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NordVPN's services review | Best service to Secure your privacy

# NordVPN's services review | Best service to Secure your privacy :
In a previous article on our Note Info website, we explained about for the 5 Best VPN services website in 2022 for Safe Browsing according to our personal opinion, and we mentioned in the context of the article about the nord VPN website and set it one of a Best services to secure your privacy for internet.
NordVPN's services review for 2022 | Best service to Secure your privacy

nord VPN app is considered as one of the best virtual private network on the internet without compliment.
And the powerful features and services it provides made us write an article about him and mention the features it offers and the advanced features it provides, and this is what we will mention in the context of the article.

Quick info about NordVPN website

Virtual private network from NordVPN is a website that provides a VPN service, the goal of which is to protect your device and your accounts while browsing the Internet.

NordVPN first appeared in 2012 and currently has several offices around the world, such as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, the United States, Lithuania, Switzerland and Panama, and the spark for the launch of the service was by four friends who shared the same vision, which is to provide the best methods of protection while browsing the Internet.

This is an overview of the company from its inception until the date of writing this article.

  • 2012 - NordVPN set up with the first server in Germany, with a total of 6 servers.

  • 2013 - Access to more than 1K NordVPN users, with the ability to install on win8.

  • 2014 - Providing customer support service, with the introduction of two new services (Double VPN and Onion Over VPN).

  • 2015 - Providing the service on IOS phones and computers with macOS, with the addition of up to 100 servers in 27 countries around the world.

  • 2016 - Providing service on Android devices - With the increase in the number of servers to reach 550 servers in 50 countries around the world, with the first award from PCMag.

  • 2017 - Provide the service as installation extensions on Google Chrome browser and Firefox browser.

  • 2018 - The service is available on Linux and Android TV devices, with the advantage of being an industry first without logs.

  • 2019 - Launching new services such as:

    • NordPass to control and protect passwords
    • NordLocker to protect and encrypt files against hacking
    • NordLayer Business Service
    • NordLYnx support from WireGuard
    • Establishing the first VPN fund initiative
    • the best VPN award in the proPrivacy Awards competition
    • Access to 5000 servers spread in 59 countries around the world

  • 2020 - Received Best VPN Award for the second year, increased server interconnectivity and access to Best VPN service provider fast on the planet

  • 2021 - Providing a new service called dark web monitor, providing Nord Account with MFA feature, providing installation on Edge browser, and on M1 macOS devices, and many other features.

  • 2022 - Increased security and protection from threats and intrusions.

NordVPN's providers offer more than 5,400 servers worldwide spread over 58 countries around the world at the time of writing this article, and the company is still growing so far due to the increasing number of users who have loved the services offered by Nord VPN.

What services and offers does NordVPN offer me?

NordVPN will provide you with all the good services of a VPN service, it will provide you with the best possible protection while you are on the Internet, it will provide you a lot of features in one place, and you can access it when subscribed to one of the packages that NordVPN offers you.

We will mention to you the best and most important features and services that NordVPN will provide you with in order to reach the best and highest possible privacy.

Data encryption while browsing the Internet

NordVPN's data encryption service provides you with the ability to prevent third parties from obtaining or misusing it for malicious purposes.

One of the importance of data encryption while roaming on the Internet is the possibility of preventing the tracking of your data on the Internet by the Internet service provider in your country, and also preventing hackers from accessing your data by exploiting unsecured communications by creating encrypted communications that are not trackable and hacked.

NordVPN will become the intermediary between you and your virtual network, and it will create an encrypted tunnel through which the data will pass, encrypt it and then send it back and forth and become unreadable, traceable, hacked, or know its source.

private internet access - VPN
One of the advanced encryptions that NordVpn uses is their reliance on the AES encryption standard, which governments and internet experts use to protect their confidential or highly classified data, and which has been personally recommended by the National Security Agency (NSA).

Also, to increase security and productivity while you are using the Internet, NordVpn provides three different VPN protocols to increase browsing security (IKEv2/IPsec, OpenVPN, NordLynx).

