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The Best 5 Team Apps to increase productivity in Microsoft Office 365

# The Best 5 Team Apps to increase productivity in Microsoft Office 365 :
In this article, we will try to dive into the 5 best apps for teams in Microsoft 365, which are considered as one of the best additions to help increase team productivity, improve their projects, and increase interoperability among them.
Top Best 5 Team Apps to increase productivity in Microsoft Office 365
The following list is only part of many applications that help teams develop their business, but there is always the best and the worst, as the list that we will mention is considered one of the best applications to help teams work on Microsoft 365.

Polly for Microsoft Teams

Polly App Icone For Team
The Polly application, One of the best applications for the work team and those who use Microsoft 365.

Where the program provides survey service to teams or groups registered in the service, where it will enable you to create surveys and add them to groups of group chat channels.

Polly is very useful for private or public meetings, as it will give you complete control over managing surveys and creating new surveys that you can publish to in the Microsoft 365 team.

Polly is specially designed for teams working in Slack and Microsoft Teams, where you will be able to get instant feedback, ease of use, and a simple and beautiful interface, with access to all elements quickly.

Polly enables you to add polls to your channel post or send it directly to members, you can save any poll as a template, and you'll be able to use the template anywhere you create a new poll.

Once you complete a poll, you can share it with your audience, where you will be able to get responses or comments about the finished poll post.

You can download responses to Excel, in addition to the ability to edit or repeat polls.

During public or private meetings, you will be able to use Polly to survey meeting attendees, create new polls in the middle of the meeting, or you can use custom or ready-to-use forms for free.

Polly provides a free plan for 30 days to try the service, but you will have to get the paid plan if you like the Polly service, as you will renew some plans at different prices, with the possibility of requesting a customized plan on demand.

Karma Bot For MS Teams

Karma Bot For MS Teams

It is good a way to highlight the good work done by the person in the group or the whole group.

As while adding the Karma app to your team channel, the team will be able to get or send rewards to everyone else in the group.

To send rewards with the Karma app, you can start a new play, add the Karma app to it, and then choose the people or Teams you want to send the reward to.

The rewards obtained by people in the group or the entire group can be converted into real money, in addition to the possibility of sharing the results of the rewards as a public or private publication.

The team channel has a Karma dashboard, showing how much Karma rewards have been received, and real life rewards, which can be exchanged into real money.

In addition to obtaining information on the results of each team in terms of the rewards obtained.

There are also some other customizations that allow you to view the dates the rewards were sent, who received them, who were awarded, and much other information.

Microsoft Karma 360 offers a 30-day free trial, after the trial period ends you can sign up for the paid plan.

Viva Insights From Microsoft

Viva Insights From Microsoft
An add-on provided directly by Microsoft, this software focuses specifically on wellbeing, focus on work and productivity improvements, while providing the best recommended tips based on analytics data for the best teamwork experience.

Bieber Insights tracks data about the emails you send and the calls, meetings, and chats you have, then turns that information into insights that can make recommendations on how best to build better work habits to increase your productivity.

The extension brings many features that aim to improve the way you work, for example “Viva Insights Protect Time”, where you can look at your calendar and find time slots that you can use to add or finish your projects.

It can also help you keep in touch with your team, if you don't have one scheduled schedule with your business manager for example, Viva Insights stay connected can suggest free time on your schedule and send you an alert.

Like Karma, Viva Insight enables you to send compliments to your teammates posting compliments on your channel, so everyone can see them, and it can also track how you're feeling if you tell how you're feeling regularly.

Workflows Microsoft Apps for Teams

Workflows Microsoft Apps for Teams
Workflows is an automation and workflow service that helps you create and automate simple processes without knowing the coding directly inside teams.

There are plenty of templates you can choose to get started, and you can also quickly link apps in and out of Microsoft360.

You can search and choose a template that links to the apps you need to use in your stream, and you can sign in to all the apps in just a few clicks.

You can add workflows to your channel post and use Microsoft Tasks to automate the workflow, so that you can edit all the flows you create to expand or enhance your flow.

Trello App

Trello App
All the apps for Teams help on Microsoft 365 is good, but if we compare it in terms of features, Trello is the best tool in terms of features.

Trello lets you manage your team's tasks in Workspaces, where you can create boards, store your tasks in lists, and then manage your boards in teams.

You can add Trello panels to your team channel with tabs, where a single tab can contain a single panel, and contain everything you want.

In board assignments, they are represented by cards, and new cards can be created with as much or as little detail as you need, including label files and checklists.

These cards can be assigned to team members, with the ability to create new lists for your board, and with the ability to add automation to each task.

Trello offers a free plan that contains most of the features you'll need to get started, but you can level up and unlock more advanced and productive features if you think you need it to develop your business within your team.

In order to have a choice among the best Microsoft 365 Teams apps, including those that we explained earlier, you must choose what suits your work within the team, and what applications will increase your productivity within a team.

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