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Explained What The Difference Is Between VPN Services & Antivirus Software

# Explained What The Difference Is Between VPN Services & Antivirus Software :

Antivirus software and VPN services, antivirus vs. vpn is always asked who will win the battle?

Well, this question is basically wrong, because both services are contradictory in terms of the tasks they provide, but the only thing they have in common is the protection feature, but even this feature is provided by both services in its own way. 

The right question to ask is What Is The Difference between vpn and antivirus software?

Because they are really two different services, so we will see the difference between them and what is the benefit of each service, and whether they are useful to me.

Explained What The Difference Is Between VPN Services & Antivirus Software

Before getting into the answer to our previous question, it makes sense to know how the two services work in the first place, and answering this question will answer the previous question.

What is Antivirus

The primary task of antivirus software is to protect the device from any malicious software that may infect your device, as it provides a layer of protection for your device from any malware, viruses, hacking programs, ransomware, and others

The protection program performs a complete scan of the device as long as it is running in the background, as it will check all device files, installed programs, web pages that you visit, or any code of any kind, if any threat is detected, it will isolate and remove it completely. 

It will always keep your device safe from any external threats as long as you use a good program, so we always advise paid protection programs because they provide a very high level of security, and it is preferable to stay away from free antivirus programs because the protection in them is weak. 

What is VPN services?

VPN services do not build a firewall for your device against any viruses or any malware, the mission of VPN programs is to provide anonymous Internet browsing, while protecting your private data while using the Internet.

VPN Services & Antivirus Software

VPN offers a virtual tunnel to connect through, as it provides many virtual servers that you can connect to, and these servers are spread around the world, so it will be almost impossible for anyone to track your data even by the service provider of your country. 

In addition, the VPN service has the ability to open and access websites or applications that are blocked in your country, so it is a good service if you are in a country that suppresses some freedoms on the Internet, or prevents access to some sites or content. 

As we said about antivirus software, it is preferable to use a paid VPN service.

Of course, there are free VPN services, but they cannot be compared to paid programs in terms of the features and protection that you will get.

What is the difference between vpn and antivirus? Is vpn the same as antivirus?

The answer is No, as protection programs use completely different methods than VPN programs, as antivirus programs focus on protecting the device from any security threats, while the VPN service focuses on protecting the user while browsing the Internet.

But in terms of importance, protection programs are more important than VPN programs, because VPN programs do not have the ability to prevent any malicious programs from entering the user’s device, and their mission stops at a certain limit, so protection and defense programs are very important in every device. 

Which is better? VPN or antivirus.

Both programs have a specific goal for which they were designed, and they both share one task, which is to protect the user, but in terms of comparison, they cannot be compared, and the reason we explained earlier.

Well, let's put some cases that you may be exposed to and see who is the useful program in that case:

  • You want to browse blocked sites in your country, such as Netflix or Hulu, in this case you need a VPN.
  • If you want to protect your device from viruses and malware, you need to install an antivirus program.
  • You want to surf the Internet without being tracked, in this case you need a VPN program.
  • You want to install external accessories on your device (USB, Hard Drive) and you are afraid of that, you need an external device checker program and this is available in security programs.

What does this mean to me as a user?

Well, there is no program that will provide you with 100% complete protection, because technology is constantly evolving, and even hackers and intruders looking for any loophole to slip through are also constantly evolving.

But by integrating the VPN service and antivirus software, you will build two layers of protection for you and your device, the first will protect your device, and the second will protect you while browsing the Internet, so by combining them you will increase the chances of protecting you and your data. 

You may come across antivirus software that supports built-in VPN functionality, for example Bitdefender VPN and serfshark vpn, which provide the service as part of their anti-malware software.

But even if this is available, it is preferable that the two services be separate, as the VPN service is added as a feature and not a real service, so you will not get all the power needed for the service while using it, and the company will not invest its money in a side service.

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