Limited options are available and high priority is given to premium users, and responses to questions from free subscribers are often ignored.

This does not mean that LastPass support is useless, as their site offers a wide range of tutorials, answers to frequently asked questions, and video tutorials on how to solve problems or use their services.

LastPass has 3 Twitter accounts for them, one for online support Monday-Friday, a second for blog posts and general updates, and a third account for notifying users of service outages or resolved issues.


LastPass uses advanced and very strong encryption techniques, making it a reliable repository of your sensitive data and passwords.

However, it is always advised to be cautious and enable additional security measures for any possibilities of hacking or theft.
Although LastPass primarily works online, it also offers offline access to your passwords through its mobile apps, ensuring access even when there's no internet connection.
LastPass uses a zero-knowledge security model, ensuring that even if a breach occurs, your encrypted data remains indecipherable.


LastPass emerges as a strong advocate, offering a powerful and easy-to-use solution for managing and protecting your passwords.

Its combination of security, functionality, and accessibility makes it an indispensable tool in fortifying your accounts and protecting them from any third parties.

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