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LanguageTool Vs Grammarly: Which is the best grammar tool?

# LanguageTool Vs Grammarly: Which is the best grammar tool? :
Grammar corrector tools have become one of the most valuable tools you should have on your browser or device, and the good thing is that there are a lot of sites that offer grammar check scribes services.

The spelling and grammar tool sites offer most of their tools free of charge, so you will not have to worry about this side.

while providing the possibility of obtaining other tools by subscribing to one of the plans provided by the grammar check sites to get more options and help.
LanguageTool Vs Grammarly

One of these tools that I have personally tried, and on which I have made detailed articles on our website, are spelling and grammar from Grammarly and check grammar from LanguageTool.

The challenge will be here, of course, it will be comparing Grammarly and LanguageTool based on the tools and the spelling ability offered by each service, and there we will see the winner between them.

We will make some points for comparison, and we will base our judgment on them about the best checker tool for grammar and spelling.

Quick info about Grammarly and LanguageTool

Before starting the battle to compare the two tools, let us write some informative lines about the two tools, and mention some important details about them.

Free online spelling and grammar check from Grammarly

grammar check Grammarly is an online grammar check service that helps you achieve the best possible writing format that improves your articles and documents by providing tips, improvement, and spotting for spelling errors.

Grammarly official site or Grammarly tools is developed by Grammarly Inc which is headquartered in San Francisco with many other multi company spread out in other places.

The company's director is Brad Hoover, the tool's main code was developed by Alex Shevchenko and Max Lytvyn in Kyiv, and the Grammarly was awarded the Gold Award: as the Best Text check Tool on the Internet.

Grammar and spelling checker free from LanguageTool

LanguageTool spell and grammar checker A powerful tool that offers correct spelling of grammar and grammar checker, it is a free and open source tool.

The grammar checker LanguageTool source code was built as a 2003 dissertation certification by Daniel Naber, and then got the tool ongoing development support from volunteer moderators, and now supports over 31 languages.

LanguageTool's grammar checker supports many installation methods, you can install it as an extension on your web browser, or as a program on your computer, or as an application on phones.

Basic interface and controls

improve spelling and grammar with Grammarly
If you don't want to install one of the Grammarly add-ons or apps, you will be able to access Grammarly's features and tools directly from the official website.

One of the main things in order to be able to access the tools page for article formatting and detect spelling errors is that you have either a Gmail account, a Facebook account, or an Apple account.

After adding the account, you will be able to enter the Grammarly grammar spell checker free interface, a very simple and easy to handle interface will appear, and by pressing (New) a new page will open.
Grammarly check for grammar errors
The next page is the most important page in Grammarly, and in fact is a professional page and provides all the important information about the paragraph you have exported to the Grammarly check grammar errors page.
Grammarly check for spelling and grammar errors
You will notice that the Grammarly page has the ability to format, write or edit the article, and also in the right part of the page will show you some information about the paragraph in terms of formatting and spelling errors.

LanguageTool for free online grammar and spelling checker
The same thing that we mentioned for Grammarly applies to LanguageTool, where you will have the ability to modify your texts and documents directly from the official website of LanguageTool.

You will notice that the page is divided into several sections to facilitate access to the elements, and LanguageTool interface also provides you with the ability to edit texts directly from the spelling error page home.

In the right bar, you will be provided with information about the misspellings found in your paragraph, as well as information on the best ways to improve your article.
LanguageTool for check for grammar

Tools available in each service

Grammarly icone
Grammar Checker
Plagiarism Checker
Check punctuation
Tone Detector
improving style and tone
Analytics Dashboard
SAML Single Sign-On
detecting names and addresses in emails errors
Detecting errors (e.g: IBAN, ISBN, etc.)
Free use
First plan price $12.00US $2,50US
second plan price $15.00US $4.74US

In order to add serious comparisons between LanguageTool Vs Grammarly, I searched the internet for some videos made to the two tools for test.

And I found these two videos on a site, that can give you an extra insight into the best tool.

