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5 Best Power Banks charger in 2023 : top brand for best experience

# 5 Best Power Banks charger in 2023 : top brand for best experience :
Power Banks charger devices have recently increased in popularity as one of the most demanded devices in the market.

As these devices provide the ability to charge many battery-powered devices such as mobile phones or portable gaming devices such as Nintendo Switch and even laptops.

To get the best portable battery, you must search well in many products on the market, Because many battery chargers on the market are not good, because they differ from each other in terms of the high capacity power bank, The number of charging ports.

5 Best Power Banks charger in 2023 : top brand for best experience

While searching for a good portable charger, you should check several things that the portable charger provides, as the way you use the charger determines the type of charger you need, since if you like traveling or camping, here you need a charger with a large capacity and supports several ports charging.

The following list is the best portable battery banks is considered one of the best choices in the market, and it has obtained many positive reviews from users, and it contains features directed to all methods of use, and it supports charging many mobile devices.

Anker 737 PowerCore 24K

anker portable chargers - Anker 737 PowerCore 24K

Anker company offers the best products in the market, as it distinguished in providing audio products such as speakers, or chargers for mobile phones, or a set of different connections for devices, and it also excels in offering a variety of portable chargers.

One of the Anker portable chargers on our list is the Anker 737 PowerCore 24K charger, which starts at $189.99 on Amazon, and has an internal charging capacity of 24,000Mah, with great speed in charging devices.

Power banks charger from Anker supports two USB-C ports, in addition to a USB port that is compatible with the new energy standard 3.1 to obtain the greatest energy savings while charging devices, and these ports are located on the top of the Anker battery charger.

On the right side of the charger, you will find a large button dedicated to many operations that will appear on the screen on the front of the charger, in addition to turning the charger on and off, or showing some information about the devices connected to the power bank.

The screen on the Anker 737 PowerCore 24K charger shows information about the battery status, in addition to information on the number of devices connected to the charger, the expected charging time, the power consumed by each port, and the remaining power in the charger.

The Anker 737 PowerCore 24K is the best anker power bank if you have a MacBook that supports USB-C charging.

You can fully charge the MacBook in 40 minutes, and you will find that you can charge other devices because of the available power.

To fully charge the Anker 737 PowerCore 24K, you will need about an hour for it to be ready for use again, so this charger is considered one of the best charging solutions if you always encounter the problem of running out of your device's batteries while working or outing with the family.

Goal Zero Sherpa 100PD QI

best portable battery pack

The Goal Zero Sherpa 100 PD charger is the little brother of the Goal Zero Sherpa 100 AC charger, which is one of the best external battery available in the market, at a starting price of $149.95, you will get a large charging capacity suitable for long trips.

The Goal Zero Sherpa 100 PD Charger measures 7.1in in height, 3.1in in length and 1in in width, so the charger is not considered small but at the same time fits in a bag without any problems.

The Sherpa 100PD charger contains two USB-A ports, in addition to one 260 Watt USB-C PD port, which is a 60-watt power delivery port for charging devices compatible with the port, in addition to support for charging via wireless charging.

If you want more charging capacity and more charging ports, the 100 AC is a great option if you can pay $199.95 according to the Amazon price.

Goal Zero Sherpa packs are not designed for short trips, if you want to go car camping, travel, or even do some long term hikes, the PD 100 or AC 100 might be the best portable charger for camping.

Baseus Amblight

Baseus Amblight - best baseus power bank

Baseus offers two types of Baseus Amblight external chargers, namely Baseus Amblight 33 watt and Baseus Amblight 65 watt with a capacity of 30000mAh, It is considered one of the best options for portable power bank chargers.

The manufacturing method and materials offered by the Baseus Amblight charger are no less than the chargers in the market, in addition to the ability to charge various mobile phones and tablets, in addition to the possibility of charging laptops that support charging via USB-C.

The charger is equipped with five ports through which you can charge, where you will find an orange USB-A port that supports Qualcomm quick charge 3.0, in addition to three regular USB-A ports that support 2.4mA charging.

In addition to two USB-C ports that support power delivery (PD), in addition to a micro USB port, all ports enable you to charge the Baseus Amblight through it if its battery runs out.

Nitecore NC10000 Power Bank

Nitecore NC10000 - portable battery banks

Do you need a portable battery charger that you can take with you anywhere without taking up much space in your bag or pocket and also has additional features such as a flashlight, I think the Nitecore NC10K power supply is the best solution for you.

You can get the Nitecore NC10K at a price of $74.90 in the eBay store, and you will get a charging capacity of 10,000mAh, in addition to the fast charging feature for phones that have the fast charging feature.

The Nitecore NC10K power bank charger offers only one USB-C port, and it functions as an internal and external charger at the same time, with the ability to fully charge the Nitecore NC10K charger's battery in about 2.5 hours.

In addition to the charging port, there is a button to operate the charger, in addition to the ability to operate the flashlight feature that comes with the portable charger, which gives the possibility of continuous operation of up to 30 hours of continuous lighting, which is good for people who like camping or special cases.

In addition to having smart quad LED display lights that display the battery charge level and status in real time, the Nitecore NC10K is also very sturdy and well-built and is IPX5 water and rain resistant.

INIU B5 portable charger

INIU B5 - iniu power bank

At a price of $25.49, the INIU B5 Portable Battery Pack offers you the INIU B5 Portable Battery.

With an energy storage capacity of 10,500mAh/75wh, and support for flashlights, the INIU B5 Charger is the best choice for a pocketable portable charger.

The INIU power bank offers good manufacturing materials , with two USB-A inputs that support the quick charger 4.0 plus feature, in addition to a USB-C input, in addition to the availability of a night light integrated with the charger.

The size of the device is small and suitable for putting in the pocket, with a weight of 365g and dimensions of 134 × 71 × 25 mm, with support for all ports on Quick Charge 4.0.

INIU offers, during the purchase of its INIU BI-B5 product, a warranty of up to 3 years, and it is very rare to find a company that provides power banks and gives you a guarantee of more than two years, with life-long support from customer service.

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