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Do you need a new computer: This is Top 6 tips to consider when buying a new pc

# Do you need a new computer: This is Top 6 tips to consider when buying a new pc :
One of the important decisions that you must stop and review carefully is when buying a new pc, where you should search and compare computers on the market, and search for the best device that meets your specific needs while using it.

In fact, searching for the right computer is not as easy as you think, because due to the many models in the market, and the great competition between companies interested in the field of desktop or laptop computers, the buyer is at a height confuse while searching for the right computer for him.

Do you need a new computer: This is Top 6 tips to consider when buying a new pc

Many times, due to lack of information or proper guidance while purchasing a new computer, the user may discover that he has purchased a computer for more than the capabilities he needs, or that he has purchased a computer for more than what the device is worth.

There are many ways to choose the best computer, by following some important research methods while buying computer parts or buying a new laptop computer, and these instructions are what will lead you to the right device for you that will provide you with everything you need.

Of course, this article will help you get the best possible advice that you should follow before you buy a new computer that meets all your needs, and also meets your own budget.

# Determine your budget before looking for the new computer

The most important step in searching for the right computer is to determine the budget that will enable you to purchase the computer you need, as when you set an appropriate budget, you will be able to divide it appropriately while purchasing the parts for the device if it is a desktop computer.

But if it is a laptop, the appropriate budget will eliminate many of the hardware options on the market for you, and will direct you directly to the device that is suitable for your budget, and of course, whatever the budget or the amount is large, you will be able to get a more powerful device.

Determining the budget will keep you away from confusion during the search, and will enable you to exclude many possibilities in terms of the type of parts or devices available in the market, and will help you to make the most of your device during the assembly or purchase of a complete device.

# What you need from your computer

One of the important questions you should ask before buying a new computer is: What will I use the computer for? Do I need it in study, or do I need it at work, or will I use it in games, or do I need it for programming or design.

Determining your needs along with your budget will help you a lot in choosing the right computer for you, and it will save you a lot of time while searching and choosing.

As a quick example, if you need a computer for games or montages, here you will focus on buying a powerful Graphics Card to help you while playing games or designing, or if you decide to use your computer for work or study, you will focus on buying a powerful processer.

Determining your computer needs is the most important decision that will help you search for the right device for you, otherwise you will get distracted in the hardware market, and it is possible that you will buy a device that does not meet your aspirations.

# What I need? A desktop or laptop computer.

One of the needs that you must define is what do I want? A desktop computer or a laptop computer, and of course, both devices offer features that differ from the other, and they both target a specific segment of users and the circumstances in which they need the device.

Cooling in desktop and laptop computers

If we compare a desktop computer with the same specifications to a laptop computer, the desktop computer will easily outperform it.

This is mainly due to the way both devices are cooled, as the cooling in the desktop computer for the internal parts is greater and better than that in the laptop computer.

Most of the internal parts in a laptop computer come directly integrated into the motherboard, and take up less space than a desktop computer.

In addition to its small size, its cooling system will be small and limited.

In this case, the processer and graphics card will operate with less effort and consume less energy, in order to reduce the device's temperature.

But at the same time, it will make the device perform very poorly compared to a desktop computer that consumes a lot of energy and has good cooling.

Possibility to upgrade

One of the most important things that a desktop computer outperforms a laptop computer is the ability to upgrade internal parts, as the ability to change internal parts in a laptop is very limited, and in many cases it is not possible.

Because the internal parts in the desktop computer come separately, this gives a lot of freedom during the process of upgrading the internal parts, and you will not find any problems while doing so.

Unlike laptop computers, and because the internal parts come directly integrated with the motherboard, you will find that the possibility of changing and upgrading the internal parts of the device is very limited, and is limited only to the possibility of changing the random memory, or changing the internal hard drive in the best cases.

