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Windows 12 is closer than you can imagine - What is new

# Windows 12 is closer than you can imagine - What is new :

Although the Windows 11 operating system is still a relatively new operating system, many people are still using other operating systems such as Windows 10 or less, because they are comfortable with these systems, or their devices do not support installing Windows 11.

However, Microsoft surprised everyone, and we started to see semi-confirmed reports, news, and leaks confirming that the company is currently working on developing a new operating system, which is Windows 12, and it is also expected that the Windows 12 release date may be in the year 2024.

Windows 12 is closer than you can imagine - What is new

When is Windows 12 coming out is not known at the present time, but many leaks confirm that its launch date may be very close, and this is what makes us search for what is new features that may come with it, and will it be better than Windows 11.

In one of the presentations made by Microsoft, it intentionally or by mistake showed a picture of the desktop of an operating system that is completely different from any operating system it has, and this left many questions about what type of system this is.

Windows 12 is closer than you can imagine - What is new

The thing that is noticeable in the picture is that the desktop contains a separate task bar, its size is smaller, and it is very similar to the task bar on Mac devices.

Also, basic information such as date, battery status, network, and weather have been moved to the top of the screen, in addition to the search field, which has been placed in the middle of the top of the screen and is separated from the task bar.

After this event, many news and leaks appeared, which were confirmed by some reports from within Microsoft, (the reports are unofficial from the company), Make sure that the desktop that appeared is a trial version of Windows 12.

In addition, reports confirmed that Microsoft is planning Windows 12 release date official in the last quarter of 2024.

It is certain that a new operating system means new features, and it has been reported that the new system will use artificial intelligence techniques in all system piece.

What supports this talk is that the company entered into negotiations with OpenAI to buy its smart search engine, ChatGPT, for $10 billion.

If the negotiations succeed, Microsoft is expected to integrate ChatGPT with its Bing search engine, in addition to integrating it into the Windows 12 search bar.

In addition, Microsoft has been developing the Windows kernel for the system, as it will learn to identify the applications and programs that the user frequently uses on the device, in order to obtain the best possible performance.

For example, if you are a designer, gamer, programmer, or just use the device for browsing, the system in the background will improve the usage in a way that will suit your use of the device.

One of the important things that is expected to apply to the Windows 12 system is the complete abandonment of the control panel, which was an essential part of the Windows system, because many of the control panel settings were transferred to the separate settings application that came with Windows 10.

Also, it was stated in reports that Windows 12 will come with great improvements, especially support for Android applications.

the Windows 11 system supports downloading APK applications from the Amazon appstore, but applications cannot be downloaded from outside the store.

But the new system will support running APK files directly without the need to modify the application file, and it is expected that the Amazon AppStore will remain in the new system, in addition to adding new applications to it.

Support for animated backgrounds on Windows 12 is another feature that may be available on the new system, as this feature is not supported in older versions of the system, and an external program is required to run animated backgrounds.

Windows 12 Requirements

All reports indicate that Windows 12 will require the same requirements to install Windows 11, and as we know that after Microsoft announced the requirements for running Windows 11 previously, it received a major attack because the requirements were greatly exaggerated.

Windows 12 system requirements are expected:

  • 1Ghz or faster processor with two cores
  • DirectX 12 compatible with WDDM 2.0 Driver
  • 64 GB or more internal storage space
  • 4 GB of RAM or more
  • Screen display 720p or higher
  • TPM Enabled System.
  • The current operating system is Windows 10 or Windows 11

It is noted that TPM is still required to install the system, which is a sensitive encryption feature at the hardware level, especially inside the processor, and this chip is not found in generation 8 or later processors.

Is Windows 12 install free

If we go back to Microsoft's policies regarding the Windows operating system since Windows 7, we will notice that all copies that have been released are free copies, with an activation request for the copy after installation on the device, with the possibility of running without full activation.

Therefore, the Windows 12 version will also be a free version for installation, with the possibility of activating the system after the trial period, but it is also possible to work on the device without activating the system.


This is what we currently know about the Windows 12 operating system.

Microsoft has not issued official statements regarding this system, and all the information available is either leaks or confirmed reports from unknown parties.

It is expected that many other leaks will appear in the future, which will confirm that this system will be launched as expected, according to the leaks, in 2024.

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