With the Double VPN feature from NordVPN, you will get double protection and complete protection from external threats or tracking your data, as the feature will hide your activity on the Internet behind two servers at the same time instead of one.

Best very fast VPN solution

NordVPN is considered to be the fastest VPN on the planet, with the testimony of many of the biggest sites and comparisons made between NordVPN and other sites in the same industry.

The Institute of Technology AV-TEST conducted an experiment to compare the connection speed using the VPN service provided by the best companies on the Internet, and NordVPN got the result of the best fast VPN service provider on the Internet.
nordvpn casey neistat - nordvpn multiple users

A lot of servers mean great and good speed, and this is what NordVPN has pursued, as it owns more than 5,400 servers around the world in more than 58 countries around the world, so you will be sure that when you pair up with one of NordVPN’s servers, you will know that it is closer to one of their servers, and you will get speed big.

Policy of no logs of users' browsing activities

During your use of the Internet, all the traffic you make or the sites you visit can be accessed by the Internet service provider in your country, and even it can be accessed by a hacker or hacker.

The basic data that is stored by Internet service providers are:

  • Client's IP address
  • The duration of his internet connection
  • The amount of data he used during the request and sending
  • Visited sites
  • Files uploaded and uploaded
  • Software that was used
  • Lots of other data

But when you connect to the VPN server provided by NordVpn, you will protect your traffic and hide your activities during your use of the Internet, and the most important thing is that NordVpn does not store your connection data with it, and this is its policy not to keep a history of users' data.

Also, NordVPN is an independent, non-governmental company that is outside the control of governments or jurisdictions imposed by the European Union or the United States of America.

Secure communication via mesh network

To increase the security of your connection to private VPNs, New technology is designed by NordLynx outlined around WireGuard, which is enhanced with proprietary technologies that will provide great, high-quality security during connection between devices.

Protection from threats, hacks and malware

While using NordVPN VPN, you will get very high security against threats, hacking or ransomware, and it will provide you with a firewall against malware, in addition to the ability to activate the feature to block or block unwanted ads from appearing.
Prevent your data from leaking with the Kill Switch VPN feature, which is an advanced security measure that prevents your data from leaking and falling into insecure hands, as it will prevent any unsecured or unprotected connections and the Kill Switch will block access to the Internet in your device.

The connection will be resumed when a secure encryption tunnel is obtained or when the feature is disabled from the application, with the ability to select the applications or programs that you want the feature to work on.

Compatibility with browsers and electronic devices

NordVPN offers you the ability to access their services on different browsers, mobile devices or computers (to install the app or extension, scroll down below ).

By subscribing to a one-time package of one of NordVPN's plans, you will be able to get all of their services on all of your devices that have a NordVPN app, or an add-on that can be installed on your browser.

By subscribing to one of NordVPN's plans, you will be able to secure up to 6 of your devices at the same time, and it does not matter what browser or system you will use as long as the account you use on each device is the same.

Special support throughout the week

There is no good software or application, and all software is subject to crashes, failures or slow connection due to any external cause, and here NordVPN provides you with their support page, where you will get a wide range of articles where you may find a solution to your problem.

You will also be able to communicate with the NordVPN help center or have a direct conversation with support or correspondence via e-mail, and all of these just to stay closer to their customers all the time.


What are the prices of VPN offers in NordVPN website?

Nord VPN price comes with three plans that have all the features and services that NordVPN provides, but at the same time they differ in prices, and plans are available at monthly or yearly rates.

NordVPN monthly plan subscription

In this package, you will not be able to get any discounts while subscribing to it, It is divided into three sub-packages that differ in prices between each package and the other.

NordVPN Standard Pack monthly

The package starts at $11.99/Mo, where you will get high-speed VPN servers because of the many servers that you will be able to connect with, with full protection from malware or hacking, you will be able to activate the intrusive ad tracker feature with the possibility of blocking it completely.

