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Difference Between SONY PlayStation 3 Fat, PS3 Slim, And PS3 Super Slim

# Difference Between SONY PlayStation 3 Fat, PS3 Slim, And PS3 Super Slim :

When we talk about the sony playstation 3 console, Sony succeeded in making a giant leap in console gaming with its launch of the Sony PlayStation 3 consoles.

As the Sony company with its sony playstation 3 consoles changed the concept of 360 deg gaming for the better, allowing game developers to bring out all their capabilities and ideas and present The best games, most of which have become iconic and legendary games so far, and one of these games is the god of war game.

Difference between SONY PlayStation 3 fat, PS3 slim, and PS3 super slim

The playstation 3 console is the next release after the PS2 console, which is also very famous and has achieved many sales around the world.

The PS3 console got in every period in which it was issued, it got many developments and versions in terms of the system and even the shape of the device until the time of the release of its successor, the PS4 console.

Three versions of the device appeared (sony playstation 3 fat, PS3 slim, and PS3 super slim).

General introduction to the Sony play station 3 devices

The PlayStation 3 is the third release by SONY after the (PS1 and PS2) consoles.

The playstation 3 console was first launched on November 17, 2006, in America, and later launched worldwide.

The release of devices, updates, and games for the PS3 device did not stop until its successor, the PS4 console, was released.

During that period, several forms of PS3 devices were witnessed, and originally three different forms of the device with different specifications between them.

This is what we will show and see the difference between sony playstation 3 console fat, PS3 slim, and PS3 super slim.

Difference between SONY PlayStation 3 fat, PS3 slim, and PS3 super slim

Sony playstation 3 console release date

PlayStation 3 fat

The sony playstation 3 console PS3 fat release date for the first time in 2006, first released in Japan and the United States of America, and the last time issuing was stopped was in 2009.

PlayStation 3 slim

The play station 3 slim was released on August 24, 2009, It is 32% smaller than the previous device, 36% lighter, and 34% less power consuming.

PlayStation 3 super slim

The PS3 Super Slim is the last device released in the PS3 console series, the device was released on September 19, 2012, and what distinguishes it most is its small size and weight compared to the previous versions of the device.

Inner Space for PlayStation 3 console

PlayStation 3 fat

Even with the versions brought by the PS3 console, the Sony PS3 fat game console came with several versions of the device in terms of some additions and changes in the hardware and mainly in terms of the internal storage of the device.

The PlayStation 3 fat came in several versions in terms of space, as it came with spaces (20 GB, 40 GB, 60 GB, 80 GB, ps3 120gb), these storage capacities came according to the place in which it was issued as well as the date on which it was issued.

Ps3 slim

The manufacturing approach in the sony playstation 3 has change from the previous ps3 fat device, as it also witnessed some copies and changes in some hardware inside, including the internal storage space, as the device came with larger internal spaces than the ones found in the Sony PS3 fat device, and the copies came as follows (ps3 120gb, 250 GB, 320 GB).

Ps3 super slim

The Sony PS3 super slim only comes in two versions in terms of internal hard disk space, namely (250 GB and 500 GB).

Additional ports and inputs on the PS3

PlayStation 3 fat

Because of the versions that were released for the PS3 fat device, the ports, or their locations have changed in different versions.

The locations of the USB ports and their number have changed in each version, The first version of the PS3 came with a cover on the top that can be opened and closed, and some special ports come under it, then in the following versions of the same device, this cover was removed, and the ports were shifted to the bottom of the device.

There is a button behind the device for turning the device on and off, and on the front, there are two touch buttons, one for turning on the device for standby time, and the second button for the disc reader.

PlayStation 3 slim

In the play station 3 slim device, the processor was completely changed from the first version of the device, where a processor was made by IBM, SONY, and Toshiba, which is characterized by the speed in performance and less energy consumption According to say Sony.

The design was completely changed, as the touch buttons that were in the first version were changed to press buttons.

The back button for the power was removed from the device, the cooling system was modified and its performance improved.

PlayStation 3 super slim

The PS3 Super Slim has not been spared a complete change to its external and internal appearance, as it has become thinner and weighs less than the previous versions of the device.

