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Best 10 Free Websites To Filter Proxy List: Power of Anonymity

# Best 10 Free Websites To Filter Proxy List: Power of Anonymity :
What is privacy, well in short it is keeping your personal information safe from the eyes of any third parties trying to access it.

Protecting your privacy and security online is of the utmost importance, due to the increasing security threats that occur all the time on the Internet.

With the increasing threats to personal data and the need to access Geo-restricted content, using proxies or VPN services has become a common practice.

A proxy is one way to access restricted content or hide your online presence, however, not all proxies are created equal.

To ensure a smooth and secure browsing experience with the Proxy List, it is necessary to filter TXT proxy lists.

In this comprehensive guide, we will unveil the Best 10 Free Websites To Filter Proxy List.
Free Websites To Filter Proxy List

Why is Filtering The Proxy List is important?

Free proxy list acts as an intermediary between your device and the websites you visit, hiding your IP address, enhancing your security and the security of your data, and masking your presence on the Internet.

However, the quality of the list of proxies can vary greatly, and not all of them are trustworthy in terms of security and speed.

Proxy filtering is a necessary process for selecting proxies carefully based on various factors, which ensures that you can choose reliable, high-performance and fast ones.

Risk of unfiltered Proxy Lists

While using ip address proxy list, you will get benefits like access to restricted content or enhanced anonymity, so using unfiltered proxy lists can expose you to potential risks.

  • Malicious servers: Unfiltered lists may include proxy servers run by malicious entities, putting your sensitive data at risk.
  • Slow performance: Low quality proxy servers can drastically slow down your browsing speed, thus hampering your online experience.
  • Data Leaks: Inadequate proxy filtering can lead to leaks of your IP, allowing websites to track your real location and identity.

Top 10 Website For Filtering Proxy List

1- Proxy-Scraper—Online proxy checker

Proxy_Scraper is a versatile tool that provides an extensive list of proxy servers and empowers users with the ability to filter proxy lists.

In addition to the free List of proxy servers provided by the site, you can get paid proxy lists, such as Premium, Residential Proxies, Dedicated Proxies


  • Multiple filter criteria, including protocol, anonymity level, and response time.
  • User-friendly interface for effortless navigation.
  • Regularly updated proxy database for optimum performance.

2- Proxy db—Filter proxies in format IP

In addition to providing free proxy lists renewed every day, offers the ability to filter these lists to obtain a Secure filter proxy list

The site offers several proxy protocols to choose from, as well as an Anonymity type.


  • Proxies lists renewed every daily
  • Filter proxy lists by validity or Expiry
  • Proxy strength is determined by country

3- ProxyNova—Online Proxy Filtering

ProxyNova boasts an extensive database of proxies and provides a range of filtering tools to meet the diverse needs of users.


  • A large group of agents from all over the world.
  • Filter by country, port, and protocol.
  • Proxy checking tools to check server status.

4-—Free proxy checker is a feature-rich platform that provides detailed information about proxy servers and their capabilities, as well as free lists of proxy servers.


  • Real time agent database updates.
  • Anonymity of proxy identity and uptime information.
  • Search and filter proxies based on specific criteria.

5- GatherProxy—Find free Socks5 Proxy Servers

GatherProxy offers a wide range of proxy filtering options, catering to both casual and professional users.

In addition to yours, offers an extensive list of free proxy.


  • Filter proxies by country, level of anonymity, and speed.
  • Customizable settings for personal proxy selection.
  • Proxy testing to verify the reliability of the chosen servers.

6- free-proxy-list—All In One provides an extensive list of proxies and easy-to-use filter tools, as well as Unblock Websites, Unblock YouTube, Unblock Proxy and many other features.


Various filter options, including country, anonymity, and port.
Daily updates of the agent database.
Anonymity of the agent and speed of information.

7- XRoxy—Proxy TXT List checker

XRoxy provides a platform that combines proxy filtering with additional security and privacy features.


  • Filter proxies by country, port and protocol.
  • HTTPS encryption for secure browsing.
  • Proxy checker to evaluate server reliability.

8- free-proxy-sale—Web Filter Proxy 

In addition to other features, the site offers the feature of searching and filtering proxy lists to obtain working proxies and delete stopped proxies.


  • Determine the actual place of residence
  • Checking ports
  • Check proxy speed and response

9- checkerproxy—proxy verification platform

checkerproxy is a proxy verification platform that offers a swift, dependable, and user-friendly way to assess the functionality of your proxies.

Additionally, you have the option to obtain complimentary proxies or share your own proxy lists.

Expect a rapid verification process with our proxy checker, boasting a high-speed assessment rate of approximately 1,000 units in just 30 seconds.

10-—Online proxy server verification

This validator offers a remarkable verification speed of 64 threads, using the latest AI algorithms to quickly identify agents within the lists.

It conducts comprehensive proxy assessments based on various parameters, encompassing ping, connection speed, and anonymity.

The real-time results are displayed with customizable options, enabling you to export specific information as per your requirements.


Ensuring your online privacy and security is non-negotiable.

With the proliferation of proxies and even VPNs, filtering proxy lists becomes a vital step in ensuring a smooth and secure browsing experience in all aspects.

By using our list of the 10 Best Free Proxy Filtering Websites mentioned in this guide, you can control your digital presence, access Geo-restricted content, and protect your sensitive information with High-quality filter proxy list.

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