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10 very important rules to stay your computer safe

# 10 very important rules to stay your computer safe :
The computer has become an essential part of our daily life, and most of our daily work has become based on it.

Whether you are a student or a worker in a public or private company, or you use it in your home, you will need a computer in some way to perform a specific task on it.

Dealing with the computer is a science like any other science, so it takes me some time to say that I am an expert in the computer.

and many institutions or courses on the Internet provide many explanations about how to deal with the computer, whether in daily life or at work.

10 very important rules to stay your computer safe

Over the course of your use of the computer in your daily life, you will encounter many problems, whether it is technical from the computer itself or in the system, and this is due to several reasons that may make your computer fail to perform its task.

These problems are also considered future solutions so that you do not fall into the same problem again .

I personally as a computer user, and with all the years that I have used my computer, I have faced many problems that made me lose a lot of important data due to a problem that I was ignorant of.

But all of these problems became a way to avoid it from happening again on any other device I own.

The computer as a device must be treated with special treatment, and therefore you have to set some basic rules while dealing with your computer, which will avoid you many problems in the future.

In this article I will mention to you the top 10 basic rules that you must follow while using your computer to safe him from any problem in the future.

Do not use the same password while registering on the sites

Many people register on sites with the same password that they have, and many times they see that this password is easy for them to memorize.

As it may be their password is date of birth, or a special number that is impossible for them to forget quickly.

Unfortunately, this is a very dangerous thing, and this is due to the fact that some sites have weak protection and can be hacked and all their data may be leaked.

This problem has occurred in many sites that have been hacked and all their customers’ data has been leaked, even though those sites are well protected.

This means that if you are a customer of a website that has been hacked and all of their customer data has been leaked, in addition to using your same password on many other websites, the possibility that other accounts of yours will be accessed is very likely.

Therefore, it is recommended that different passwords be used for each account or site that you want to register in, and this reduces the possibility of accessing other accounts if one of your accounts is hacked.

One of the recommended ways to manage passwords is to use one of the programs to organize and save passwords, such as the Password manager program, or from the chrome password manager.

Take a backup of your important files

As long as your computer is connected to the Internet, it is always exposed to viruses and, in the worst case, to hacking, which may make you lose all your important files from your device, or they will be encrypted, and you will not be able to access them.

Even if your device is not exposed to a virus problem, all components of the computer have a default life, including the hard disk of the device, as it is subject to damage or becomes slow during operation and many problems that occur to it.

So, if you have important files, study projects, or photos of any sensitive file that you do not want to lose, you must make a backup copy of these files and store them in a safe place.

You have many ways to save and back up files, such as transferring them to an external hard drive, or using a cloud storage service such as pCloud, or iceDrive cloud storage service, or any services that offer the same feature.

Avoid connecting to free wifi networks in public places

Free wifi networks, especially in public places such as hotels or cafés, are vulnerable to hacking and piracy, as once you connect to one of the free public wifi networks, your device will become connected to one network that anyone can access.

any hacker who is connected to public wifi network with you will have access to all your files on your device, and you can imagine what he can do to your device, and if this happens, you will not be able to protect your device in time.

Well, in the event that one day you had to connect to one of these free networks through your computer, check to activate the feature to prevent file sharing from your device settings or access to your device through the rest of the devices connected to the same network.

And as a last tip, avoid accessing any sensitive websites that contain your private information, such as your bank account or any social network, to avoid having your personal data stolen.

Update of the operating system and installed programs

Whether you are using a macOS, windows, or Linux operating system, you must update the system when any update is available from the company, as these updates solve many problems that were present in the system or add new features.

One of the benefits of updates is to fill the gaps in the system, through which any hacker may be able to access users' devices, and in many cases these updates act as a protective shield from any viruses or dangerous programs that would hit the system in the future.

For people who are still using old systems for which support has been discontinued such as Windows 7 or windos XP, literally make sure that you are vulnerable to hacking at any time, and you will not be able to avoid this from happening due to the discontinuation of support for these systems.

