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Best Mobile VPN For Android APK | Perfect List VPN That Protect Your Privacy

# Best Mobile VPN For Android APK | Perfect List VPN That Protect Your Privacy :

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are very powerful tools that help us maintain our privacy while browsing the Internet, in addition to the ability to give us the ability to browse blocked sites in our country with ease.

These very useful tools are not exclusive to desktop devices only.

In fact, if you have an Android phone or an iPhone, you will be able to access these services with ease, so we will share with you in this article the best vpn list for android system.

Best Mobile VPN For Android APK | Perfect List VPN That Protect Your Privacy

Well, of course you will get the basic features that the VPN service provides on your phone, but you will not get many of the features that are available on computers, but this does not mean that the VPN application that you will install will be useless. 

Expressvpn android APK

Expressvpn android APK

Although the subscription plan offered by expressvpn APK is a bit more expensive compared to its competitors, it is one of the most reliable VPN services in this industry.

It is a great option for privacy thanks to its strict no-logs policy.

Expressvpn uses the OpenVPN protocol along with AES256 encryption, keeping all your data safe from pesky spies.

Expressvpn also introduced its own security protocol called LightWay, which is safe and a good addition to increase security and provides faster connections and good download speeds.

Of course, the great thing about expressvpn is that you can use it on practically any device, as it supports all types of computers, Chromebooks, and even smartphones.

You can download expressvpn from play store or get one for your mobile phone (Android, iPhone) from the official website.

The company that owns the expressvpn service does a great job of updating their apps regularly, and bugs that are caught are often fixed as quickly as possible and in a timely manner.

The expressvpn app provides a beautiful interface with easy, functional and simple controls at the same time, so there will be no difficulty to use the app or accessing a server to start the service on your device.

Expressvpn also works across a range of Android devices without issues, and you will be able to connect to unprotected Wi-Fi networks safely and enjoy advanced protection against data leaks.

Cyberghost VPN android

Cyberghost VPN android

Cyberghost has one of the largest networks of VPN servers in the world, and it can be accessed by the service that supports the largest VPN technologies out there, but to be fair, it lacks some of the privacy features offered by some of its competitors. 

Cyberghost offers NoSpy servers which the company claims are specially tuned servers in a highly secure facility in Romania, which is also the home of the company that owns the cyberghost service.

In addition to the VPN service that it provides, cyberghost also provides antivirus and malware protection, in addition to blocking annoying ads.

Although they are useful features, it is preferable to obtain these services from companies specialized in the field to obtain the best results in terms of protection and blocking unwanted advertisements.

The cyberghost app for Android gives you access to some cool features, such as Wi-Fi protection, which will notify you when you connect to an unprotected or insecure public internet.

One-Tap Connect also provides the ability to hide your IP address in one click, thanks to the simple user interface design of the application.

Nordvpn android APK

Nordvpn android APK

NordLynx's blazing speeds, Bitcoin support, and P2P-optimized servers make nordvpn an almost irresistible choice.

Although it doesn't have the best speeds of OpenVPN, it's a good option and works great with smartphone platforms.

Nordvpn scores well in the privacy arena thanks to its strong AES-256-GCM encryption, as well as perfect confidentiality support for regular key changes.

This means that even if someone hacks into one of your online sessions, they will be caught in the next session.

Nordvpn for android has some good tricks that help greatly in enhancing your privacy, such as Onion Over VPN, which directs your traffic through nordvpn’s private network before it is routed through the Onion network and then to its final destination. 

Although this extra layer of privacy will slow down your service a bit, it will prevent anyone from tracking your online activities.

Nordvpn is compatible with mobile devices, especially Android systems from version 6.0 or later, so you will be able to take full advantage of its features even if your phone is a bit old.

With its online anonymity features, you'll get malware and virus protection features, as well as Kill Switch protection available on Android 8.0 or later.

With all these advanced features, nordvpn provides a wide range of more than 50 tutorials explaining how to set up the application on smartphones, including coverage of 20 other platform supported by the service.

ProtonVPN android APK

ProtonVPN android APK

If you hate paying for things, then you will be happy to know that ProtonVPN offers some of the best free subscription tiers available, but if you like access to advanced features, then paid subscriptions are a good option.

The prices in ProtonVPN are very reasonable, as the best plan you can get is the 2-year plan which costs $4.99/Mo for 2 years, or the monthly plan which costs $9.99.

ProtonVPN for Android offers a clean user interface with a simple design, and the app will direct you to the fastest server in the country of your choice, for the best browsing and the best possible speed.

ProtonVPN offers Secure Core VPN, which protects your connection by running your traffic through multiple servers before leaving the Proton network for added security.

The app also comes with NetShield, an ad blocker and filter, as well as malware or spam protection for the best possible browsing.

# surfshark app for Android

surfshark app for Android

Surfshark has long been a force to be reckoned with in the VPN world, offering a wealth of privacy tools as well as security features, as well as support for multiple devices with a single subscription.

One of surfshark's the most powerful features is WhiteLister, a split tunneling tool that lets you decide which apps and websites can use your VPN connections, which is very useful now that some websites and apps block access via VPN.

Multi-hop is another feature you don't see in many VPNs right now, where the tool establishes a VPN connection to one server, then bounces your traffic to another server to provide some extra security.

Some of the notable features in surfshark's privacy suite include a dedicated DNS service called Smart DNS, an ad blocker called CleanWeb, surfshark Alert, and surfshark Search which is a privacy-respecting search tool.

There are a lot of advanced features that will make you fall in love with surfshark, which is why surfshark is always included in the top 5 best VPN providers on the internet.

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