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The Best 7 Ideas to Start Earning Money From The internet

# The Best 7 Ideas to Start Earning Money From The internet :

Have you drawn your attention to the idea of the possibility of making some money from the Internet and you want to start, but you did not find ideas to start with that are in line with your skills and abilities? 

In today’s article, we will help you and put you some of the best good ideas that may lead you to ways of making money from the internet.

The Best 7 Ideas to Start Earning Money From The internet

The ideas that we will present in this article are only a very small group of very many ideas that will enable you to earn money on the Internet.

But we focused on the most important ideas that are very popular on the Internet and the possibility of profit from them is guaranteed with little or no risks.

Start a Web Blog Creation

We started with this idea because it is the best and easiest possible way to make money from the Internet, because of the many ways branching from the same idea, and the few risks that may occur to you while starting this field. 

Blogging and creating a blog or website is one of the best ways that like for many people who want to start earning some money from the Internet, and the reason why blogging is one of the best sources that people prefer is the diversity of its ideas. 

The areas that blogging provides you with are many and branched and target very many areas, where you can create a news website in which you talk about the news of the hour and the most important events of the hour, or a technical blog that talks about the best mobile phones for 2020, or talk about website hosting and selling domain names. 

Here is a list of some ideas that you can get started with while starting the blogging field:

  • News website
  • Technical and information site
  • Games website
  • Football website
  • Cooking site
  • Books website
  • Quiz site
  • Hosting providers review site
  • Browse domain name providers

The way to create a website is a bit easy, but you will go through some stages in order to get your own website.

The two most important ways to get a website on the Internet are through Blogger or WordPress.

In a previous post, we explained the difference between WordPress and Blogger, but as a simple introduction to these two platforms, we will review some of what the two platforms offer.

Blogger Platform
The best 10 ideas to start earning money from the internet

The blogger platform is one of the services provided by Google and is considered one of the best blog sites for writers on the Internet.

The blogger is a completely free blogging services, as it is a simple blog platform that offers you a personal blog website in order to start a blog.

Blogger is the best website for blogging that offers you a free blogging site with a free domain name and is the best place for new bloggers to start.

The blogger platform is a closed-source platform by the owner company, you can not reach the root of the site’s system or the ability to modify it, it only provides you with the basic things for blogging or controlling the site.

WordPress Platform
The best 10 ideas to start earning money from the internet

A WordPress website is one of the paid services that you have to make some investment in order to get a website on the WordPress platform.

WordPress is an open-source platform that enables you to have your own website with full ability to control and modify it.

You can get a WordPress site managed by buying hosting from one of the hosting providers we did an article on the best web hosting for WordPress, in addition to buying a domain name, and we also wrote an article on Best Domain Names Registrars providers.

How I can earn money from my website?

There are many ways to profit from your site, where the most important source of making money from your site is through ads, and we mentioned in a previous article about the Best ad networks platform to make money from ads. 

One of the best advertising networks on the Internet to make money is the AdSense platform from Google, where you can connect your site with the AdSense platform and start making money from it.

You can also earn money from promoting website services or promoting products by making reviews for them and taking a commission on each purchase of this service or product. This method is called affiliate marketing.

Start File Upload Sites or Short Link Website

One of the best ways that is widely known on the Internet, and many people participate in these sites to get profits from them, by carrying out one task.

Just bring visitors to this site, and then they take profits from the site after reaching the required limit for payment.

File upload sites or shorten URLs sites are considered one of the best ways to earn money from the Internet.

As by buying a special hosting and a domain name and searching for a special script that you install on your hosting, you will start profiting from your site, and all that remains for you is to bring users to your site. 

The best 10 ideas to start earning money from the internet

The best ideas to start earning money from the internet The way the link shortener site works is to shorten the length of the long link to a short link or the so-called short link generator.

And the site works by using a special script that does this, and this is an example of shortening my site link:

The method of profit from shorting URL website is a reciprocal profit between the owner of the site and the publisher, where you specify the number of links that the user should bring visits, for example, 1K visits, and he will get a certain amount for that. 

As for you, as the owner of the short link service site, you will earn money from your site through the advertisements that you will place on your site, and the more publishers you have, the more your profits will increase, and you will notice that every day. 

The best 10 ideas to start earning money from the internet

The file upload site works in the same way as the short URL sites, the difference between them is that the file upload sites allow you to upload files to their servers and this process is called upload files online to share. 

You can profit from the file upload site through advertisements on the site or through monthly or annual subscriptions through file upload plans, and file publishers will receive a percentage of the profits when publishing the dedicated link provided to them while uploading files.