The device has two USB ports, and the shape of the disc reader has been changed, as the shape has become a sliding part on the top of the device And you can put the game disc manually.

Device accessories

In terms of external accessories, there are not many, as you will get the cable to operate the device, which is also available for purchase separately.

The wireless control hand or known as (Sony Dual shock 3), as for the super slim Sony device, it contains a bottom base with the possibility of installation or takes it off.

System, updates, and game downloads

Sony has made a complete change in terms of the system and main interface of the PS3 console.

Has incorporated into its system the possibility to get access to the new PS3 update launched by the company, in order to keep pace with the games that were released on the PS3 console or change interface for system or other option.

There is an official game store, which enables you to buy games through this store or get updates for games, but this does not prevent downloading pirated games from the Internet and installing them on your device, PSN PS3 games, or PS3 pkg games, and we will address it in the next section of the article.

Possibility to modify the system

Yes - you have the ability to modify the PS3 system software, and this is one of the reasons why Sony introduced many updates to close the loopholes that independent developers were using to modify the system.

This led to the emergence of many modified systems for PS3 console devices on its various versions that enable you to run pirated games Free on your device without paying any money.

All PlayStation 3 devices and all their currently available versions have been hacked and customized for, each of the versions offered by Sony has its own modified system.

Many sites provide you with the ability to download games on your device and without problems.

Problems detected on the PS3 console

PlayStation 3 fat

As for all devices, when they are launched for the first time, errors will appear in terms of the system or in terms of hardware, and this is what happened with the Sony PS3 fat device, especially the versions that came in sizes (20 GB, 40 GB)

The worst of these problems is what is known as the problem of the yellow light, this problem due to the high-temperature device temperature.

The problem was solved in the following versions of the same device, but the problem of annoying fan noise also appeared during the long operation of the device.

The solution to the problem may be simple, which is due to the accumulation of dust on the fan, and cleaning it will solve the problem.

PlayStation 3 slim

Although the ps3 slim is the second version after the PS3 fat, it is obvious that all the problems that appeared in the previous version will be resolved.

Of course, they did, but other unexpected problems appeared, and among these problems that users faced is the device not reading the game disc Also.

Some people complained about the problem of the high temperature of the device while playing, and also the problem of freezing games or the system, and the red light, which was previously the yellow light on the PS3 fat device.

PlayStation 3 super slim

The problem that could be the biggest negative for many users of the Sony PS3 super slim, which is the external shape and design and ps3 super slim performance.

The design is much smaller and thinner than previous versions, as the shape and method of placing the game disc inside the device has been changed as it became manual where it was in previous devices through drag and drop, and the presence of a sliding cover for the disc reader.

Also, the disc cover is somewhat thin, so you may hear some noise while operating the device, and like previous versions, I found some heat problems in some PS3 Super Slim devices, and most of these problems are the lack of internal cleanliness of the device.

PS3 fat vs slim vs super slim performance

playstation 3 console versions has had three different hardware models released over its lifetime: the playstation 3 fat, slim, and super slim models.

ps3 console differences between these models are their physical design, storage capacity, and power consumption.

The playstation 3 fat
The playstation 3 fat was the first released on November 17, 2006, in North America, and had a larger, bulkier design.

It also had a smaller hard drive capacity compared to the ps3 slim and super slim models, with options ranging from 20 GB to 80 GB with ability to upgrade storage to 500 GB or higher.

playstation 3 slim
playstation 3 slim was released on September 1, 2009, and had a more streamlined design.

It had a large hard drive capacity compared to the ps3 fat model, with options ranging from 120 GB to 320 GB with ability to upgrade storage.

The ps3 slim model also used less power and was generally quieter than the fat model.

ps3 super slim

ps3 super slim release date on September 28, 2012, and had a design that was even more compact and lightweight than the PlayStation 3 slim model.

It had a similar hard drive capacity to the ps3 slim model, with options ranging from 12 GB to 500 GB with ability to upgrade storage.

The super slim model also used less power than the fat model and was even quieter than the slim model.

Overall, the main differences between the PS3 fat, slim, and super slim models are their physical design, storage capacity, and power consumption.

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