NordVPN Plus Pack monthly

NordVPN Plus
pack starts at $12.69/Mo, and you get all the features of the NordVPN Standard pack, plus the ability to manage passwords, sync and backup them across all your devices that have the NordVPN app or extension on them.

You will get complete protection for your passwords, email addresses or payment card information, providing all possible details about the reason for the hack and how it happened, with protection recommendations and how to avoid it in the future if it happens.

NordVPN complete pack monthly

The NordVPN complete pack starts at $13.99/Mo, you will get all the features of the NordVPN Plus package, will get 1 TB of cloud storage space, which you can access through all your devices that have the NordVPN app or extension with the ability to manage it or share it with others safely.
nordvpn business pricing - nord vpn discount

NordVPN one-year plan subscription

NordVPN's price on the plan from one year you will get a huge discount on all the packages, and you will get all the advanced features that NordVPN provides.

NordVPN Standard Pack one-year

The standard price starts from $4.99/Mo, where you will get a 39% discount, as the annual plan price will be only $59.88.

NordVPN Plus Pack one-yaer

The price of the standard plan starts from the price of $5.69/Mo, where you will get a 46% discount, as the price of the annual plan will become only $68.28.

NordVPN complete pack one year

The standard plan price starts at $6.99/Mo, where you will get a 57% discount, as the annual plan price will be only $83.88.
nordvpn dark web monitor - best vpn for 2021

NordVPN two-year plan subscription

 NordVPN Price In the 2-year plan, you will get a huge discount on all the packages, and you will get all the advanced features that NordVPN has to offer.

NordVPN Standard Pack two-year

The price of the standard plan starts at $3.29/Mo, where you will get a 60% discount, as the annual plan price will be only $39.

NordVPN Plus Pack two-year

The price of the standard plan starts at $3.99/Mo, where you will get a 62% discount, as the annual plan price will be only $47.88.

NordVPN complete pack two year

The price of the standard plan starts from the price of $5.29/Mo, where you will get a 68% discount, as the price of the annual plan will become only $63.84.

nord vpn business - nordvpn multiple devices

With all these prices, you will be able to get your money back in 30 days if you do not like their services.

What devices does NordVPN supported? And how can I install it?

NordVPN has sought since its inception to reach all devices, and now they have been able to access all devices and browsers available on the Internet.

you can get their services by installing an extension on your browser, or installing it through an application on your own device.

nordvpn customer service - best vpn

While installing one of the NordVPN app extensions, you will be able to access all their services that they offer when subscribing to one of their packages.

You will benefit from a NordVPN free trial for 30 days while registering and getting an account with NordVPN, with the possibility of getting some free servers to connect to.

The features that you will get differ from one device to another, so you may see that some additional features are not present from one device to another

nordvpn browser extension

  • NordVPN Google Chrome extensions - Install
  • NordVPN addon on Firefox - Install
  • NordVPN edge extension - Install

Downloads NordVPN for smartphone

Download NordVPN for computer

  • NordVPN windows application - Install
  • NordVPN macOS application - Install
  • NordVPN Linux application - Install
  • NordVPN Chromebook application - Install

NordVPN Install in other device

  • NordVPN android TV application - Install
  • NordVPN PlayStation application - Use the router or via a Windows PC
  • NordVPN Xbox application - Use the router or via a Windows PC
  • NordVPN Nintendo Switch application - Mobile access point (hotspot) or VPN router
  • NordVPN fire stick application - Install
  • NordVPN Chromecast application - Google TV, physical VPN router, or virtual VPN router
  • NordVPN Kindle Fire application - Check to see if it supports NordVPN.
  • NordVPN raspery pi application - Follow the installation tutorial in the Help Center

Can one trust NordVPN?

The short answer to the question is - Yes.

NordVpn has imposed itself strongly in the field of privacy protection on the Internet, and has become one of the best data protection sites on the Internet, and many users have liked it and won many awards for data protection, so it is one of the best solutions that you can take advantage of to protect yourself while browsing online.

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