Create a Aob Site

Do you know the Upwork site, in short, Upwork helps you post a job that you can implement, then you get many work requests to implement that job, and you take a percentage of the profit that you determine when you perform the job. 

And here the Upwork platform comes to help you to appear and work on its platform and in return, you take a percentage of the profits for that.

Service posting websites are among the best sites that get great demand from craft owners who work as freelancers, and all you have to do is be an intermediary between the freelancer and the buyer of the service, and then take a percentage of the profits that you estimate. 

Job posting websites for employers come with a very good income because you are only the site manager, and you have no income in carrying out any tasks requested by clients.

The percentage of profits that you share between you and the freelancers that you specify, you have all absolute freedom to control the site.
Just to take a comprehensive look, the most popular job posting sites on the Internet:

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer
  • Freelance
  • Picoworkers

Start an Online Store

One of the big projects that have a very big future, which is considered one of the best money-generating projects, is creating an online store website.

There are many examples on the Internet of shopping sites, some of which have very inspiring stories for the owners of these sites during their inception, such as:

  • Amazon store
  • Walmart online shopping
  • Aliexpress store
  • Alibaba store

The way to set up a shopping website, He needs to fight for his success, and requires great patience until it succeeds and brings permanent customers to buy from your site.

You have two options to manage your site, where you can put your own goods for sale, or bring people who put goods on your site to sell them, and you take a commission for every sale.

There are a lot of good ideas for the type of store you want to create, and they all have their own clientele:

  • Online electronics store
  • Clothing sites shopping
  • A site that sells cars or their accessories
  • A site for selling home furniture and farming equipment

The way to profit from online shopping sites is many and varied, where you can place ads on the sites, in addition to selling products on them, or be a site manager and take a certain commission for each sale sold through your site.

Start a Chanal  Youtube

One of the best ways that most beginners who want to make money from the Internet resort to is to create their own YouTube channel, publish their videos and bring them, viewers.

Getting a YT Chanel is not difficult, and it does not need to spend money in order to get your own YouTube channel.

Just with some tools of your own such as a mobile phone or a camera and a computer to edit the videos, and  you will be able to upload it to your new YouTube Chanel and start bringing viewers to it. 

The YouTube platform is a platform owned by Google, like the AdSense platform.

And as it is known, most Google services are free services for everyone, just by owning a Gmail account you will be able to access many of the company’s free service.

The YouTube platform provides you with the YouTube studio interface to control your videos, where you can see the statistics of your published videos, the ability to modify them, and also see your profits, and many other things that the platform provides you. 

There are so many ideas to create your own new YouTube Chanel:

  • Chanal for music for sleeping
  • Youtubekids
  • Gaming channel
  • Youtubemusic
  • Electronic devices review channel
  • Cooking masks
  • Sports Channels

There are two ways to profit from your YouTube channel, either through Adsense ads, which are available to you to achieve the YouTube conditions for profit or through special memberships, a feature that YouTube added to channel owners.

Start an Online Courses

Creating educational courses on the Internet requires some specialization in the field you want to work on, and then selling them on the Internet.

Creating courses on the Internet is one of the favorite ways for many specialists, where you can create an educational course explaining a particular specialization and sell it on one of the sites for selling educational courses on the Internet.

One of the sites that allow you to publish courses on their own platform and sell them, such as the Udemy site or the YouTube platform, and many similar platforms that target the same field, which is the sale of educational courses. 

There are many ideas that you can do online courses, and these are some ideas that you can apply to them:

  • medical coding certification online courses
  • master data science online courses
  • online business degree courses
  • online psychology degree course
  • business administration courses online
  • online business management degree
  • Programming languages ​​courses
  • Language courses (Japanese, French, Arabic, Spanish)

The way to profit from educational courses is by selling the course on one of the course selling platforms, such as the Udemy platform, or by subscribing, such as the YouTube platform.

Build applications for mobile or desktop

Learning a programming language will open up very big doors for you in real life or your life on the Internet, and many programming language specialists consider it as one of their sources of income.

Learning programming languages ​​is not the monopoly of anyone, and as we know we are currently in the era of technology and data, so many companies are looking for developers and programmers to include in their teams and benefit from them. 

Learning a programming language will enable you to develop applications for desktop or mobile applications, and it has reached artificial intelligence, and programming languages ​​have expanded to target websites and other fields.

Because programming languages ​​target smart devices, machines, and factories that are run by computers, and other fields, you will have no problem getting an actual job in a private company or an online company, so your development in one of the programming languages ​​will open many doors for you to work. 

Learning programming is not difficult and not easy at the same time, so you should invest some time in learning and taking experience in order to be ready to enter the world of work and benefit from your potential.

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