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Best VPS RDP Remote Desktop Server Provider And Best Plan To Buy

# Best VPS RDP Remote Desktop Server Provider And Best Plan To Buy :

VPS Remote Desktop is one of the best technologies that are very popular with many users on the internet, On the other hand, there are many providers and companies providing this service.

Because Remote Desktop is a cloud service, it has no access to your main device.

You will be provided with all the required resources in the RDP VPS features that you want, and this will return to the price that you will pay for the capabilities you want to carry out your tasks on it.

Lots of companies and providers are competing to provide the best cheap windows VPS remote desktop to users.

Best VPS RDP Remote Desktop Server Provider and Best Plan To Buy

Natural that when you want to search for the Best RDP server with the best possible price, you will meet a lot of differences between the providers in the prices they put.

The rule that you should follow while searching for the Best RDP server The more cheap the service price, is fewer capabilities you will get.

Because the more cheap the price of the VPS Remote Desktop service, the more capabilities will be dispensed in the virtual machine that you will get, so you must know what you want before purchasing this service.

Before we start, we must know about the service and ask some important questions before entering the answer to the question about the best VPS RDP server service providers on the Internet.

What is TheVPS Remote Desktop?

The Short Answer To The Question

VPS Remote Desktop is a real computer with a specific operating system installed with certain capabilities located in a specific place in the world and hosted on special servers, you can connect to it from anywhere in the world and use it as a real computer.

The Long Answer To The Question

VPS RDP Remote Desktop is a cloud service for the user, that enables you to connect to real computers hosted on private servers via the Internet, with a specific operating system provided by the service distributors.

The connection to the VPS Remote service is through an application that is installed on your personal device, which is a small program that does not take up much space on your device and is considered a point of contact between you and the servers of the provider that provides the VPS RDP service.

You will get the connection data for the server from the service provider, which is the contact information that you will enter the special program that you have installed on your own device.

While entering the connection data, the interface of the system will appear to you, which will be a real interactive interface with the possibility of full control of it as if it was a real device, and you have all the ability to do what you want as if your real device.

The speed of displaying the interactive interface on your device depends on the speed of the Internet that you have because if you have a low Internet speed, fetching the interface data of the virtual machine will be slow in the rendering of the interactive interface.

The way the VPS RDP service works simulate the way emulators such as VMware or Virtual Box or similar programs work, but the difference between them is that the emulators use the resources of your device to run the system on which it is installed, while Remote Desktop will not exploit the device’s resources.

The price of the windows VPS remote desktop service is evaluated according to the capabilities provided by the service providers according to the plans they set, where the lower the price of the plan, the less the service capabilities in terms of capabilities and vice versa.

How Can I Take Advantage of VPS Remote Desktop?

You can take advantage of the VPS remote service as if it were a real device that you can take advantage of to the maximum without compromising your own device, this is some uses of remote VPS windows:

  • Troubleshoot system problems and fix them.
  • Multiple people can access the virtual machine and share information (only those who are authorized to access it).
  • Free access to the virtual machine from anywhere, you only need the Internet and the Remote Desktop program installed on your device.
  • The ability to install and test programs and complete work.
  • Because of the high speed of the Internet, you can download and upload any file very quickly.
  • Support for multiple devices (Windows - Mac - Android - iPhone).

What Is The Best Website To Give Service Vps RDP Remote Desktop On The Internet?

VPSserver (recommended)

Best vps rdp remote desktop server provider and best plan to buy

Are you looking for a premium VPS server that offers you a good VPS RDP service with good prices which has got more than 50000 customers around the world subscribed to their services.

The company first appeared on the scene with the virtual VPS server service in 2015, which was based in the United States.

Built vpsservers company its servers on the latest technologies on the scene to provide its customers with the best possible experience for its services and a possible operating rate of up to 99.99%, with continuous support from a support service clients.

One of the promotional plans that vpsservers provide to you is the ability to get free VPS RDP with a trial period of 7 days to try its servers, available on 15 sites around the world.

The vpsservers site has a lot of platforms to choose from (Ubuntu, Debian, Arch Linux, CentOS 7, and Windows), many others, and a lot of resources that come with the same system.

One of the hardware that VPSServer provides to you in storage VPS server is a network of SSD storage disks equipped with high-performance Intel Gold processors to get five times faster than a regular SSD in data transfer and storage.

The control panel of the VPSServer platform is easy to handle and powerful at the same time, you will not find any difficulty in dealing with it while choosing one of the VPS server cloud plans, just follow the progress instructions and in a few minutes, everything is ready for you to start working.

Best vps rdp remote desktop server provider and best plan to buy

VPS server price on the VPSServer platform is good and acceptable, where the lowest plan prices start from the price of 3.99/Mo with the possibility of upgrading to higher plans.

You will get a server from 1 GB storage memory, with one processor core, 20 GB data storage and 500 GB data transfer.

Vultr VPS Server

The vultr platform is one of the rising and powerful sites in the services such as VPS RDP and cloud computing and many other services.

Its servers are available at the level of more than 25 countries around the world to be closer to its users anywhere.

Also, in vultr server, old storage tools such as SSD were dispensed with, and local NVMe storage units were used to reach the highest possible writing and reading speed between servers and the user.

Vultr virtual machine servers are built for optimum CPU performance, Intel Skylake processors are integrated with servers, resulting in a throughput increase of 89% faster than standard processors.

