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Review Grammar and spell checker LanguageTool tool | fix grammar free

# Review Grammar and spell checker LanguageTool tool | fix grammar free :
Before we start our article on grammar checker LanguageTool tool, I personally recommend this tool, and I recommend installing it on your device.

And I consider it better than the Grammarly tool in terms of detecting and correcting spelling errors and formatting the content.
Review Grammar And Spell Checker LanguageTool Tool

Grammar and spell checker LanguageTool is a very powerful tool for detecting and correcting spelling errors, it is almost free to use, and it supports all existing browsers.

Quick look for language tool grammar check and fix tool

The LanguageTool tool for grammar and spell checker was developed by the developer (Daniel Neber and Marcin Mikowski), the tool was first released in August 2015, and its official download site is

The LanguageTool corrector tool was first developed in 2013 as a diploma thesis, written in Python, and now the tool supports up to 31 programming languages, with many programmers volunteering to develop the tools.

LanguageTool Grammarly is an open source tool that specializes in detecting and correcting spelling errors

This tool provides you providing the best tips for getting the best possible text format without errors, and also providing the tool and other functions that we will talk about in the context of the article.

Tools provided by language tool grammar checker

LanguageTool Spell Checker and Correction Tool is one of the best spelling and correcting text tools, that you can to access their features through the official website or via an extension that you can install.

After registering an account on the LanguageTool platform, you will be able to open a special interface that allows you to make full edits and corrections to your texts.

You can consider the LanguageTool interface to be a text editor, as it will provide you with all the tools for editing and modifying texts.

And then it will show you all the notes related to your text for you to modify it.

You will find that the LanguageTool interface is divided into three parts, the important parts are the text editing part and the notes section.

You will get information for the incorrect text ، and best practice to correct your text.

The Plans provided by LanguageTool proofreading tool

LanguageTool tool to check for grammars offers three plans for its users to choose from, free plan, individual plan and group plan.
check for grammar and spelling free
We'll break down the schematics that LanguageTool tool to find grammar errors offers us, and see what features each plan offers us.

language tool free plan

The free plan offered by LanguageTool tool to correct spelling and grammar offers limited features compared to the paid plans, but as a regular user you will find that the free plan is quite enough.

The free plan will offer you the ability to check for spelling and grammatical errors and offer the best suggestions for correcting them.

You can use the official website to correct the spelling errors in your texts, or you can install one of the extensions for the LanguageTool tool, and it will automatically recognize and analyze the texts, and then give you the results for spelling errors.

As for the spelling checker from LanguageTool tool in the tool's official website, it will only allow you to correct texts less than 10K word only, so the extension is better for frequent use and long texts.

LanguageTool Tool paid plan for personal use

The plan, for personal use, starts from the price of $9.95/Mo.

But if you subscribe to the LanguageTool tool personal plan for one year, you will get a reduction of up to 50% of the basic price of the plan, and its total price will become $29.95/y.

The plan for personal use offers many advanced and useful features during text and document verification.

  • Check the spelling of texts, check and correct spelling errors and make the best possible suggestions
  • The ability to verify up to 100K words in a text or document
  • Advanced suggestions to improve text quality and improve writing style
  • Finding errors in e-mail messages (names, addresses…)
  • The ability to create a special stylistic style to unify writing in all texts
  • Other features…

LanguageTool Tool paid plan for groups

The LanguageTool tool for team plan, starting at $4.99/y, is an annual plan, where you will get a discount of up to 52% when buy this plan.

The total plan price will be $59.90/y, but the plan value will change as you add new members to the plan.

A team-oriented plan provides all the features in a personal-use plan, plus:

  • Professional user interface to control members, with the ability to delete or add new members
  • The ability to create a style to standardize the writing of the group to standardize the way of writing
  • Possibility to add new vocabulary and suggestions to avoid misspellings that are not detected by the LanguageTool tool

Where can I use tool from check the grammar from LanguageTool?

In addition to the tools provided by the official website, LanguageTool checker also provides you with the ability to run its tools on many browsers as an add-on.
languageTool grammar and style checker

And as an application that can be installed on devices or writing aids.

LanguageTool iOS — install
After installing the Grammar LanguageTool tool on a device, it will integrate with all your applications (iMessage, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Messenger) and become available for use from anywhere that supports typing via the device's keyboard.

It will require you to grant and allow full keyboard access, and you will be able to use the LanguageTool editor to write sentences, texts, or messages with the ability to correct them and save them as a draft for later use.

LanguageTool macOS— install

One of the special things when installing LanguageTool on macOS is that you can open documents directly in the program, without resorting to another program.

LanguageTool supports many formats, including .docx, .txt, .html, .rtf and many other formats.

You will be able to access the features of LanguageTool from anywhere in your device, and you will benefit from all the features that LanguageTool offers you.

LanguageTool windows — install

You can get all features that we mentioned in the macOS device when installation of the program on your Windows device, and you will be able to access the program through keyboard shortcuts or directly from the program.

Install as extensions on external editors

  • LanguageTool LibreOffice — install
  • LanguageTool Google Docs — install
  • LanguageTool for Microsoft Word — install from Microsoft Word store
  • LanguageTool LibreOffice — install

Is the LanguageTool tool better than Grammarly tool?

As for my personal opinion—I prefer LanguageTool to Grammarly tool, because as a blogger I have tried most of the spelling correction plugins, one of them was Grammarly tool.

Currently, I do not dispense with LanguageTool in my work when blogging, writing letters or long texts, so I recommend it from personal experience.

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