Experiment #1

Experiment #2

video source from mksguide website

Compatibility and operation on various devices

improve spelling and grammar with Grammarly
Grammarly's grammar check offers many possible ways to run and install a grammar check and correct spelling service on your device, and you will have access to all the features and tools that Grammarly sentence check has to offer you.

The Grammarly software provides you with a free limited version for all the add-ons, applications, or programs that Grammarly provides, but you will be able to access the paid tools when you sign up for one of the plans.

Here is a list of where you can install Grammarly software:

  • Grammar checker for desktop
  • Grammarly fix grammar for Windows
  • Grammarly fixing grammar errors for Mac
  • Grammarly to find grammar errors for Chrome
  • Grammarly to check for grammar for Safari
  • Grammarly grammar check and fix for Firefox
  • Grammar check spelling and grammar for the edge
  • Grammar check for grammar errors for Microsoft Office
  • Grammar check grammar errors for Google Docs
  • Grammarly check spelling and grammar online for iPhone
  •  free Grammarly grammar spell check for iPad
  • correct spelling and grammar for keyboard
google chrome icone firefox icone safari icone microsoft edge icione opera icone windows icone macos icone iphone icone MS Office icone Google Docs icone
LanguageTool for free online grammar and spelling checker
One of the observations that you will pay attention to while installing the LanguageTool tool is the amount of devices supported by the tool.

So you will not find a problem while installing one of the LanguageTool tools on one of your devices.

As a Grammarly service, the LanguageTool grammar checker provides you with some free tools to use, with access to others if you subscribe to one of the plans provided by the tool.

  • LanguageTool grammar checker for Google Chrome
  • grammar language tool for Microsoft Edge
  • LanguageTool corrector for Mozilla Firefox
  • grammar checker LanguageTool for Safari
  • grammar and spell checker LanguageTool for Opera
  • LanguageTool grammar and style checker for Google Docs
  • LanguageTool grammar and spell checker for Microsoft Word
  • autocorrect grammar for OpenOffice
  • spelling mistakes checker for LibreOffice
  • correct spelling of grammar for iOS
  • checking grammatical mistakes for macOS
  • correcting grammar mistakes for Windows
  • checking grammatical errors for Gmail
  • sentence checker online for Thunderbird
  • grammar spelling for Apple MailBETA
google chrome icone firefox icone safari icone microsoft edge icione opera icone windows icone macos icone iphone icone MS Office icone Google Docs icone microsoft word icone LibreOffice icone OpenOffice icone Gmail icone Apple Mail BETA

Language Support

improve spelling and grammar with Grammarly
One of the negative things about Grammarly services is that they do not support any languages ​​other than English language.

And in order for the developers of Grammarly tool to justify not supporting other languages, they justify that they can recognize spelling differences between English-speaking regions.

In their justify they say that they can recognize different accents while writing in areas where they speak English such as American English, British English, Canadian English, Australian English, and other similar areas.

They don't make any future promises to support languages ​​other than English, so if your main language is not English, don't expect in the near future that other languages ​​will be Grammarly supported.

LanguageTool for free online grammar and spelling checker
Unlike Grammarly, LanguageTool has many languages supported ​​other than English, they do not explicitly hide that you will expect 100% grammar correction, but they try their best to provide good quality while checking texts errors.

On the LanguageTool Supported Languages ​​page, they give you a detailed table of the supported languages, and provide some information and pointers to how well they will provide while parsing texts and checking for spelling errors.

The table will provide you with some details about the percentage of support for each language, as well as the supervisors who develop the tool according to the language they speak.

Also, you will find in the table some of the job offers that they put, and the accepting is done according to the person who meets the work conditions.

Final conclusion

Personally, I prefer LanguageTool, and I'm not saying I haven't tried Grammarly for check spelling errors, but I found LanguageTool to be better for me in terms of work and writing.

I advise you to try both tools, and then you will be able to choose the best service for you, and do not forget to share your experience with us, and we will add it in our article if we find it worth it.

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