RDP Vultr is available on a powerful and easy-to-control control panel, where with a few clicks you will create the service you want as most of the work is done by the platform, just choose what you want from the vultr cloud services you want and leave the rest on it.

Are there any offers vultr promotion? There is no vultr free service, but the vultr server promises you that it will give you a reward for every purchase of one of its services.

All you have to do is register in vultr and buy one of the plans that the platform provides to you, and you will get a reward with the same amount that you purchased.

We can't count all the vultr VPS pricing they have due to the many plans they provide that meet the needs of any business you want from a VPS RDP service, so you can take all your time browsing their prices and choose what you see best for you and your budget.

Digitalocean Remote Desktop

Best vps rdp remote desktop server provider and best plan to buy

The DigitalOcean company was first launched in 2011 and is headquartered in New York City, USA.

It is a company that provides cloud hosting and helps developers and programmers deploy more software and applications easier and faster.

Digital Ocean Services publishes at the level of 14 distributors around the world to facilitate access to it from anywhere, which started as an emerging company to become a client base of up to one million developers around the world.

DigitalOcean is a provider of hosting services of all kinds, it provides you with a digital ocean cloud server for building websites, also you can get DigitalOcean VPS RDP service through its DigitalOcean virtual private server RDP service.

  • Backend design for web and mobile applications
  • Web Hosting
  • Create broadcast services with a mixture of flexible computing layers
  • Designing games with the help of flexible computing technology
  • Deploying managed services using the cloud platform (SaaS, PaaS, DBaaS, API)

In DigitalOcean, they call the DigitalOcean remote desktop service as (DigitalOcean droplets).

The only problem is that it does not support the Windows system directly on their main system, but there is another way to install and run it in other ways.

DigitalOcean offers you a coupon code of another type, which is that when you send any amount of money to your account on DigitalOcean, you will immediately get a $100 balance in your account for 60 days from the time you get the balance, with which you can buy whatever you want within the platform.

With DigitalOcean VPS RDP plans you will get many purchase options, the DigitalOcean pricing provides you with the possibility of buying by the hours that come with each plan, which is a good thing and saves you if you want to take advantage of any service for a certain period.

Kamatera Remote Desktop

Best vps rdp remote desktop server provider and best plan to buy

kamatera cloud platform is one of the sites that provide hosting services, and it contains many options that target most segments of ordinary users or small and large companies.

One of the services provided by kamatera is kamatera remote desktop service, which provides you with your own virtual machine to control it, while providing you with technical characteristics in terms of 99.94% operation guarantee and low cost upon purchase, with backup feature and permanent monitoring of any failure that may occur.

kamatera does not provide a free trial for its services directly, but as one of the promotional services that kamatera provides to you after registering and entering your personal information, it will provide you with a discount code valid for 30 days, in addition, you will get 1 cloud server (up to 100 USD) and 1000 GB cloud storage and 1000 GB of outgoing Internet traffic.

kamatera cloud prides itself on the quality of its good customer service, as it provides on its page several ways to communicate directly with technical support to solve any problems related to one of their services, as they provide a direct phone line to call them with support to respond 24/4, with the provision of a live chat feature.

Best vps rdp remote desktop server provider and best plan to buy

Kamatera provides you with an open purchase plan, where you are in control while choosing the resources you want to get.

So it provides you with a full window with all the features that the kamatera RDP interface provides for you, all you have to choose what you want and the final price of the purchase will appear to you.

Contabo VPS Server

Best vps rdp remote desktop server provider and best plan to buy

Contabo is proud to have been in business for 19 years since the time of writing this article, having obtained more than 130K loyal customers around the world, more than 275K serving services on their platform, in addition to many awards that the platform has received due to good reviews.

Contabo VPS server is running in many countries of the world such as (United States, Germany, Singapore) to always be closer to its customers.

Contabo Services is not only providing VPS RDP servers, but also web hosting, domain name sales, and many other sub-services.

Best vps rdp remote desktop server provider and best plan to buy

Contabo windows vps prices for contabo VPS services with the resources they provide are very good, and the higher the service price, the more hardware you will get.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

VPS (Virtual Private Server) and RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) are both related to server hosting but serve different purposes when used.

VPS (Virtual Private Server): VPS is a type of private hosting where the physical server is divided into multiple virtual servers, each running its own operating system.

Users in a VPS have greater control over their environment, such as installing software, configuring settings, and managing resources.

  • Provides a higher level of customization and flexibility compared to shared hosting.
  • VPS hosting is suitable for websites or applications that need more resources and control than shared hosting can provide, but may not need a dedicated server.

RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol): It is a protocol that allows a user to connect remotely to another computer over a network.

  • Provides access to the desktop interface of the remote computer, allowing users to interact with it as if they were physically present.
  • RDP is often used to remotely access servers, workstations, or virtual machines for administration, troubleshooting, or running applications.

Hosting Solutions: Hosting solutions include many services offered by hosting providers, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, cloud hosting, and more.
Look for providers that offer strong security measures such as firewalls, DDoS protection, regular backups, and encryption protocols to protect your data.


Choosing the best VPS RDP remote desktop server provider and plan requires a thorough understanding of your specific needs, careful evaluation of features and resources, and consideration of scalability and budget constraints.

All the platforms we mentioned are the best platforms in the VPS RDP industry, but keep in mind, whenever you want large and powerful capabilities, you will need to add extra money.

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