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keeper password manager review 2024 - Safe your Passwords

# keeper password manager review 2024 - Safe your Passwords :

Like many password managers on the Internet, Keeper comes with a lot of strong promises to users, but how long can it stand in the shadow of strong competition against other programs that provide the same service.

In this article, we will try to judge the keeper service for managing and protecting passwords, through five main aspects, namely, features, security and privacy, ease of use, plans and pricing, in addition to technical support.

keeper Manager Review 2023 - Safe your Passwords With keeper

Currently, Keeper is one of the best online password managers you can spend your money on, thanks to its plethora of excellent and powerful features, as well as its ease of use, with a range of affordable price plans to choose from.

Keeper password manager features

Since Keeper manager is considered one of the best and leading password managers in the market, this service is expected to offer a lot of powerful features to its users, and in this respect, Keeper will never disappoint you.

  • keeper password generator which will help you create complex passwords every time you create a new account on the Internet, as it generates passwords consisting of 12 characters (uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, symbols).
  • Keeper password sharing allows for secure sharing, thanks to the feature of protecting the sharing of passwords between users of the service, you will be able to fully control the level that you want to give to the person with whom you share your password.
  • Digital vault, which will allow you to purchase secure cloud storage alongside your subscription to the service, With the basic plan, you can store up to 5 files, but there is an option to expand the space to 1 TB if you need to.
  • Keeper keeps every copy of your login details, which will allow you to find all the passwords you have used since you used Keeper.
  • Biometric login is another feature in Keeper Login, which will allow you to login to your account using face ID or by fingerprint in addition to registering via personal account.
  • Keeper Fill auto complete which will help you fill out forms on all platforms, if you are using Mac or Windows you can assign it to keyboard shortcuts.

These features that we mentioned are basic features that should be available in every Password manager program, Keeper tool provides all these features in addition to other advanced features that you will find in the service.

Keeper manager: Security

Keeper keeps up with the strong security standards of all security and encryption software, protecting your data and encrypting it with AES-256 security standard.

In addition, it stores passwords encrypted according to ISO-27001 and SOC-2 standards, which is quite impressive.

keeper uses the Zero-Knowledge feature, this means that the company does not have access to your account or passwords, instead, the tool generates an encryption key based on the master password of the user account.

The encryption key is used to encrypt and decrypt your vault with a different AES-256 key, therefore, Zero-Knowledge Privacy is very important to enhance trust between the service and the user.

However, keep in mind that Keeper will not help you if you have forgotten or lost your primary account login password, but be sure to complete all account recovery steps while registering a new account on the Keeper Website.

Another security measure that is provided on Keeper is two-factor authentication, although the platform provides great strength in terms of account security, but another security addition is a good thing to add another layer of security.

Keeper pricing: Plans

Keeper offers suitable and affordable price plans, and offers prices that are slightly lower than most of its competitors, as it offers a wide range of plans, allowing different users to choose the plan that suits them.

  • keeper free plan It is a somewhat limited plan, and it can only be used on one device, and it does not support the autofill feature.
  • Personal plan, costs $2.91/Mo payable every year, and comes with unlimited password storage.
  • Keeper max aimed at people, which will provide you with a dark web screen, KeeperChat feature, in addition to the basic features, and the price starts from $4.87/Mo.
  • Keeper Family, which costs $6.24/Mo, will provide 5 Private Vaults, up to 10 GB of cloud storage, and unlimited password storage.
  • Team oriented plans, with Active Directory integration, Single sign-on support, pricing is not fixed, will change depending on who is on the team.

Ease of use

Keeper will surprise you with how easy and simple it is to set up and use, even users who have no previous experience with password manager applications will not have a problem while using it or setting it up.

The first thing you have to do is register for Keeper free trial on the official website of the company, you just need a valid email address, the trial period lasts for 30 days for individuals and 14 days for companies.

It will ask you for a master password and a security question, which should be easy to remember because it is the only one that will enable you to recover your account if you have forgotten the password to log into your account.

The application will ask you to import the passwords that you have saved on your browser or on other password saving applications.

The main interface is straightforward, intuitive, and easy to use across all platforms, Besides, users can create usernames and passwords for their accounts in the app.

Another feature aimed at ease of use is the autofill feature, which will help you fill out forms in advance when visiting sites where you have registered accounts and saved in Keeper.

Keeper: customer support

Like most respected password manager providers, Keeper support offers 24/7 live chat and email support.

In addition to its own self-help resources, it provides users with comprehensive guides that touch on all aspects of its service without being too technical.

The help button is located at the bottom of the site page under the name (Help Center), you will be taken directly to the support center, and there you will check the status of the Keeper system, read frequently asked questions, and subscribe to webinars, in addition to educational videos about the service.


Keeper is a great, powerful password manager that delivers exceptional results in all respects, and while it's not #1 in this category, but the rankings as one of the best password managers online.

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