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Adsterra Ad Network Review - Best Alternative For AdSense Ads

# Adsterra Ad Network Review - Best Alternative For AdSense Ads :

Do you have many daily visitors enter your site? Do you want to earn some money from them visitors without doing anything?

The Adsterra ad network invites you to visit it as soon as possible and try its ads and get some additional income through your site visitors. 

No one on the Internet will tell you that there is an advertising company that competes with AdSense ads.

Adsterra ad Network Review - Best Alternative for AdSense ads

But there are certainly many other companies that are considered as an additional alternative to AdSense ads, which can add you additional income, and one of these good company is the adsterra ads network.

Adsterra is a renowned advertising company that offers website publishers an opportunity to monetize their traffic and generate additional income.

Adsterra presents itself as a strong alternative with a wide range of ad types and revenue models.

In this article, we will explore the key features of Adsterra, including supported ad types, requirements for publishers, calculating earnings, payment methods, and additional earning opportunities.

Quick Look for Adsterra ad-network

Adsterra is an advertising company that provides the service of displaying advertisements on websites and commission marketing in return for a financial return.

The company was first established in 2013 as a small company of 20 people in Nicosia (the capital of Cyprus), to turn into one of the most famous brands in advertising selling services.

The adsterra company works with all kinds of publishers and advertisers.

The company contains a large ad inventory because of the large number of advertisers it has, the type of ads it supports, and the methods of calculating its profits, by CPM, CPC and CPA.

The adsterra company has reached more than 20K registered publishers and still growing faster.

adsterra banner

The company supports artificial intelligence algorithms to reach the best ad revenue for every 1k visits with publishers.

This will bring you the best profits from ads from your site, and on the other hand, provide the best quality visits to its advertisers in order to create the best balance between advertisers and publishers.

What are the Minimum Requirements for Adsterra to Accept a Website?

To accept you as a publisher in adserra does not have any big conditions.

Just you need adsterra login After creating your account, you will follow some steps and choose the ad units, and in a short period not exceeding one hour you will be ready to earn from your site.

However, adsterra imposes on you some conditions on the quality of the traffic that you will send from your site, and prevents some methods of sending traffic.

While the requirements to accept are not overly stringent, the company emphasizes the importance of high-quality traffic.

Some prohibited traffic types include bot programs, fake visits, low-quality traffic, hits from iFrame windows, and traffic exchange sites or programs.
Adsterra also maintains a list of site categories that are not accepted as publishers.

These include websites with minimal traffic, those involved in copyright infringement, sites promoting illegal goods or services, adult content sites, gambling sites, and media/news sites that potentially harm minors or animals.

Types of unwanted Traffic

  • Bot programs
  • Fake visits
  • Bad quality traffic
  • Hits from Iframe windows
  • Traffic exchange sites or programs

Types of sites That are not Accepted as Publishers in Adsterra

  • Websites with little or no traffic
  • Sites that infringe copyright and plagiarism
  • Sites that address the violation of the sanctity of religions
  • Sites that promote illegal goods or services
  • Adult sites and sexual content
  • Gambling sites
  • Media or news sites that deal with minors or animals and may harm – them in any way

Any violation of previous violations, and while discovering them, your account will be immediately banned, giving the possibility to recover it.

How to get an account as a publisher in adsterra ads?

The Adsterra account registration link will direct you to the adsterra site to register and get your own publisher account.

adsterra quora - adsterra ad network

The site will lead you with some steps to start a new account in adsterra.

It will ask you for some information from you lick (name, email, password), and upon completion it will direct you to the adsterra dashboard to start adding your site and obtaining the ad code.

adsterra rates -adsterra control panel

From the adsterra control panel, from the sidebar, we choose the (Websites) option, then click on (Add New Website).

A new window will appear asking you to link your site and specify the type of content you provide on your site, and the type of advertisement you want.

adsterra ads review - adsterra network review

Your site will be reviewed, and your site will be accepted as soon as possible so that you can start showing adsterra ads on it and start making money from it.

adsterra reddit - adsterra Approved

What Types of Ads Does Adsterra Support?

hover adsterra

One of the strong capabilities that adsterra ads provide to its publishers is the multiplicity of ads that can be displayed.

,you will be able to make money from your site in many ways, and here we will mention the ads that adsterra provides you to install on your site.

