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Say Goodbye, IE from Microsoft and Say Welcome Microsoft Edge

# Say Goodbye, IE from Microsoft and Say Welcome Microsoft Edge :
Well, the Internet Explorer browser is officially dead, and 2022 is the last year for this browser, as Microsoft officially announced that it will stop supporting this browser forever, and as a tribute to it, a tombstone for IE Browser was created.

IE browser, the oldest browser known to the Internet, was officially stopped at the age of 27 years of operation, as the Internet Explorer latest version was in 2020 for Windows 10 and the last , And it won't get any update for security In the future.

Say Goodbye, IE from Microsoft and Say Welcome Microsoft Edge

# What does this mean for you?

Well, in the future, instead of Downloading Google Chrome via IE browser or any Browser you will be using Microsoft Edge browser instead, because Microsoft IE replaced by Edge Browser.

To understand why the company stopped support IE , we need to dive a little into the history of the browser, and to do that we need to go back to 1995, the year of the birth of Internet Explorer and the first browser to use cookies, SSL security, and GIF files.

Since its first release, IE browser has gone through 11 different versions until 2013, and its last major version was Microsoft Explorer 11, which was released in 2013.

So why do so many people use Internet Explorer? Well - the answer is easy, if you are in the desert, you will drink from any place that has water even if it is not fit, so IE browser was the best choice for surfing the Internet in that time.

Well, since when did the browser become so bad? Well - the answer is still easy, the browser's good history has started to decline since the release of Internet Explorer 6.

This version of the browser had many web development options, if you are a web developer then this is good for you, but on the dark side, this option gave virus makers and hackers many loopholes to exploit.

And so not a day goes by a week that you don't hear about a security failure in the I Explorer browser, and the problem was so bad that Microsoft launched a campaign to get users out of using the fifth version of the browser.

After the catastrophic errors and problems that befell the browser since the sixth version, it was necessary for new competitors to appear in the arena, as there was a great need for a good and safe savior and an alternative to the IE Microsoft browser.

google, the most powerful search engine in the world, released its own browser Google Chrome, plus other companies struggled to compete with Microsoft such as Netscape and Firefox, so it was only logical that the competitor would be another giant in technology.

Over the next four years, Google Chrome grew at an astonishing rate, and in 2012 the browser was the most downloaded browser in the world, with a rate of 65% compared to other browsers that existed.

Google chrome download rate in 2010

During the development of its own browser, Google adopted a very simple policy, which is to learn from the mistakes of others, so it focused on building its browser on security and improving the user experience, in addition to reducing crashes and hacking problems.

In addition, the browser supported all major operating systems, so it was a fierce competitor against many other browsers such as Safari and even IE.

Released to the public and developers, Chromium is the source code behind Google Chrome, meaning anyone can create apps or personal browser versions of their Chrome browser.

Google Chrome wasn't the only one in the arena against IE, as even browsers like Firefox and Opera outsold IE in the number of downloads.

What is the next plan for Microsoft after the failure of the IE browser

Microsoft wanted to remedy the situation, so in 2010 the company released its second browser called Microsoft Edge, but it is not an original idea from the company, rather it is only built from the source code of the chromium browser.

Well, Is Microsoft Edge replacing IE? The answer is yes, so Edge browser has become the official browser that will come with any new version of Windows that comes to market.

So, why did it take from 2010 to 2020 for Internet Explorer to die?

At this stage of the competition between browsers, the number of Internet E browser users worldwide has reached 1% of those who are still using this browser, and the reason why the browser is still used is:

  • Lots of old applications with special needs that only Internet Explorer gives
  • Many medical offices, manufacturing companies, and governments rely on legacy IE-based applications
  • Third World countries or those that did not get the new technology and still use old computers that support the browser
  • Neglecting updates and lack of awareness of personal security

Well, the problem with Microsoft remained in that percentage of people who are still reluctant to stop using IE browser to solve their problem, and it's Microsoft answered their question - Can I still use Internet Explorer after 2022?

The company's answer was that through the Microsoft Edge browser, a feature called Edge-based IE mode allows you to view web pages as if you were using the old IE system.

Microsoft plans to support this feature until 2029, so there is still time to say goodbye to everything related to Internet Explorer.

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