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This Way You Can Unblock All YouTube Videos Blocked In Your Country

# This Way You Can Unblock All YouTube Videos Blocked In Your Country :

Not being able to watch videos on YouTube can be very frustrating, whether it is due to geo-blocks that some countries may apply or network restriction, if you are in a similar situation then this article will definitely help you to unblock YouTube blocks.

Nowadays, the world doesn't have a bigger video platform than YouTube, with over 2.3 billion monthly active users, it would be very silly to argue with that claim.

YouTube is not only the largest platform for displaying visual content in the world, but it is also considered the second-largest social networking platform on the Internet after the Facebook platform, so it is no wonder that the platform gets more than 5 billion views every day. 

This Way You Can Unblock All YouTube Videos Blocked In Your Country

However, despite being the premier destination for all videos, and widely recognized as the best educational digital tool, not everyone has access to all the videos on YouTube.

For some people, their problem lies in accessing YouTube videos due to the geographical blockage imposed by some countries, while others may be due to the network blockage, in addition to YouTube blocking some videos in some countries.

What Are Reasons To Block YouTube or Some Videos

If you are at work or school, there is a possibility that access to YouTube has been blocked in the entire network that you are connected to, it may be due to the laws that are being implemented within the school or company in order to improve productivity and eliminate distractions.

Well, we believe that everyone has the right to access any content on the Internet, provided that this content is not illegal, and as we mentioned earlier, the YouTube platform is one of the largest educational platforms on the Internet.

Therefore, it is unfair that students, in particular, are denied access to this content because it is considered useful to them.

And even for people who work in companies or institutions, educational content may provide them with many solutions to perform their daily work within the company or institution.

Another reason that YouTube content may be blocked is censorship, as many countries place strict censorship on the Internet, and this strictness varies from one country to another.

For example, all YouTube content is blocked in China, but you may find that in North Korea you only view a certain type of video.

However, even if the country you reside in does not censor the Internet, some YouTube videos may be blocked due to copyright laws.

For example, you may post some videos on YouTube that are licensed only for viewing in the United States of America, so YouTube will prevent these videos from being shown anywhere other than the United States in accordance with copyright regulations. 

What I Can Check If YouTube Videos Blocked in My Device

If you're unable to access a specific YouTube video or channel, there are a few things you can try to check it:

  • Check your network settings: If you're unable to access the video or channel on your network, try resetting your network settings or contacting your internet service provider (ISP) to see if they have blocked the YouTube content in your network.
  • Clear your browser cache and cookies: Sometimes, clearing your browser cache and cookies can help to unblock content that is being blocked due to a temporary issue.
  • Contact YouTube support: If none of the above solutions work, you can contact YouTube support for help, They may be able to provide more information on why the video or channel is blocked and help you to access it.

It's important to note that some content may be blocked for valid reasons, such as violation of community guidelines or copyright infringement.

If this is the case, you may not be able to access the content even after trying the above solutions.

How Can to Unblock YouTube Videos

There really are various ways to unblock YouTube, you may use a VPN, a proxy server or web browser add-on, the Tor browser or any website to give you access to blocked YouTube videos in your region.

Via VPN service

The best way to prevent YouTube videos from being blocked that we recommend is by using a VPN, you may ask which VPN is suitable for this task? I think any free or premium VPN will do the job without a problem.

Well, if you need a solid VPN that will help you unblock YouTube, as well as get all the anti-tracking and security features that are useful if you are in a country that heavily censors content, then NordVPN is your excellent choice.

NordVPN is currently considered one of the best virtual private networks on the Internet, as it provides strong performance with high speed, with the ability to open any blocked website in your network or geographical location.

Keeping your identity hidden on the Internet is one of the features that you will get with NordVPN, along with a no-logs policy, and a lot of other features.

Access to blocked YouTube videos via using proxy

proxy is a website that offered a way to access unblock YouTube videos that were blocked in certain countries or regions.

This was achieved by routing the user's internet traffic through a different server or proxy, which made it appear as though the user was accessing the internet from a different location.

Example proxy website's:

Watch Blocked YouTube Videos via Chrome extension

Unblocker for YouTube is a Google Chrome browser extension that allows users to access YouTube videos that are blocked or restricted in their region.

The extension works by redirecting the user's internet traffic through a different server, making it appear as though the user is accessing the internet from a different location.

When a user installs the Unblocker for YouTube extension on their Google Chrome browser, it automatically detects when the user is trying to access a blocked YouTube video and then redirects their internet traffic through a server located in a different country where the video is not blocked. 

Important note

it's important to note that using proxy websites or Extension to access blocked content may not be legal, and it could also pose a risk to privacy and security.

The website may be collecting information about the user's browsing activity or serving ads that could be harmful or misleading.

It's always recommended to use caution when accessing any website that offers to bypass content restrictions or blocks.

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