Adsterra popunder

In many sites similar to adsterra, pop-up ads are the most important ads on their sites, and they advise their publishers to add ad units for pop-up ads because they are the most profitable compared to other ad units.

One of the adsterra ad types that you recommend to its publishers are pop-up ads, and you confirm the importance of this type of ad unit in terms of the revenue that you will get from every 1K ad views.


The banner ad will appear in a new tab on your browser, but it will remain hidden and will not appear on the front end of the visitor's browser.

Adsterra banner ads

Adsterra provides banner ad types that you can place anywhere on your site.

Banner ad units support multiple sizes that can be accessed and added to your own site.

These are the ad sizes that adsterra provides you with:

  • 468 × 60
  • 300 × 250
  • 320 × 50
  • 160 × 300
  • 160 × 600
  • 728 × 90

Adserra prevents self click and warns its publishers about it, and may even close the account completely.

Adsterra native banner

It is a form of banner ads, but it allows you to add multiple ad units in the same place, this ad unit supports blocking of AdBlock programs and is very profitable in terms of cost per 1K ad view.

Social Bar Adserra

Adsterra social bar is an ad unit that uses notifications to appear, while the visitor accepts these notifications you will receive the earnings from the banners that will appear on his device.

Direct link Adsterra

Adsterra provides you with the possibility to get a direct link for publishers who do not have websites, by promoting this link and sending it traffic you will be able to get big profits.

How are Adsterra Earnings Calculated?

Adsterra revenue is calculated in several ways, adsterra policies calculate ad revenue on ad viewing (CPM of adsterra ads), and also count revenue by ad click or paid to click (adsterra CPC rate).

There are other ways to calculate profits pay per click advertising for pop-up ads and push notification ads.

As for direct link ads, it will be subject to many filters for the type of visits and then a cost will be determined.

What Adsterra Payment Method Supported for Publishers and Advertisers?

Adsterra payment provides its registered publishers with 6 ways to get paid when they reach the minimum payment imposed by adsterra.

  • PayPal
  • WebMoney
  • Paxum
  • Wire transfer
  • Bitcoin
  • Tether
  • [BETA VERSION] Local Bank Transfer by Hyperwallet

Adsterra minimum payment starts at $5 via webMoney platform, payments are set at 1-2 beginning of each month, and 16-17 in the middle of each month.

Minimum amount Fee Required info
adsterra payment method $100 4.5% Country, account type, PayPal account email, full name, full address
adsterra payment method $5 1% Country, full name
adsterra payment method $5 $1 Country, account type, Paxum account email, full name
adsterra payment method $1000 $50 for USD
$0 for EUR
Country, account type, payout currency, full name.
adsterra payment method $100 Network fee is included Country, wallet address
adsterra paymont $100 2% plus network fee Country, ERC20 or TRC20 wallet address

These are the payment methods available to advertisers and publishers

adsterra payment paxum
adsterra payment wire transfer
adsterra payment web Money
adsterra payment paypal
adsterra payment USDT
adsterra payment bitcoin
adsterra payment capitalist
Adsterra payment union Pay
Adsterra payment wire transfer
adsterra payment web Money
adsterra payment paypal
adsterra payment money
adsterra payment money
adsterra payment visa card
adsterra payment qiwi

Can I use Adsterra Ads with AdSense ads?

AdSense's policies prohibit adding any pop-up ads while adding any of its ad units, but any other ad you can add without problems.

Are there any other ways to earn from Adsterra?

Adsterra provides you with a program (Adsterra affiliate network).

You will get 5% of the profits of each person who has registered an account through your referral link for life, and the more registered you have, the more your profits will increase.


Adsterra presents a compelling alternative to AdSense, offering publishers the opportunity to monetize their website traffic and generate additional income.

With a diverse range of ad types, advanced revenue optimization algorithms, and multiple payment methods, Adsterra provides publishers with flexibility and convenience.

If you're looking to maximize your website's revenue potential and explore new advertising options, we encourage you to visit Adsterra and create an account as a publisher. 

Take advantage of their user-friendly dashboard, choose the ad units that suit your website, and start earning from your traffic.

Remember to adhere to Adsterra's requirements and limitations regarding traffic quality and content to ensure a positive and sustainable partnership.

By combining the power of Adsterra's ad network with your website's unique offerings, you can unlock new revenue streams and boost your online earnings.

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