This also affects the programs installed on the device, as the frequent updates of the programs will solve problems that were in the old version of the programs, and this may lead to an increase in the performance of the program, and it becomes more flexible during use, in addition to adding other features to increase productivity.

Restart the device once a week

You may be surprised, but 20% of the problems that occur in the computer can be solved when you restart the device, as many people, and I am one of them, do not shutdown my computer while I finish working on it.

Restarting the device is completely different from shutdown, as when you make a shutdown for the device, it will keep all the programs, files, and work that you have done on the memory of the device, and when you run the device, you will be able to access it quickly.

Although this feature is good and useful, with the passage of time and the accumulation of files, the performance of the device will decrease a lot.

But when you restart the device, it will get rid of all the files saved in the memory and delete them, which makes the device not reach a state of suffocation in performance.

Therefore, it is advised to restart the device every time or once a week, and this will extend the life of the device, and make it provide all the necessary power while working on it.v

Use a good antivirus program to protect your device

All known operating systems provide, with their systems, ways to protect devices, but this is really not enough, as due to the development of technology in a positive direction, some parties decided to use it negatively, which made them pose a threat to people's privacy.

Viruses and malware are one of the common ways that hackers use to gain access to other devices and steal their data.

Even with the strong protection provided by operating systems, they have found other ways to infiltrate people's devices and steal their data.

Therefore, there was a need for a second firewall to protect the device, which is known as antivirus software, which is the best way to protect against any security threat that may occur while using your device.

There are a lot of free antivirus programs, but we always recommend avoiding any free programs when it comes to privacy, and it is preferable to use paid antivirus programs because they offer all the advanced features that are not found in the paid versions.

We have discussed in many articles the best antivirus programs on the Internet, and as a quick tip, it is preferable to try Norton Antivirus or Bitdefender, which have achieved great praise from users in protecting against malware.

Take care of cleaning and ventilation of the computer

Whether you use a desktop computer or a laptop computer, one of the most important factors that make it provide the best efficiency during use is taking care of the internal components of the device, and like any other device that runs on electricity, it produces heat, and this is normal.

Cleaning the device every time or maintaining it will make it always maintain the continuity of its work, so it is always recommended that the computer be opened once every 6 months and a thorough cleaning process should be done for it, and of course we mean the accumulation of dust on the internal parts of the device, especially the cooling fans.

This process will help your device to get good ventilation for the internal components, and make it provide all the capabilities that it can offer, and of course if you upgrade the internal parts to new ones, you will ensure that your device continues to work for a very long time.

Search for the problems you face on the device on the Internet

If you have a problem with your computer, do not rush to take it to a specialized repairer, because even 80% of the problems that happen to the device are solved on the Internet, because that problem has happened to someone else before, and he shared his experience on the Internet.

so, search on Google for your problem as a first solution, as this solution is recommended when the problem is in the system, but if you are sure that the problem is in the internal parts of the device, then take your device to an authorized repairer to fix it.

Avoid using pirated software or cracks

Far from the fact that pirated programs are considered stolen programs and encroaching on the ownership of their owners, make sure that the people who break the protection of programs and provide them for free on the Internet so that you can run them on your device for free, that they are not doing so to serve the community.

Pirated or cracked software is the best shelter for viruses and malware, and many people when they talk about their stories when their data was stolen, they say that it happened because they installed pirated software on their device.

In the best case, you will notice pop-up ads on your device, and in the worst case, all your data will be stolen or encrypted, and the reason is a pirated program, so it is recommended to search for free alternative programs and stay away from pirated programs completely.

Check USB or flash Memory before using it

Make sure to thoroughly scan the connected external devices on your device before opening them.

Even if you are confident that the external extension is reliable, it is a good idea to remove the possibility of any viruses present on those devices, and many antivirus programs offer a quick scan feature for external devices.

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