The ability to move with the device

One of the things in which a laptop computer is superior to a desktop computer is the ability to use the device anywhere you want, and this is very useful for students and those who love such devices because it provides them with what they need to study, and they can be used anywhere.

# Start with a pen and paper when choosing hardware pieces

You will be surprised by the number of types of computer parts in the market, and literally if you do not have good planning while choosing the parts of the device, you will fall into the problem of incompatibility of the parts during the assembly of the device if it is a desktop computer.

Starting with a paper and a pen is one of the best solutions before you start buying computer parts, because after setting a budget for buying a computer, you can divide the total amount by the price of each piece that you will buy, and it will open a large door for you of possible options before buying any part for your new device.

  • Write down all the components your device needs on a piece of paper
  • Ask about the price of each piece in the market and write the price for each piece on the paper
  • Compare the prices of similar parts, then choose the best piece that matches your budget and device needs

This planning will help you get the best possible parts for your device at a better price and better compatibility, and the goal of all this is to collection a device with good specifications and a lower price that fits your budget.

# Choose the appropriate components for the device

Whether it is a desktop computer or a laptop, the choice of the type of internal parts of the device will vary greatly during your use of the device, and as we mentioned earlier, you must decide what you will use the computer before buying it.

for laptops, you will not have a big problem while choosing the device, as all the internal parts are compatible with each other and work smoothly, and all you have to do is specify the internal capabilities that you want, and accordingly you can buy the device that suits you.

As for the desktop computer, the type of parts and their compatibility is one of the most important things that you must focus on, because if you buy a piece that is not compatible with the rest of the components, some problems will occur during when run device, or you will not get the power that you were expecting from the device.

Choose the right processor

Many people do not pay attention to some important details when choosing a processor, as the processor is the most important piece on the device, and the device will not work without it, so you will find many types of processors with different types of versions in the market, and here there is the problem.

For example: processors from Intel

You may be surprised, but some intel (i3) processors are better than some intel (i5) processors, and the reason is the processor version.

At the date of writing this article, Intel has four main versions of processors aimed at users, which are (i3 - i5 - i7 - i9).

And each type of them contains a number of cores and a number of virtual paths different from each other, in addition to the speed and the ability to overclock in each generation.

From the first look you might say that the best processor is the intel i7 and the weakest is the intel i3, and this is not true.

Because the thing that makes the intel i3 processor stronger than the intel i7 processor is the generation of each processor, as the tenth generation of the intel i5 processor will easily outperform the new generation of intel i7.

Of course, this applies to the rest of the processors offered by the company, so choosing the appropriate processor and choosing the appropriate generation for the processor will differ greatly in terms of performance.

so while buying a processor, Whether it is a laptop or desktop, you must make sure of the type and generation of the processor.

SSD hard drive is better than HDD hard drive

While buying or assembling your computer, make sure it has an SSD storage unit.

As SSD hard drive provides great speed in reading, writing, transferring files, executing commands, and also while operating the device or opening applications and programs.

SSD prices may be higher than HDD prices, but it is preferable to buy an SSD hard disk with an area of 128 GB to install the system of the device and some basic programs, and buy a hard disk HDD of any capacity you want for files or some applications.

Buy good power supply

If you decide to assemble a computer, be sure to buy a good power supply, and stay away from any piece that is cheap or of unknown origin, because the type and efficiency of the power supply will benefit your device and deliver enough power to all the parts in the device.

Since if you have a weak power splay, and you have a strong graphic card, in the best case the device will stop working, and in the worst case it will destroy the device completely, and the reason is weak power splay.

# Avoid buying unnecessary parts if your budget is low

The keyboard, mouse, external speakers, and many other accessories are not essential to allocate a large budget for, if your budget is limited, and it is important to allocate the entire budget in the internal parts of the device, which are very important.

Among the important pieces for which you must allocate a large amount if you want to collect a desktop computer are: motherboard, graphics card, SSD or NVMe hard drive, random memory (RAM), screen.

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