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Download From Torrent Safely by Following This Safe Torrent Guide

# Download From Torrent Safely by Following This Safe Torrent Guide :

The question that always comes up regarding Torrent:

Is torrent legal?

The short answer is no, torrent downloading is illegal and immoral, and the reason that torrent is not legal is that the content downloaded via torrent is copyrighted.

Download From Torrent Safely and Anonymously by following these instructions

But if you don't care, you must follow some necessary steps and advice while downloading any content via Torrent, in order to avoid any legal problems in your country that prevent theft of content, and protect your devices from any malware while downloading file torrent anonymously. 

What is Torrenting?

Torrent is a way to download files from the BitTorrent network, unlike downloading via regular links, downloading from Torrent is done by fetching files from other users who have the same file you want to download.

Those users who own the same file known as providers complement each other to enhance the download speed and reliability while downloading the file, so to download torrent files you need a safe torrent application and a safe place to download torrents file to start the download process. 

Why should I protect myself while downloading via torrent?

Do you remember The pirate bay torrent? One of the most popular free torrent download sites, in 2009 they were taken to court for illegal activities that led to the seizure of 186 of their servers, In addition to legal costs totaling $3.5M. 

Why is this important to you? — Because The users' data is on these servers that have been confiscated by the court.

Other than account data for users, your computer pings the server during a torrent download, and will detect any data being made as a round-trip request, including:

  • Your device's IP
  • Your current location
  • Your service provider
  • The file you want to download
  • Additional information…

So you have to be careful during the downloading process and take some precautions to avoid any legal issues in the future.

What is a torrent client? And how does it work?

A torrent client is a program that helps you download torrent files on your computer, and it is considered the safest way to download torrents, as it automatically recognizes the extension of torrent files, which are named 'Example.torrent'.

The program or application is a link between people who download the same file that you want to download, and they, in turn, carry out the same process to download this file, so the larger the number of people who download the file, the faster when download file. 

What is the safest way to torrent download a file?

If you want to download a torrent safely through a torrent downloader, the best way to protect yourself is to install a VPN on your device, as there are many VPN apps dedicated to downloading torrents safely.

One such service that I recommend is NordVpn, which is much safer while downloading torrents, as it provides private servers designed explicitly for downloading torrenting anonymously.

When you use the Torrent app with NordVpn's Torrent Download Protection enabled, it will create an encrypted tunnel, meaning that even if you're being tracked, no one can know what you're downloading without decrypting the files as they're being sent.

NordVPN uses AES-256 GCM encryptions, so the chance of any tracking or detection of your identity is next to impossible, so it is recommended to use a VPN as the best solution while downloading via torrent programs.

So, you cannot download a file from a torrent safely without a vpn. If you feel that you have been tracked after downloading a torrent file from a site without using a VPN, you must clear all the cache of the browser you are using to avoid any other data leakage. 

NordVPN provides servers dedicated to torrent downloading, which are separate from the normal servers, so you will find that the protection on these servers is specific to the conditions of torrent downloading.

Other VPN providers such as Surfshark and ExpressVPN also support servers dedicated to torrenting, so if you are unsure that your VPN client does not support secure encryption while downloading from Torrent, you should ask them immediately.

What is the safest torrent downloading software?

The torrent client recognizes torrent files by its extension (.torrent), which sometimes does not exceed 1 MB in size, and after adding it to the download program, it will start the download process to your device.

One of the best safe torrent software that receives a lot of downloads and usage is uTorrent, it is a very light program, supports various existing systems, and provides a free version, in addition to the paid version that supports virus scanning and VPN support. 

BitTorrent is the original torrent manager client that supports more than 2 billion users, which supports the unique BTT encryption, Which allows users to be anonymous while downloading.

Deluge, an open source torrent client that has many free and highly customizable plugins.

Free Download Manager program, which I prefer a lot during downloading from torrent, as it supports direct download of files from direct links, in addition to supporting the ability to download via torrent files.

How can I find safe torrent file?

When searching for safe torrent files, you should ask yourself two very important questions:

  • Is the site from which I will download the file trustworthy?
  • Is the file I will upload safe?

So to find a trustworthy site you need to focus on those that have some general appreciation from users, check out sites like Reddit or Quora, where you will find many questions and answers about the best safe torrent sites.

If torrent website good and safe will allow including a place for comments and ratings, and this indicates that they have a strong, because the comments will give you a general view of whether the site and the files it offers are safe to download or not. 

From the best safe torrenting sites that we can recommend that have a very strong community out there, (RARBg , 1337x , Torrentz), you will notice that these sites do not have a long shelf life due to questionable activities.

However, even if we recommend these sites, this does not mean that you download any files from them without using a VPN program, so protect yourself before entering or downloading from an illegal site.

Well, regarding whether the file that you will download is safe or not, the best way to make sure of that is through other users.
If you notice any negative comment about the file, do not risk downloading it to your device. 

In addition, delete the download file from the download program after the download is finished.

Although this activity is not liked by members of the BitTorrent community and is called leeching, it is useful for increasing security.
Avoid downloading unnecessary files during the download, because they may contain harmful viruses.

Torrent download programs provide you with the ability to choose only the files you want to download, in addition to scanning the file with an antivirus program after downloading it.

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